I have the coolest fans ever


From Moose on www.wethearmed.com

And in other news, Kirk, who paints awesome miniatures, is working on SPOILER ALERT 



certain character cough * E.H. are his initials *from the final scene from MHI. 


He is going to have the armor all torn and hanging off of the werewolf.  I can’t wait to see the end results.

werewolf 2

werewolf 1


Monster Movie marathon week
Someone is wrong on the internets!

9 thoughts on “I have the coolest fans ever”

  1. By the way, I’d like to say that finding out that E.H. was a werewolf was one of the best twists in the book. I totally didn’t see it coming. I mean, I knew he was a bad ass, but not that bad.

  2. On a semi-related note, I was in a cafe having lunch, and noticed a commercial on the tv showing wolves turning into people and fighting and what have you. I thought to myself “Cool.” Moments later, I found myself asking “What faggotry is this?” when I learned it’s supposed to be all about the angst of teen girls and homosexual vampires.

  3. Just finished the book yesterday, so I was not spoiled. I do have to admit, I hadn’t guessed it until the reveal. I have to hand it to you, that was some great writing.
    I actually slowed down at the end, because I didn’t want the book to end. But, WOW what an ending. You threw me at least twice in the climax, which is hard to find now a days. You were a bit heavy handed with the foreshadowing of Owen, but I didn’t mind that as you hit me with several other reveals that I hadn’t expected.
    Masterful job. I eagerly await your next books. Now to pass this one on to a friend of mine and make new fans for you.
    I am almost sad that your book was not in hard cover now. This poor one is only a week old and looks haggard already. Maybe there will be a special edition hardback offering in the future.

  4. I finished the book up a week or so ago too and WOW, I can’t wait until the next one! Good stuff and it was nice to actually read a book written by someone who knows firearms!

    I would also like to have a hardcover to add to my collection, so if there is one in the future, sign me up for a couple.

  5. Great looking figure, and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product. Kirk, I’m curious, is it a scratch built (I know at least the armour coming up must be), and are you using acrylic or water based paints?

    Cheers, and looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    1. The Mini is from Reaper Mini. They are a manufacturer of several lines of Gaming Miniatures. The Mini Earl is based on is called a Lupine Rager. I have pretty heavily modified it to more fit to my vision of Earl. The pic’s on this site are actually two revisions out of date. I changed the Fur on about 60% of the Mini to be considerably heavier(Think the werewolves in Van Helsing or The Howling), Big, Muscular and Hairy. I use a combination of both specified Miniature Paints(Reaper Series) as well as craft paints. All the paints are acrylic water based.

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