11 thoughts on “Because the ladies requested it…”

  1. Larry, you understand that that’s grammatically incorrect, right? “There is no monsters under my bed” is what it says if you expand the contraction.


    See, folks? You don’t have to be an English major to be a successful writer. You just need a good editor.

  2. Mike, it was originally a kid’s logo that the women requested.

    How many little kids do you know who would say. “There are no monsters under my bed.” They would say “There’s no monsters under my bed.” Well, unless it was my strange, highly literate kids, and then it would be the 4 year old saying. “Actually, there was no monsters under my bed. -indecipherable- Behold! I done killed it a whole bunch! Awesome. -explosion noise- Yay!”

    Besides, I’ll tell you what I tell anybody who picks on my grammar in MHI. They’re southern! 🙂

  3. Since there’s some hair splitting going on 🙂 are there any tall sizes? Some of us females are a little larger than your average woman. I’m six feet tall but wear a medium t-shirt.

    I know, that’s a little demanding. Had to ask though.


  4. Who needs monsters under the bed? We’ve got Holder, Sunstein, et al.

    Ah well, ordering one for my wife now – her new target practice shirt!

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