The media sucks

I remember a few years ago, when Tony Snow left FOX News to take the job as the White House press secretary. I seem to recall nonstop criticism and snarky comments about how the Republican party was merging with FOX.  I recall all sorts of indignant panty twisting and panic attacks over this.

Well, where are all the complaints now that ABC is going to be doing a special infomercial pitching national health care from the White House?  It is ABC news, from the White House, with no dissenting view points at all, by Barack, for Barack, all about how totally awesome socialized healthcare is going to be, and how this is another massive crisis, that needs a 1,200 page law passed RIGHT NOW that costs over a trillion dollars, but there’s no time to, I don’t know, like read it or something, because it’s a CRISIS!

Hmm…. No double standard at all there. Tony Snow turned out to be a gentlemen that could at least string together a coherent answer, unlike Peter Griffith, pardon me, Robert Gibbs, who’s regular answer is always a variant of: “I don’t know about Topic X, because I haven’t read the New York Times yet today…”

Nope. No bias in the media at all… Like when Barack was giving a recent interview and he whined and whined and whined about how there is this one really mean TV station that doesn’t totally kiss his butt, because Barack only is in bed with NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and 95% of the newspapers in the country. If only FOX would climb onto the propaganda train, then he could complete his glorious people’s revolution… Except for pesky talk radio, but they’ll get theirs with the fairness act… and then he’ll need to do something about bloggers, ‘cause we’re just dripping with hate speech.  Give him some time. He’ll think of something.

And I don’t even really like FOX either… But compared to the competition, at least they manage to squeeze a little news in there.

I believe that this was the same interview where our heroic leader managed to kill a fly. This of course shows his strong responses under pressure… It is unknown if Robert Gibbs came out and ate the fly, Renfield style afterward.  (honestly, I was waiting for a giant bullfrog tongue to come shooting out of Rahm Emmanuel’s mouth SNAP! and then the fly would just be gone… look at that dude, something just ain’t right there).

 It is pretty rare for me to watch regular news or read the regular paper. Inevitably, when I do, I’m always left with a feeling of “Really? You’re serious? People really believe this crap?”  Every paragraph, every sentence, every single nuance is carefully sculpted to prop up one argument and dismiss the other.  It isn’t even clever propaganda anymore, it is a ham-fisted love-fest for all things statist.

I missed this episode of 20/20, kind of like how I’ve missed just about every episode of 20/20 for the last decade, but apparently they had one about the absolute futility of letting college students conceal carry handguns as a remedy for mass shootings.  Apparently to show how foolish this is, they devised a simple, fair test. They took some students, gave them Simunitions guns, put them in a fake class room, and did a force on force exercise where a bad guy came in and shot the place up.

Fair right? Except that the student was made to sit in the exact same chair every time. Then the bad guy came in, shot the teacher, then shot that particular armed student.  (because bad guys have Spidey Sense) The student was given a strap holster, usually not even in the right position, under a long t-shirt. Oh, and the bad guy? He wasn’t your typical douche-bag off his Zoloft, it was a police firearms instructor.

Hmm… That’s gonna skew the results just a smidgen. I’ve taught this stuff for a living for a long time, have done force on force training, have shot a lot of competition, and have more simulator time than most cops, and I don’t know if I would have survived. Hell, you could put John McClane in that situation and he’d get shot.  (The main difference is that Bruce Willis would just shrug it off and take care of business).

I’m sure their next episode will show the futility of seatbelts, as they buckle you in, and then push your car off the top of the Sears Tower.  Oh wait, I forgot that this was from the same award winning program that showed the hard hitting facts that Ford trucks will explode if you attach flaming rockets to them. Never mind. I take it back. I’ve been very careful to never strap flaming explosives onto my Explorer ever since.

Back to this “test”, that is why I always sat in the back of the class in college… Well, in reality, I sat in the back for two reasons. Since I carried a full size .45 inside the waistband, if I was on the back row, I could slouch and not worry about anybody behind me seeing it if it popped out from under my shirt, and second, I could fall asleep and it wouldn’t be as rude to the professor. Ahh… college. Good times.

I guess that a couple of the students managed to hit the aggressor before being shot themselves. One managed to hit him in the leg before taking a round to the head. This was also was pointed out as a failure, because since you’re going to die anyway, why would you possibly want to inflict a potentially life ending injury on the bad guy in the process. Say for example, how much worse would Virginia Tech have been if somebody in the first room had shot the scumbag in the leg, and he’d tried to go on his rampage while partially immobilized and bleeding to death?  That would have been bad… because… see, well… Shoot! I’m not a reporter. I’m not stupid enough to come up with a good reason. I’d probably just mumble something about “escalating the violence” and then look smugly at the camera.

