If you're against health care "reform" it must be because you are illogical.


Priceless.  I love articles like this. When you disagree, it must be because there is something wrong with you, not their idea.  The article was written with a thin illusion of impartiality, where the whole thing is all about how one side is inflamed by their emotions, illogical, or being cooerced by peer pressure. Oh, and there’s one line that says it applies to democrats too.  Nice.

Maybe, just maybe, I’m against “reform” because it is a bad idea?  Maybe it is because everything the government has ever screwed with has turned into a giant, wasteful, bureacracy?  Maybe it is because it decreases personal freedom and choice?  Maybe because I don’t like having my taxes go up, or don’t want employeers to get an 8% punishment tax? 

Nope, that’s just illogical.

And on the other side of the aisle, the Sainted Teddy Kennedy died, and the vultures are already trying to morph health care “reform” into some sort of salute to Camelot, and if you don’t support it, then you’re spitting on Ted Kennedy’s precious memories.   No lack of logic there… Not at all.   Sure, he was an alchoholic, rapist protecting dirtbag  guilty of manslaughter (at least) who philandered his way through a senate career on the backs of his dead brothers, but that was yesterday.  Today he is a Saint, so all you blue dogs better get in line and vote for health care reform!  

That’s perfectly logical.

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12 thoughts on “If you're against health care "reform" it must be because you are illogical.”

  1. Somehow I don’t think he will be leonized that much. Obamacare is already tarnished and adding Teddy to it will make it even more unpalatable to many people.

  2. Actually, “reform” of the health care industry is a great idea. Just not in the direction this ninnies are trying to take it.

    Get the government out of the health care field, and let it go through the same business cycle that has brought us infinite free long distance, cheap 500″ televisions, etc, etc.

  3. I’m going to use a code word here. When I say the word “opinion” I really mean “bullsh*t”.

    Dear Yahoo,

    I just read the article about illogical thinking about healthcare at news.yahoo.com and I recommend that you remove it off of the “news” subdomain, because it’s not news; it’s opinion. Opinion opinion opinion opinion opinion opinion opinion opinion opinion.

  4. That’s the new debate model, Larry. Never address the substantive content of the Enemy’s argument. No. Simply portray them as irrational. You don’t have to take the Enemy seriously if you just assume the Enemy is bonkers.

    I’ve tried to explain this elsewhere, to liberals I suspect might listen: if the feds had a better track record, when it comes to large programs that cost lots of money, I am sure fewer poeple would be afraid of reform. But because the feds have so consistently botched things, and because existing federal medical coverage programs such as Medicare don’t get rave reviews — just ask my Dad, who had to spend months fighting Medicare’s incompetence and red tape, after he retired — people are loathe to let the feds get their hands on care and coverage for all.

  5. If this is such a good idea, then why are congress-critters and trade-unionists exempt from it.

    Until this retard pretending to be a journalist answers that question, he can fuck himself.

  6. So, basically, they’re saying that the only way to make the right decision is to be a Vulcan? All logic, and no emotion? Somehow, I don’t think that’s likely to happen.

  7. “…you’re spitting on Ted Kennedy’s precious memories.”

    Wrong fluid.

    One theory I’ve heard as to why The Swimmer is being buried in Arlington is that those most likely to piss on his grave won’t do so in that hallowed place.

  8. Larry, I just shamelessly stole part of your last paragraph to put a liberal friend in his place on Facebook. Hope you don’t mind. Haha.

  9. Low the sainted Kennedys. They, The Media, tried to cannonize the whole family whenever one of them dies. I watched the mediagasm and the comments by people who claim that “THE TEDDY” helped make their lives better. Yet none of them ever mentioned HOW or WHAT he did for them.
    I guess it was just the “Holy Kennedy Aura” that bestowed blessings upon them.
    I have never heard that the Kennedys have given up all their wealth to help the down trodden. I guess it’s easier to tax some peon who makes thirty thousand a year trying to provide for his family.
    “Jim tell us how you really feel.” I just have a problem with limo libs who feel guilty about their money and think I should too.
    Difference is… I worked for mine.

  10. I’m still not understanding what the health care problems are…

    EVERYONE in america has health CARE (by law, you get into a hospital emergency room and you get care)… so naturally they changed the debate to health INSURANCE… it’s actually about votes and politics. The progressives want to federalise the health care industry so they would have a larger group to vote progressive…

    So there are 47 Million w/o health insurance… there are 307 Million in america… so only 15% do NOT have health insurance… that means that 85% DO have INSURANCE…

    of the 15% that do not have health insurance, 5% are illegal aliens (primarily from Mexico) who will not be covered in the HEALTH CARE REFORM…. 5% are folks who can afford the insurance but CHOOSE not to purchase it from their employers (mostly in the 21 to 35 age range)… the last 5% can’t afford health insurance BUT are covered by medicaid or state free insurance programs…

    So… all this debate of changing the health care system is to screw 85% of the population to fix 5% of the population…

    I lost my job last September, got on COBRA plan for 2000 per month…. WAY too much… I wanted to find cheaper INDIVIDUAL plans for my family but could not (in Texas)…

    So… I started another company (with my wife)… and bought small business health care (Texas requires that small businesses have at least 2 employees)… so my wife and I both purchased individual health insurance… the price together is around 1000 / month… around 2500 deductible… maximum payout is > 5 million… maximum out of pocket is < 10,000….

    Now, in Texas, it is illegal to get a group of INDIVIDUALS to buy group health insurance, but you can get group insurance for a very small company… you can also get groups of COMPANIES to get group insurance… btw, pre-existing conditions are covered with most business health insurance programs…

    It seems to me that getting the government out of the health insurance oligopoly would make it much easier to get groups of individuals to purchase the insurance…

    The only reason these laws exist is to help the insurance industry, not to help the Texas consumers…


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