Capping Trade, it's just like capping knees

So there has been some discussion about pushing through this new 1200+ page law that no one has read, that will take our already weakened economy and kneecap it with a baseball bat, all in order to stop global warming.


Does this actually make sense to any normal person? Does anyone in America who isn’t a complete idiot think this is a good idea? It is just one more power grab mega-tax, and even if you believe in the global warming/climate change stuff, it won’t work because our industry will scale down, and China, India, and Brazil, who couldn’t possibly care less about the environment, will pick up our slack.

So nothing will change in the enviornment, except that maybe Americans won’t consume so much… because we’ll all be too POOR! 

Barack thinks he’s FDR, and sure enough, just like FDR, he’s going to take an economic downturn that should have been over in a few years and make it last a decade. However, Barack is reaching for the stars. He’s making FDR look like a piker. FDR only dreamed of controlling 2/3 of the domestic auto industry, the insurance industry, and the finances. So, if we continue our FDR train to its historical conclusion, then I’m excited to see what kind of epic war Barack gets us into that could have been avoided if only we’d exercised a little preventive maintenance.  (I’m still hoping the Brit’s get a Churchill again, fingers crossed).

I was having a conversation with someone last night who thinks Barack is doing an okay job. I asked how he figured, when you looked at our out of control government spending, that was going to wreck the dollar, and enslave our children to eternal debt. He responded that George Bush was bad too. Okay, a given, but just because the previous guy sucked doesn’t excuse doing the exact same thing only multiplied by four times in one eighth of the time, and then it is okay. So he said what was more important was that Barack gave us Hope, and that the economy doesn’t matter anyway, (and he was totally serious) because something terrible is going to come along and reboot everything, like a plague, or a big meteor, or a nuclear terrorist attack…

So… if I’ve got this right, putting my Finance Manager hat on, your economic exit strategy is to spend your way into a hole, and then to pray for death? Hmmm… That sounds about right. 

And while we’re looking at this 1200 page Boost the Chinese Manufacturing Industry Bill, they’re ramping up for government sponsored health care. Yay.  The only thing the government is even half efficient at is the military, and anybody who’s worked with it knows that things get done there despite the bureacracy and not because of it, so now we’re going to take 1/7th of our economy, and our health, and our very lives, and turn it over to the same douchebags who brought us Polar Bear protection and Bullet Trains from Vegas to Disneyland.   Oh, this is going to go so very well.

At least now all those uppity Canadians who talk about how friggin’ wonderful socialized medicine is, but then come over the border to get surgery here before they die while waiting in a government que, can now just shut the hell up and die like the rest of us.

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5 thoughts on “Capping Trade, it's just like capping knees”

  1. So what your saying is I should say screw saving up money right now and just pick up the STI Trojan 5.0 I’ve had my eye on for a while now?

  2. So the (R)’s screwed us, now the (D)’s are screwing us. Meanwhile, we discourage the rise of a third-party, pretend that we have any representation in Washington, and vote like mad for the next American Idol.

    Just like Rome we are on the brink of a “Crisis of the Third Century.” Let’s hope our anarchy doesn’t last 60 years like it did for the Romans.

  3. First off, I would like to say that the facts in this post are wrong. Just plain wrong. If you look at just CO2 emissions alone, China is the largest at 22%, the United states 2nd at 19%, and India 3rd with 5%. Also, Brazil is a measly 30th place. However, looking at it in that frame is absolutely useless since China accounts for about 1/6 of the worlds population, and so does India with 1.3 and 1.18 billion people respectively. Meanwhile the United States makes 4 times more emissions than India with about 1/3 of the population (which is about 332 million). Therefore, you have to look at per capita emissions, where wealthy Middle-Eastern kingdoms, such as Qatar, place high, the United States at 9th, while China, India, and Brazil place somewhere in the 110-150 range with India being the lowest.

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