Great list of books that are releasing the same month as MHI

They put some serious work into that.

And as a nerd, I must admit that I clicked on every single Amazon link, just to see how I was ranking compared to the others. There were only five that were ahead of me, and one of those was Dean Koontz. So I’ll call that a win.  There are some interesting ones on there, and it is just a bummer that when you become a writer, it kills most of your reading time. If I’m reading, I feel like I should be writing. Though I’m currently reading George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones. (just as amazing as everyone has said it is). I just finished Paul Gennesse’s Dragon Hunters (2nd book of great series) and DanWells’ I Am Not A Serial Killer (awesome first novel). Plus I’ve got two history books on Black Jack Pershing, but that’s business.

Amazon sales rankings are odd though, they do it by the hour, so in one day, I can swing 100,000 places back and forth, so you never really know. Plus I still have no idea how many of the Baen books have been sold so far. So I feel like I’m doing okay…

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  1. Martin is amazing, but his projected six book series has become three and a half, with no end in sight. Please join me in driving to his house and punching him in the head. Seriously, there has to be a special place in hell for writers who won’t FINISH THE FUCKING STORY.

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