I have seen the future, and it is awesome

Look what came in the mail today:

It Lives!

The early copies of MHI: The Baen edition are shipping. No, it wasn’t the kukri, that just seemed like a very Owen type thing to throw in the background. These are the first ones, and I think right now they’re just going to reviewers. (I even got Fangoria to take one) The official shipping date is July 28th, but I’ve heard from several folks that it is common for books to ship early, so if yours is on order, it shouldn’t be too awfully longer.

As you can see, they are smaller than the old version, but much fatter, and all my wordy goodness is still there. Baen’s people squished them in there, in a print that was still readable, and said damn the margins! It is AWESOME. The Pollack cover looks great.

We’re almost there folks Thanks for sticking with me.

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15 thoughts on “I have seen the future, and it is awesome”

  1. Awesome!!!!

    I almost been having withdrawel from it 😉 Luckily I found the Nightcrawler threads and they took the edge off.

    I was on the verge of getting on my knees and begging for a chapter 8 leak 😉

  2. Hey Larry, can’t wait for the new edition to come out. i got to read about half of Ogre’s copy before he snatched it back from me last year.

  3. Just ordered my copy from our local crack dealer (books are crack aboard the Privateer). Urged them to order a few copies, as I’m going to be pushing people to buy a copy or two.

    Might even buy a couple more myself, for area libraries…

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