Are you f'ing kidding me? Whoopi on Rape-Rape.

Watch the video.  Legal scholar, Whoopi Goldberg, pontificates on Roman Polanski raping a kid and running away to France.

Hmmm… So when a 45 year old man gets a 13 year old drunk, drugs her, and then repeatedly sodomizes her while she begs him to stop and let her go home, that’s not real rape, or “rape-rape” in the mind of Whoopi Goldberg.  That is something else.   

So, to clarify, from the wisdom of Whoopi and the other harpies on the View, what part of that isn’t “rape”?  Was he not wearing a ski-mask?  Did he need to be a hobo?

Oh wait, it was because he was a celebrity.  That moves it into a lower category of crime, like jaywalking.  It isn’t something terrible, like Rape-Rape, or voting Republican.  I got it. 

So, if you’re a regular dude, and you drug and sexually assault a child, you’re a rapist.  If you’re a celebrity or a Kennedy, and you drug and sexually assault someone, that is just having a little fun. I’m glad I got that clarified.

Seriously, watch the video.  If she doesn’t piss you off, then there is something wrong with you.  See, according to the Whoopster, part of this is just a cultural bias.  In Europe, you can sex up your 13 year olds all you want (or something, I wasn’t real clear on that part), and that Polanski didn’t flee the country because he was guilty of Rape-Rape, he fled the country because the judge thought he was guilty and was going to sentence him accordingly… Which is totally understandable…  If you’ve got the higher brain functions of a piece of fruit.

Look, I don’t care how brilliant you are as a director.  I don’t care if you’re the greatest film maker alive.  If you are a child rapist, you need to be tried, judged, and sentenced accordingly.  Now I diverge slightly from the justice system on what the appropriate punishment should be for child rapists, (both the Rape-Rape, and Pseudoraping kind), in that I think their sentencing should consist of a single .45 caliber bullet and a pine box.   But then we wouldn’t have The Pianist. Oh the humanity.

I’ve heard some morons say that “Well, the girls has forgiven him, we should just move on.”   That’s not how the legal system works for anyone else.  Regardless of the victim’s feelings in the matter, a crime was committed.  If the dude wasn’t a famous director, then said morons wouldn’t be making this argument.  If it was one of their kids that had been attacked and abused by a pedophile, do you really think they would be so eager to have him walking around on the loose if their kid later forgave the bad guy? 

Whoopi said she had a 13 year old grand-niece or something. (couldn’t tell, blood pressure spikes make paying attention difficult by that point), as if that information somehow made it so that Whoopi understands.  No. It just means that Whoopi is a lousy relative too.  

I believe she was trying to make the argument that statutory rape (i.e. consensual sex with a minor, and the legal issue is about if the minor give consent) is different than violent ski-masked hobo rape.   Except that logic falls apart when you realize that this wasn’t an oversexed 16 year old getting it on with her 18 year old boyfriend behind the roller rink, (and my parents are still together after all these years!)  this was a 45 year old man drugging and repeatedly attacking a junior high kid while she begged him to stop.

Whoopi. You are an idiot.

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32 thoughts on “Are you f'ing kidding me? Whoopi on Rape-Rape.”

  1. Whoopi is a dumb broad. Try watching that show ‘The View’ for 5 minutes without getting the urge to shoot your TV…

    I agree with your sentencing idea. Although I think it should be taken a step further and frangible bullets should be used. Gun to the back of the head so that the face is as ruined as possible when the bullet exits.

    You could also do it vampire-style: wooden stake through the heart, chop off the head, and burn the corpse.

  2. I think this is something that’s probably worth spending an entire magazine of .45 on. If you’re going to do something, do it right.

    1. I say .22 shots to non-vital areas, until death or the whole 1000 round value pack has been used up, whichever is first (the head is judged non-vital for the last 100 rounds). It’ll take awhile, and he’ll probably whine and cry a lot, but that’s why you always use ear protection. Besides, .45 is spendy these days, save it for threats that deserve a quick death, not this POS.

