Socialized Healthcare. The Suck that will not Die.

I’ve seen a lot of commentary today about how Nancy Pelosi is insane to push a healthcare vote the Saturday after the Democrat trouncing in the elections this week.  Republicans aren’t even a factor at this point. It is a given that none of them are voting for this beast.  The only question, since the majority Americans hate this bill, is how many Democrats are willing to throw themselves on the sword and lose their cushy jobs next election?  

This week’s elections demonstrated that the Boy Band of Politics Barack Obama’s star power has lost its luster. The people are royally pissed. Democrats know that if they vote for the healthcare bill they are going to get tossed out of office. Pelosi is pushing it anyway. 

Here is the thing. Pelosi isn’t crazy. (well, not that kind of crazy at least)  She knows exactly what she is doing.  Like I predicted several months ago, Barack Obama will be a one term president, and he knows it.  The true believer ideologues know that.  This is a suicide mission.  They know that this bill is garbage, but it is also the ultimate power grab. Should it pass, the government will control our health, and by extension, since everything effects our health, they’ll get to control everything. This new bill talks about guns and vending machines.   

Pelosi doesn’t care that a bunch of democrats will lose their jobs, because she is in it to win it.  If this passes, then America will be changed, and it will be almost impossible to change it back.  Pelosi is a Marxist, and Marxists are patient. The blue dog democrats are expendable.  All that matters to her is to shift the country further left.  Nancy would love for them to vote for this, then lose their seats, because her work will have been done, and it is hard to untighten the noose when you’re already swinging from the gallows.

This bill isn’t about insuring the sick, lazy, poor, stupid, or your Cousin Pooky. This bill is about twisting America into a socialist country.  If all it was about was forcing insurance companies to be more competitive or to take people with pre-existing conditions, they could do that with a five page bill.  This thing is now 1,900 pages. 

Think about that for a second.  1,900 pages.  Take four reams of paper and stack them on top of each other.  The bill from August was 800 pages shorter, and none of our congressmen had read that one either.  Just what kind of bullshit is going to be crammed into this one?

Unemployment is officially around 10%, and most of us realize that stat is understated. Yet somehow our government’s top priority is pushing a bill that everyone knows will increase unemployment and raise taxes.  Obama has now spent more money than anyone else, ever, combined, in one eighth of the time, and his next big idea is a bill that creates another hundred federal bureaucracies.  The American people’s priorities might be jobs and prosperity, but Obama’s is priority is total Marxist control.

“Silly, Correia. Obama’s not a Marxist. Enough of your terrible right wing hate speech.”

Oh, my apologies.  However could I think that a guy who has hired a bunch of self-proclaimed communists, and who surrounds himself with union thugs, and who’s mentors were Marxists, and who hung out with socialists in college, and who has fostered unprecedented power grabs in record time, and who’s employees seem to quote a lot of Mao, and who has never pushed one single thing that Karl Marx himself would disapprove of, could possibly not be as pure as the driven snow!

After the stimulus bills, the government controls or directly oversees about thirty percent of our economy. With healthcare they’ll gain another 18%.  That means that the government will be controlling about half of our nation’s economy.  So, wait a second… will all those people who told me I was crazy for calling Obama a Marxist last year finally admit that I was right when the government controls HALF of the business in America?  No?  So,when then? 70%?  Is he still a moderate when the government controls 99% of the free market?  I won’t know, because I’ll probably be in a ‘reeducation’ camp by then. Net neutrality, don’t you know.

In the last election, the Republican beat the Democrat in Virginia by 18 points.  This is a pretty evenly divided purple state.  Then the Republican won in bluest of blue New Freaking Jersey. JERSEY!  I didn’t know they still allowed Republicans in Jersey. Pelosi has held up New York 23 as a victory, which is kind of strange when you realize that the Democrat (endorsed by the Republican) beat a 3rd party candidate (who the GOP actually spent money attacking), after the locals got sick and tired of people who’d support healthcare and went RINO hunting, and the liberal Republican she-hag only dropped out of the race a week ago.  He lost by 5%, which ironically is what the Republican got because she was still on the ballot.  So picking up that one congressional seat was somehow better than losing two governorships, Nancy? Now that is some good spin.

This is it guys.  This is the big push.  This isn’t about healthcare. This is about control. I’m sick and tired of politicians wanting to control my life. I just want them to leave me ALONE.  So now I find myself counting on the friggin’ Democrats as the last line of defense to do the right thing… That is unnerving.

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  1. Silly Correia. “Net Neutrality” is the government’s iron grip on network service providers. You’ll be re-educated under the “Fairness Doctrine”. 😉

    (At least I’ll have someone to talk to while we’re in the camps together.)

  2. They are the ones who are going to get fucked.

    Once they throw law and order out the window, and start playing by “Chicago Rules”, well … things will get interesting … and they will not be able to hide behind our respect for the law once they take the law out and shoot it in front of us.

    If they take on the armed 48%, it will get ugly for all the little unarmed hippies.

  3. The NY district was won mostly because the guy promised agricultural reform. Upstate NY is past tanking because of price-fixing in the dairy market, and pretty much his main campaign selling point was “If elected my one and only goal is to bring the hammer down on these people”, and a lot of conservatives voted for him because of that issue.

  4. Yep, this is like the end of the movie and the zombie hoards are closing in on your little outpost.
    Unlike in the movies, we will not surrender our position and the zombies just keep giving us more ammo.
    Still, this is a tough fight and mostly because the people you are fighting for don’t understand the nature of the threat. Some are learning, but will it be enough in time.
    Honestly, I think I would rather fight zombies.

