So I joined Facebook…

People have been bugging me to join up for awhile. I’ve gotten a bunch of invites, and today Bogie posted on this blog about it, telling me that if I’m trying to spread the word about the upcoming release of my book, I’m missing the boat by not being on Facebook.

I’ve kind of put it off, because I’m not really the social networking kind of guy. I’m more of a hermit in a compound surrounded by barb-wire and claymores type… well, not really that bad, but I am all about selling lots of books. I’m a capitalist like that.

Lo and behold, there is already an MHI group! Hunters Unite!

Okay, that was a little mind blowing. I’m still not entirely used to the idea of having fans, though it is pretty awesome.

Git 'er done. 1899 style.

6 thoughts on “So I joined Facebook…”

  1. Remember: FIJASOI ( Fandom Is Just A Source Of Income )

    Make ’em pay for their true follower mental defect.

    Demand at least a dozen Rolls Royces … You can outdo some mere Bhagwan any day of the week.

  2. OOOOOOO! I’m so mad at you. I’ve been so loath to join that thing. But now… You’ve fallen! WHY LARRY! WHY!

    Oh… yeah. Money. Good point. Well played.

    HEY!!! Now I could say I’m a “friend” of Larry Correia? hmmm.. Have to think on this… Maintain my principles or throw them aside to suck up to the Monster Hunter?

    Oh D**M… just clicked the link. You’ve got Breda. I CAN NOT RESIST!!!!! MUST RESIST! ARGH!

  3. Oh… FYI. Since we are talking about marketing…. I notice that you’ve been leaving the posts about MHI related stuff “uncategorized”. If you tag it with Books, writing, or even entertainment you’ll end up listing it on the tags section of the homepage.

    May not generate a lot of clicks, but they all help.

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