      1. Well I’d bet there’d be people lined up for their turn. Heck, you could sell tickets, say, 10 bucks for 50 rounds. Even get somebody that can do the carny yell.
        “Step right up, 10 bucks, shoot a child rapist, you sir, c’mon, give it a try,” ect….

  3. Leave it to my audience of right-wing and libertarian hate mongers to not only not come to Polanski’s defense, but rather to start arguing about the proper execution methods of pedophiles.

    I love you guys. 🙂

    1. I’m going to be the token doctrinaire libertarian here … The parents of the victim should have been given the opportunity to just quietly shoot this loser.

      No torture … just shoot his ass and be done with it.

  4. I’m so sick of people defending rapists and child molesters because they’re famous. Oh, he made a classic pop album/directed a great film in between sexually assaulting kids? Well, I guess we should just let him go then!

  5. well if it was “rape rape” we’d have to execute him. since it was just sex with a minor, all we have to do is shoot the son of a bitch.

  6. “Whoopi. You are an idiot.”

    You can say that again . . .

    And as for how to execute Polanski, do it in a way where they can’t bring him back. Shoot him in the head, and then burn him. 😉

  7. A 44yr old man drugging and sodomizing a 13yr old child? How can anyone defend this pos? Again we see that hollywood is completely detached from reality. With ammo so hard to find right now why waste the bullet? Baseball bats can be used over and over and over. Remember wood is a renewable resource. Think green guys. It’s for the children.

  8. If it was one of their kids that had been attacked and abused by a pedophile, do you really think they would be so eager to have him walking around on the loose if their kid later forgave the bad guy?

    Part of the problem is that some of these dirtbags would in fact be so eager to have him walking around loose, if it was Roman Polanski or some other “important” person. Remember how subdued Monica Lewenski’s parents were after “the incident.” No one get a pass harming my kids. No – one.

  9. I think that we shouldn’t just stop with the staking, vampires have to be burned. That part should be done before the 45 bullets are employed.

  10. I say we drug child molesters and feed them their own genitalia, Hannibal Lecter style. But a .45 ACP to the head will do in a pinch.

  11. So, seriously though, between Polanski and Acorn, what is it with the Left and defending barely-pubertal-teen rape this month?

  12. Monte, I like your style. Rather old school.

    I personally would’ve rolled with the Saddam Husein (No relation to our Dear Leader) style. Wood chipper, feet first.

    Sick bastard deserves to suffer. Pedophiles bring out my inner sociopath, can you tell?

  13. No shooting Polanski in the back of the head. Just tie him to a pole sans pants, cover his genitalia and gluteus with molasses, seeds and some blood and let the furry creatures do what comes natural. If some medication to enhance sensations can be applied, please do so.

  14. So it’s okay with the Whoopster if someone dopes up her 13-year-old grand-nice and sodomizes her?

    Has she checked with the grand-niece?

    I don’t think I’d want to be related to Whoopie if that’s her attitude.

  15. I personally prefer the method of loading your child molester into a trebuchet, and seeing if you can knock down castle walls with ’em.

    Clean up is messy if not left to the wildlife, though.

  16. Just send him to prison and put him in general population. Before you know it he’ll learn just how it feels to be that little girl he sodomized.

  17. Blood boiled, but then I realized what these astute women all pointed out at the end!


    Didn’t you hear?! It was all the MOTHER’S fault. It was the mother.

    Heck, Polanski, a guy like that can’t help himself. It’s like a disability. If ACORN had only been supplying him with Salvadoran sex slaves this never would have happened. But that Mom, she made him do it.

  18. Don’t be monsterous.

    Got a monster problem, then kill it. Don’t play with torture and become a monster yourself.

    1. I have to agree with Kristopher here. Just kill him and get it over with. I’ve recently started to understand the idea of keeping people on death row for twelve months to make sure no new evidence comes up proving them innocent, but this guy admitted his guilt so we should just kill him as quickly as possible.

  19. If you admit to the crime, then there’s no need to a further jury trial. No need for a prison term either. Just take them outside and put a bullet through their brainpan. End of story.

  20. I wonder if whooppi would let Polanski baby-sit her 12 year-old daughter – if she had a 12 year-old daughter that she hadn’t already corrupted that is?

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