  5. Here is the real question, if this healthcare bill passes…..will a future republican controlled congress repeal it? Will they even be able to?

    1. I’m thinking “snowball’s chance in hell” likelihood of that happening. They’d have to get enough of a majority to override a presidential veto in both the House and the Senate — and you any attempt to overturn it would be vetoed in a heartbeat. That’s why bad legislation needs to be fought tooth-and-nail at every step of the way; once it’s on the books, it can take years, decades, even generations to remove it — if you can remove it at all.

  6. So now I find myself counting on the friggin’ Democrats as the last line of defense to do the right thing… That is unnerving.

    If you’re counting on them to do the right thing, you’re putting your faith in the wrong place. I’m counting on them to do what’s in their best interests, that is, vote against it so they can keep their jobs.

  7. Dude, Larry, awesome rant. You need a radio show, man. Seriously, you do. I feel the same, though. all I want is to be left alone, but every time I turn around, there is a new law, a new rule, further restricting my freedom…

  8. The unemployment rate is over 10%, which means a good chunk of the population has lost their healthcare coverage, since we all know it can be near impossible to buy a policy ourselves because of pre-existing conditions. Lots of other people have jobs that don’t provide healthcare. I don’t love the dems, but they are trying to do something about it, I’m sure it’s not perfect, but I think it will help. The Republicans have offered nothing, they are fine with 10s of millions of people being absolutely screwed if they get a serious illness or injury.

    The amount of paranoia and fear-mongering in your rant is disturbing, and far from anything resembling reality. You’re so blinded by fear and hatred everything the Dems do seems like some sort of crazy plot to you. This is going to end badly, not because Obama stages a marxist coup, but because some psycho folows Tim McVeigh’s example and kills a bunch of people because you all yelled about how the tree of liberty needs to be watered one too many times. That is what this is coming to, and you’re all too dim to see it, or are secretly rooting for it, I honestly can’t tell which anymore.

    I read your blog because I have a few guns, and I generally like your sense of humor, even when you’re doing political rants I disagree with, but you’re wandering into crazy land with parts of this one. I think Obama is losing momentum because he’s equivocating, looking weak and not getting done a lot of the stuff he promised, not because the country’s discovering he’s a crazy Marxist/Communist/Fascist.

    1. oh so the unemployment rate is high, a temporary situation, and because of that we should permanently change the American health care system? Apparently you like social security and medicare, in other words government run snafu’s that are poorly managed and constantly bleeding money, our tax money, all in the name of……helping people? no, creating a system of permanent dependency in this nation.

      You dislike paranoia and fear mongering? Then stick your head back in the sand and, based on their past track record of incredible success, continue to trust your elected officials to do the right thing.

    2. Dave,

      The Republicans have offered alternatives from the very bieginning of teh Obama Administration.

      Alternatives which would not even preclude the Democrats’ STATED goals and solutions.

      They were consistantly excluded from any serious part in the discussion at the same time Democratic leaders (including TOTUS) whined about the Republicans didn;t offer anything.

      And remember when Obama outright stated that he had no intention of listening to a damned thing the Republicans had to say?

      The Democrats have made it blatantly clear — this isn’t about Health Care Reform. It’s about government control.

  9. Great book! I went to barnes and novel one day and it’s funny but it was the first book that I put my eyes on. I’m trying to get my wife to read it, we’ll see how that goes. Only weir thing about it is all the political subtext on it. I kind of got tired of it. I don’t consider myself either democrat or republican and I feel that artists (writers, painters, poets) who are less open about their political views tend to engage a broader audience.
    By the way, one of my brothers (29 years old who has diabetes type 1) lives in a country with “socialized healthcare”. Te poor guy is in really bad shape (no muscles, dialysis, feeding tubes, diapers, etc). The monthly bill is at least 30 thousand dollars but due to the “socialized” healthcare my family doesn’t have to pay it. I’m just throwing that out there.

    By the way, thanks for giving the big bald guys a chance in this world, your book fucking rocks! (i’m a filmmaker and this is in my wish list for the future!)

  10. yes, all of you stupid idiots would rather trust private, health insurance companies than the government…real smart. Its okay, just let the ones grab power so we have no say in how things are run (instead of a government where we vote representatives into office; the corporations do what they want).

    1. Destroyer, are you really that retarded?

      Oh, wait. You’re also the guy that went off about how HK was the ultimate choice of true warriors. Never mind. Where the hell do you people come from?

      Listen, douchebag, on what planet has the government ever run anything more efficiently than the private sector? And currently if I don’t like my health insurance company, I can go pay a different one. That is the nature of competition. Let me break it down for you. Competition = good. Government controlling everything = bad. Corporations can’t fine me for not using their services. Governments can. Corporations can’t come to my house and kill me if I don’t pay the fines. Governments can.

  11. Destroyer —

    Yup. I’d rather trust hundreds of individual companies — among whom I can pick and choose, rather than one anonymous government bureaucracy.

    Because I HAVE seen how the government handles things here (by and large, pretty shitty, and decades of elections haven’t fixed basic problems that have been apparant from the beginning), and I’ve seen how other governments handle health care (pretty much just as shitty as their WORST government run enterprise).

    You see, I can affect IMMEDIATE results by simply choosing a different private company, but government bureaucracies are pretty immune to change.

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