100 Reviews on Amazon and still at 5 stars! Yay!


Today I hit 100 reviews on Amazon, and I’m still at 5 stars.  I know it is dorky as sin, but I really had my fingers crossed that it would be at 5 stars when it hit that milestone.  Yes, I am a nerd. Mea culpa.  Writers are weird like that I guess.

In other news, all the patches and signed copies will be going out Monday, except for the last 5 books that were ordered.  I ran out of books today, and all my local bookstores are sold out.  I’ve got a few others that I can hit on Monday on my way back from work, but it looks like I’ll get everyone except for the people who ordered in the last week.

A snippet from Monster Hunter Vendetta
MHI patches from around the world

4 thoughts on “100 Reviews on Amazon and still at 5 stars! Yay!”

  1. Yay! 🙂

    I’m still at 5 stars too, but only 7 reviews so far. Probably would have more reviews if it hadn’t turned out to be easier for me to actually write the book than it has been to write about the book. You make it look so natural when you talk about yours… I’m jealous!

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