Good news from the Book Deal Front!

I can’t elaborate too much yet, but let’s just say that there will be more of my books coming out from Baen, and probably not just ones set in the MHI universe.

MHI:2 is called Monster Hunter Vendetta. I’m revising the 2nd draft now.  MHV picks up several months after the events of MHI.

In related news, if you are in the SLC area, I’ll be doing a signing at the Jordan Landing B&N on Saturday from 2-4.  Drop by and say hi.

I did a podcast interview with Sci-Fi Guys Book Review
Take a Vet to Lunch

20 thoughts on “Good news from the Book Deal Front!”

  1. Excellent! I guess this means the book has been selling well. Also I am glad because I really want to find out what happens next. OMG I love the plot twists (too many to enumerate) and the humor and I love Julie’s Mom. Given the circumstances her dialogues is probably what a Mom would say. And given the circumstances is totally hysterically funny.

  2. I just picked up my third copy of MHI to give to friends.
    Great on being picked up for more installments of MHI and other books.
    The local Borders Bookstore received only 2 copies to begin with; this last weekend they received 4 copies.

  3. Ho Hum! No big surprise to hear that, Larry. I’ve been expecting it all along. Congratulations. If you are available to celebrate tomorrow, I will buy your lunch!

  4. Larry MHI was sweet do you have any idea when MHV will come out?

    I was so impressed with the first book I decided to play in your sandbox and I wrote a little fan fiction. It’s posted under R&R at


  5. Way to go man, I’m still reading MHI (have very little time to read, but I do every minute that I can) and I’m already wanting to see another one….
    My wife on the other hand is chomping at the bit for MHI 2…. I can only imagine the excitement on her face when I get to tell her tonight…..

  6. I cant wait for MHV to come out, and inkling of when it might be released? Like maybe even a quarter like Winter 2009 Spring 2010 etc.

    I couldn’t get enough I decided to try my hand at a MHI fan fiction. It is still basically a rough draft but I posted it up on the forum under R&R. If you get a chance could you take a quick look and let me know what you think?


  7. Hey, I’m writing a fanfic too. Actually I had written up a short-book prior to MHI, and the writing of Correia and Nightcrawler inspired me to try and edit it, and make into something more readable.

    I decided to go strictly Fanfic, as to avoid appearing to copy MHI. Gun people must be about the same, because the first thing I figured out is that my stuff looked TOO similar….(Even written before MHI came out).

    Leastways, AWESOME! news Larry. We all knew it was gonna happen, but at least it did!

  8. Congratulations, Baen is good people.
    I’ve been an avid fan and customer for years. Really looking forward to MHI:2. Just finished my second reading of MHI and it’s every bit as good the second time. Maybe even better like Gumbo.

  9. That’s great Larry! Can’t wait to get my hands on MHV. I got the autographed copies of MHI in the mail this week and brought the “Stolen From” copy with me to the hospital. My sister now has it and I suspect it will be making the rounds of the family here before I get it back. Other two original copies are both out on loan as well.

  10. Just thought this might interest you. I just bought your book at the PX here in Stuttgart, Germany. Been wanting a copy for some time now, but I never got around to ordering from Amazon.

    Can’t wait to read it.

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