We've reached a new high

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Hmmm… maybe I should get linked by ultimate mega blogs more often?  Now all I need to do is go on Glenn Beck and I’ll know that I’ve made it.  Maybe my bishop can call his bishop and hook a brother up? Unless Glenn read my story, The Christmas Noun… uh oh. 

Seriously though, you guys are amazing. You’ve gone out and spread the word, shook the trees, cleaned out bookstores across the nation.  I think MHI has gone viral, and I owe it to the fans kicking butt and taking names.

In other news, my first signing is in Delta Utah on August 8th. I don’t know if anybody who reads MHN lives in Delta, but if you do, come by and say hi. I graduated Delta High in ’93.  Go Rabbits! This first signing is for my mom.

I’ll be on Gun Nuts Radio with Caleb and Breda on August 4th. They do a great show and I believe I’ve got them linked over in the links section, and if not, I know I’ve got Breda’s blog there.

 I’ll admit, when I heard that I’d been linked by Instapundit, all the hair on my arms stood up, and I got a little nauseous. Our Technology Manager found me wandering in the halls. He said I looked a little pale.  I called my wife and told her, and she said, “Like the one they talk about on the news, like Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly level stuff?” Yep. That’s the one.  “Well, I was just hoping you’d sell enough copies to cover the advance.”

The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic is getting revised as the comments from Reader Force Alpha come back. So far, so good.  I still need to do some more tweaking there. Then it is off to meld the two halves of Dead Six together. And then I’ve got a feeling that I’m going to have to go back and start working on MHI:2 The Rough Draftening to tighten it up. Somewhere in there, I’ve got several books to read from friends, one of which I’ve already started and really like, another that I read the rough draft a year ago and really liked, and the last one from a member of Reader Force Alpha.

It has been good that I’ve been so tangled up in writing, because everytime I stray from the computer to watch the news, it gives me a headace. I’m reminded that even though I’m a professional fantasy author, I can’t make this kind of crap up. Sure, I just got done writing a world of death rays, battle zeppelins, undead, magic, and teleporting ninjas, but the whole healthcare thing is just way too far fetched.  Come on, I couldn’t sell an editor on the idea that the government is going to take something over and make it cheaper and more efficient, let alone the country.

EDIT: because I just jumped another 200 places in the last hour.  If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go have a moment to freak out.

EDIT 2: Because it just dropped another 100.

EDIT 3: Dropped some more. Brain exploded. Got all over monitor.

More language help for Grimnoir. German this time
MHI just got linked on Instapundit

21 thoughts on “We've reached a new high”

  1. Larry, you deserve your success. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, and those of us who are fortunate enough to count ourselves among your friends (online or meatspace) are basking in the reflected glow. Nice and toasty, isn’t it? 🙂

    I hope I’ll have as much support from my friends when my first novel comes out next year, God willing.

  2. I posted a link to LabRat’s review on my Facebook page, along with instructions to buy the book, and my wife asked if she could read my POD copy.

    I told her no.

    You see, that copy is now for keeping; the copy of the Baen version I’m buying her is for reading. 🙂

  3. StopThat! Quit Looking At The Market! Get back to MHI:3! Write, you, write! /whipcrack!

    Once you get another 3 to 5 books out the pipeline (ie, in our hot little hands), I suspect the yo-yo motion of 1 distributor’s figures won’t bother you quite as much. 🙂

  4. I stumbled upon your blog a little over a month ago and have made sure to peek in every now and then to see the updates. You seem very interesting, and MHI definitely piqued my interest… so much so that I made sure to stop by Borders and pick up a copy. Actually, I had to stop by three because they didn’t have any by the time I got there. So I hope MHI is worth all the hassle (actually from what I have already seen/heard, I’m sure it will be). Good, bad, or otherwise, I’ll be sure to post a review on my blog: http://afantasticalmind.wordpress.com. Thanks and Good Luck on all your writing endeavors. =)

  5. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed MHI – I saw it in the webscriptions list a few months ago, and after reading the author description I had to buy it, because ‘gun nut and b-movie aficionado’ is how most of my friends would describe me. So I made sure and picked up the month, and read it when it became available.

  6. I just picked up my copy at Barnes & Noble. Cool to see Lawdog and Bayou Renaissance Man’s reviews quoted on the cover.

  7. I think it says something that as picky of a reader as I am, I finished the book in about two days. Bargained the copy off my boss since we only got one in at the time. Mentioned it to a few friends that would be interested, know a couple others who are aware of it. I am eager to see the next volume whenever it gets out.

  8. While you’re on Glenn Beck be sure to pimp Dead Six. The over-arcing plot is sufficiently conspiratorial that I think Mr. Beck will be all over it. I mean hell, he likes Brad Thor. We don’t have any Swiss mercenaries kidnapping the POTUS and being foiled by a former Navy SEAL turned Secret Service Agent vigilante or nuthin’, but I think we spin a good yarn.

  9. I have two copies, guess Amazazon was wrong about the shipping date. So you gets the money twice. About halfway done with it (damn this real job…) and then I’ll have a review up.

  10. I can’t say I’ve been on your wagon a long time. I remember reading you bash a troll on a Brandon Sanderson topic, so I decided to buy your book just to spite the troll. Shit, unless that wasn’t you and I bought this damn thing for nothing! Ah well, decent yarn I will be around for the next one.

    1. No. That was me. I get sucked in by trolls way too easy. Brandon is too good of a guy to get sucked in on stuff like that, but I’m petty, and spent many many years moderating http://www.thehighroad.org as a master troll hunter. 🙂

  11. Got mine about…10 minutes ago.

    Now gonna go offline until it’s finished……Those 4 months since the first 7 chapters built up too much tension.

  12. I had pre-ordered at Amazon, got mine yesterday about 5 p.m. had lots of stuff to do, but I stayed up til 3 a.m. reading, and have gotten up to page 296 only. An awesome read, NOW GET BACK TO WORK ON MH2!!!

  13. Loved the book, Larry. I read into the wee hours the last couple nights and repeatedly found myself hoping that I wasn’t waking up everybody else in the house with my occasional outbursts of laughter.

    I’ve never been into monster movies or books. I think the only other monster book I’ve read was “Where the Wild Things Are.” But I got hooked on your writing style in the THR Mr. Nightcrawler thread. Fun stuff. I’m looking forward to your upcoming novels. You’ve got a gift, thanks for sharing it!

  14. Larry, I ordered the book through my local bookstore. Most excellent, and it has held my attention since I picked it up at 1:00PM today, and I shall finish it within the next 30 minutes.

  15. Got my copy (the only one in the entire bookstore, twits only ordered one). Up to chapter 5 and each chapter just gets better than the one before. Looking forward to any more books you feel the public worthy of receiving.

  16. MHI in Japan, shipping from Amazon.JP, is now delayed 13 (to 18!) days….


    Larry – congrats on the sales… but nuts on that success depriving me of MHI….

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