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  1. I feel the same way Larry; Love writing, hate editing. Which is odd, because I often start going back and editing my books before I’m anywhere near finished writing them.

    And congrats again on getting MHV picked up.

  2. Fortunately for me, writing is just another skill I don’t have…

    On another note.. here is a little story about MHI.

    So a couple weeks ago I received my copy, read a good two thirds of it, and then forgot it in a transient barracks. I could not convince my commander that I needed to go back for it. With amazing luck, I visited the PX on JBB and found a single brand spanking new copy of MHI. So I bought it, and read it while waiting for the freedom bird.. then I lent it out. It’s gone forever. The end.

  3. I don’t want to sound whiny or anything, but…

    We hafta wait until FALL of 2010 for MHV?

    I hate waiting. My modern American entitlement attitude demands instant gratification.

    Tell me there’s some traction on the Dead 6 front, though, and I’ll be happy.

  4. Well, although it is a long wait, I am still glad there will be a second 😀 I didn’t doubt there would be, but everything I like is usually cancelled, out of production, or something….

    What we need is some place for fan fiction. There’s the awesome work over on wethearmed, I got 3 chapters finished up on mine…I am betting there’s a fair bit out there 😉

  5. Can’t wait for 2010, hopefully that burning question that we all share will finally be answered:

    Monster Control Board- Good guys, or best guys ever?

  6. Just bought the MHI from Baen… I read the first 7 chapters and wanted more… thank you for the writing and EDITing… lol..

  7. Aww Crap! You mean fan fiction is all the MHI we get for another year?!? Looking forward to Christmas 2010 already.

  8. Moose, why the hell do you keep demeaning your good work as “sorry!?”

    Stop it. Now. No need nor reason to demean your own efforts.

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