Halloween shotgun match in Arizona – with MHI action

I received this e-mail a few days ago:


I thought you might like to see what we did for our Halloween shotgun match:

Stage 1 Monster Hunter International

SETUP: Shooter will begin at the low ready in Box 1. His shotgun will be fully loaded with the safety
PROCEDURE: At the buzzer, the shooter will engage the two Wights until they are fully neutralized. He will then move to Box 2 and engage the Vampire until the heart is destroyed (no red remains on the target or 5 hits). He will ground his shotgun, retrieve an edged weapon (either from the table or from his person) and behead the Master Vampire (switched to cutting in half; people kept launching the sword). He will then retrieve his shotgun and move to Box 3. While moving to Box 3 he may engage the Seeing Eye of the Cursed One. After the Eye has been neutralized, he will engage the 10 tentacles of the Cursed One.

Me on all 4 stages:

Bloodfeast on Stage 1 boomstick division:

Discussion Forums:

—Russell Phagan
Cavalry Arms Staff


Okay, now that is pretty darn awesome.  I’ve shot a lot of 3gun, and designed a lot of 3gun stages, but I’ve never had anybody do one based on a book that I’ve written before!

And here is another post about it from WTA:


MHI isn’t just a book, it is a movement! 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Halloween shotgun match in Arizona – with MHI action”

  1. That is so awesome . . . there is no other way to put it. 😀

    On another note, I was impressed with how fast he could fire that side by side.

  2. That is just incredibly awesome.

    If I was going to do that, I think I would have to reload buckshot, because I can’t afford to buy that much!

  3. What, a shotgun-mounted bayonet is insufficient for bloodsucker-beheading?

    Seriously cool… if most rangemasters up here weren’t fun-hating prigs I’d love to see it run in the NorthWet!

  4. Yeah this was a real hoot! And for me it revealed areas in real life I need to train. can’t beat that. The cav arms guys are awesome. All the RSO’s were great. Kept things running smoothly. Had so much fun.

  5. This match introduced me to MHI. They were describing Stage 1 and I thought “Wow, what in the hell kind of book is this?” So I went out down to B and N and bought it. Loved it. My wife loved it too. And I got to tell her “See all this 3 gun shooting is just getting me ready for 1) the zombie apocalypse and/or 2) a chupacabra attack and/or 3) the return of Cthlulu, you should be thankful.”

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