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I got some bad news today. Because of some problems with Dave Farland’s scheduling, the San Francisco trip at the end of October has been cancelled.  I’ll still be going to LA and San Diego soon after, but right now, northern California is getting bumped back to a future date.

I spent the last week in Texas. I got home late Sunday, and am just starting to get caught up.  If you’ve sent me a book to get signed, or you ordered any signed books or patches, those are done, and will be going out in the mail tomorrow.

I know a bunch of folks in Texas, and some of you contacted me via e-mail, sorry I didn’t get back to you while I was there, but I was swamped pretty much the entire time.  I was there for training relating to my day job – Finance guy for a government contractor – and I was busy learning all of the various ways that different agencies of the government can give you conflicting orders, all while the other agency is penalizing you, and yet another government agency’s representatives want you to disobey laws set down by yet another different agency… but don’t worry, Obama said that when the government takes over healthcare, it will be more efficient, because they don’t have so much overhead, like profit… Ha Ha Ha!

But again, if you’re in Texas, and you contacted me last week about hooking up, I apologize for not getting back to you.  By Saturday night when I had some free time, I was totally fried, watched a movie, and then ate a hotel pizza and went to sleep.

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    1. Yeah, I got your e-mail, but the training was like getting blasted with a firehouse of information for 10 straight hours. The most exciting thing I did was go down to the Riverwalk for dinner one night. (great food, $10 parking, ouch)

    1. Details are coming. Dave’s person was taking care of those, but now he’s confirming them himself. I’ll post as soon as I know more.

  1. Larry:

    The poster above asking about Oregon just gave me an idea. An idea I should have had earlier. If you are do go to Oregon and make Portland your destination there is an absolutely incredible bookstore there known as Powell’s. Independent bookstore about a block in circumference and like three levels high. Probably my all time favorite bookstore. Just something to think about and I wasn’t sure you were aware of the place.


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