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9 thoughts on “The media sucks”

  1. Larry, I feel your pain, bro.

    There were many things I hated about the 2008 campaign, most notably the utter absence of a suitable POTUS candidate on either side of the Two Party Fence. The other glaring aspect was how the media — almost all of them, together — got down on their knees in front of Barack H. Obama and… Well, you know.

    It was pathetic. Could the fawning and bias have been any more transparent? Could it have been any more laughable?

    And yes, it’s pretty amusing, after 8 years of hearing how FOX (er, ahem) FAUX news was in bed with Bush, was pure evil, was not even real news, etc. And now we’re watching all the other big networks, and almost all of the paper reporters, line up to get down on their knees in front of Obama and… Well, you know.

    I don’t watch TV news, nor do I listen to radio news, nor do I read the papers anymore. Why? Because I know I will be manipulated and spun. Like a piece of laundry. Rinse, spin, rinse, dry, repeat until mindless and going along with the herd. Moo.

    I was watching ABC the other night and they had this two hour “special” on called “Earth 2100.” It was basically one giant, long, painful preach/propaganda piece by — and on blatant behalf of — environmentalists, enviro-zealots, people-haters, industry-haters, and everyone else they could find who was willing — no, eager — to tell us we’re all gonna die, the world is ending, it’s the End Times… AAAAAAAAHHHHH… unless we become a diminutive socialist green economy and play nice with the rest of the United Nations.

    Hmmm, I wonder where ABC’s political mind is at?

    (rolls eyes)

  2. I agree and sympathize.

    I have given up on news. I read some to know what ‘The enemy” is doing. I don’t get fox, but I don’t trust them either, as they radically skew to the other side.

    I just started skimming both, drawing a line down the middle, and then figure out roughly what is in between 😉

    Anymore, all I do is watch stuff, and email my congressmen (Although I doubt if that does any good…).

    Although I will comment that for as many people “Whole-heartedly support” Obama, and the News supporting him…a LOT of people are beginning to distrust him. Give him another year or two…I’m saying he loses in 2012.

  3. So was the student someone they pulled out of concealed carry class, or just a college student? Their technical advisor was probably from the Brady Campaign. Their view of college students is that a student concerned enough about their safety to get a gun and a permit actually is more concerned with doing drugs and drinking. I think the brady people have no faith in humanity. If you ask them, any person anywhere is just a ticking time bomb waiting to snap and inflict violence. Except for cops, because it’s not part of their profession to apply violence to anyone, ever. Right?
    The other thing that bugs me is that cops and soldiers are the only ones who should have guns because they are the only ones that have training. As if training isn’t something that a person acquires, but an inborn characteristic like blue eyes and blonde hair.
    You or James should call up ABC and offer to do a more realistic set up. Have the police instructor be the color commentator, pick any guy from a concealed carry class to be a student in the test classroom, pick another random guy to be the bad guy. Fill the whole classroom with people, let the ccw guy sit wherever he wants. Tell the shooters that they can stop shooting only if hit in the head, in fact, anyone in that classroom can only stop doing anything if they are shot in the head. Then the action plan is that the exercise only stops when the bad guy is subdued. Then turn on the cameras and say go. Afterwards, the gunshot wounds can be evaluated to see how it would have played out with real bullets. That might be more accurate. It would be really chaotic, too. Very interesting to watch.

  4. There could even be multiple scenarios where the ccw people have different levels of training, and either gender. You should call someone and see if it can be made to happen.

  5. Dave, you make absolute sense. The problem is the Media is not interested in fairness or the truth.
    I stopped watching and reading news. I canceled by subscription to the Miami Herald and other than watching the first 5 minutes of my local news to see if there is something of local importance, I quit watching the Obamafest Marathon.

  6. Maybe the solution is to make the video, edit it down so news shows can use it, then approach a news outlet and say, hey look at this. Maybe I’ll pitch the idea to USCCA or FAS or Front Sight.

  7. What is up with the media working so close with politics and law enforcement anyway? I don’t watch TV anymore. I don’t listen to the radio anymore. Even movies suck anymore. What is the link between the media and health care? They are finding a lot more material for their stupid commercials by reading up on everyones private medical records!

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