6 thoughts on “The complete e-book is now available”

  1. Just finished reading the eBook today. Loved it. Totally a can’t put it down, must get back to work, I need more type of book. Obviously this is just hot off the presses so maybe I shouldn’t ask but are their plans to have a sequel soon. Will have to buy the dead tree version too so my sister can read it. Great characters, I mean really well developed, no cardboard people, also liked the pacing. Like how the monsters while horrible and gripping are sometimes funny while being appalling. Looking forward to reading more in the future.

    1. Thanks, Amber.

      #2 is done, and sitting on the publisher’s desk. It is still in rough draft form because I’m waiting for her feedback.

      I’m really glad you liked it

  2. With the complete e-book being released, I have now purchased MHI three times: one original copy, one Baen copy pre-ordered from Amazon, and now the Mobipocket download.

    You keep the books coming, we’ll keep the royalties coming!

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