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The Great MHI Patch Contest of 2009 is underway.  So far Utah County is in the lead, followed by Los Alamos.  Utah County was done by the son of a member of Reader Force Alpha, who used his powers to summon his many minions to vote. (in other words, Bob has an enormous family).  The Atomic Nerds supporters have been catching up though.  We’ve still got until next Moday, so it is anyone’s game.

I’m currently doing the final editing of MHV now, and the winning patch/team will be cameod (is that a word?) in.  I might actually take a few other ones and stick them in too, just because it is my universe so I can do whatever I want. (actually one in particular, won’t say which so as to not skew the results) is going in no matter what, just because it fits into a perfect niche in the MHI universe, both regionally, strategically, and in a great little story element.  (and I’ve already talked to the creator, so it isn’t yours!) 🙂

Editing has been going well, considering that I’m a fast writer, slow editor. Writing is fun. Editing is work. But I’ll have this bad boy totally cleaned up and ready to go by the end of the month.  Monster Hunter Vendetta is shorter than MHI, but MHI had to establish a lot of the world building.   The story is just as complicated, if not more so, and delves into some of the old school MHI member’s history.

Plus you get lots of Franks related action.  He actually talks, and once it is actually nearly half a paragraph!  Mostly he hits stuff, but you do get to learn where he comes from. There are lots of new monsters and assorted explodey goodness.

I’m excited to get Monster Hunter Vendetta done. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 comes out this month on Xbox, and I’m not allowed to buy it until I’m done.  See, I played the last one all the way through with my children in multiplayer. I was Deadpool, my oldest was Elektra, my middle one was Storm, and the youngest was usually Thing (but had to switch every time we got to a save point).  MUA is a Correia family tradition at this point.

I’ve had a few local signings now, and they’ve all been a ton of fun.  I’ve got one in Layton this weekend, and then nothing until October. But in October I’m doing San Diego, LA, San Jose, San Francisco, San Antonio, and Austin, plus I just added another local one. (Sugerhouse B&N, October 10th)  I’ll be travelling with Dave Farland (Runelords) and John Brown (Servant of a Dark God) for many of those.  It should be a good time.

After that, I’ve got a 3rd MHI book from Owen’s perspective, sometime after that is Monster Hunter Alpha from Earl Harbinger and Monster Hunter Nemesis from Agent Franks. I’ve still got to do a 2nd pass to Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic. Then Mike should be done with Dead Six so we can edit that together, and then I’ve got the plot outlines for Grimnoir 2 and 3. Then there is the sequel to D6, Swords of Exodus, and my half of that is mostly done already, but then we’ve got the 3rd in that series called Project Blue (all plotted/outlined).  Then I’ve got a stand alone Sci-Fi (still untitled) that is the story of a reality TV show where the contestants compete to overthrow a government in a violent military coup (started, ploted, needs lots of work), and I’ve got a killer idea for another book set in the Grimnoir universe that takes place in the 1880s in colonial Africa. And I’ve been invited to be in an anthology (theme is still a secret).  Whew… That’s a lot of writing!

We broke half a million hits today!
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19 thoughts on “Random stuff update”

  1. I just want to know how long it will be until a MHI team has to deal with an infestation of sparkly vampires preying on teenage girls.

  2. The news of all your forthcoming work makes me both happy and sad; Happy for obvious reasons, and sad because I can’t read it all RIGHT NOW. Oh, and good choice on being Deadpool in MUA. I’m rather excited for the sequel myself.

  3. Thank you for an enjoyable read that gets better the second (and third…) time around. Looking forward to the new novel, I hope that Agent Franks gets to glut the maw of death at some point.

  4. Yeah, you’re coming here! ‘Scuse me while I do my little fangirl dance…

    I’m also very glad to hear you’ve more in the works. I was reminded rather harshly that the downside to finishing a great book is trying to find something to read afterward that’s not total crap by comparison. (For the record, I failed miserably in the attempt.)

  5. Wow. Not just one, but four projected MHI sequels.

    I can hardly wait.

    For that matter, my sixty-year-old mother will be thrilled as well. I dropped off my copy of MHI and several other books in the fantasy and suspense genres for her a few weeks ago, and she just finished MHI last week. And LOVED it.


    Mom also told me in our last phone conversation that she and my Dad want Abominations of their very own.

  6. Deadpool FTW. Nothing like a wise-cracking gun totting psycho to bring the whole family together.

    But I’m glad things are coming together despite the lovely editing process. I say take your time and enjoy it. Haste makes waste as they say.

    Also, I think it’s “cameoed”…I cheated and looked it up :p

  7. its exciting to hear about all these new books and ideas coming out. i can’t wait to get my hands on these.

    so we’re getting more franks….is the tie in with, i guess i’ll call it the “lovecraft-ian” world going to continue?

  8. Dave, yes. There will be more Old Ones.

    Only MHI staff is a bit different than the Lovecraft characters who descend slowly into gibbering madness while hiding in the dark corners of the attic. Hunters tend to get up in the Old One’s face, flip them the bird, and say “bring it, mollusk!”

  9. Have you thought about franchising the MHI universe?
    It just seems to me that with the excitement drummed up by the patch contest, that you might be able to put together an anthology of short stories written by others. You ask for outlines, turn down the ones that don’t work, and then have the others submit short stories. Put them all together into an anthology, keep a cut for yourself, and divvy up the rest. It would also allow for you to bring in new characters and such.

    Just an idea.

  10. lol I could imagine the MHI staff throwing flaming paper bags of poo into a portal to the Old One’s dimension…oh the mayhem.

  11. How long until we see a Monster Hunter International Roleplaying Game?

    And if you have no plans to do make one, mind if I try my hand at it?

  12. I know that there are a few gaming groups who are running MHIcentric campaigns. Go for it.

    Now, if you’re from a RPG publishing company, let’s talk. 🙂

    I spoke with a small company a few years ago when I did my original self published version, but at the time I needed to hold off on any sort of licensing because of trying to get a traditional publishing deal.

  13. I could come up with something. I’m an avid dork and d20 player. Heh, probably could come up with a campaign or something using Modern d20’s system. I know they did for the Lovecraft stuff. *shrugs*

  14. Curious if you have the dates of when you will be in San Francisco doing book signings here on your blog someplace? I’m having trouble locating that information. I see September but nothing beyond that.

    Thanks for your time.


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