11 thoughts on “Behold the Awesome- MHI logo STI grips”

  1. I’m sure Jim would have no problem making more of these. His contact info is in that link.

    And I already had my own silver bullets. 🙂

  2. Kristopher, great. I’ve never had to ban somebody from my blog before! There’s got to be a button on WordPress for that somewhere? And I’ve not banned people who called me names for in the HK Suck thread!

    Ugly? Ha! We’ll see who’s laughing when the zombies come!

    How can an STI be ugly? Even if you don’t like the grips, thats just like a beautiful women, with like, I don’t know, a mustache or something… She can shave.

  3. The real shocker here is….


    That gun is a 9mm.

    *GASP* “Oh, snap!”

    That’s right, folks. Larry’s favorite pistol…his BABY…is 9mm. MHI wouldn’t let him carry it. They require .45s.

    Now, Larry will come back with some nonsense about shooting fast, ammo prices, recoil, blah blah blah. He’s just trying to cloud the issue, is all.

    Now, I have it on good authority that Larry is indeed planning to get a similar gun in .45ACP, one that Owen Z. Pitt would be proud to carry. Tick tock, Larry!

    (As a matter of fact…couldn’t you convert that gun to .45 with a new top end and magazine? Aren’t the frames all the same?)

  4. That’s almost enough to make me go back to carrying a 1911. I wonder if they’d make a MHI decal grip for a Glock. 😉

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