For the record, I've not been in the gun business since 2008

I still see some people get confused about this, and I still get requests for quotes, and availability questions all the time. Just so you all know, I got out of the gun business in 2008. I got out of managment of FBMG back in October 2008, stuck around until Christmas, and then sold my share. I’m not associated with FBMG and haven’t really done much with them since I left.  I have no idea what has gone on in the gun industry for the last six months any more than any other average dude on the internet. So when you ask me what is going on at my old shop, I honestly can’t tell you.

I understand that their building had some structural damage in a storm last week and the roof was damaged. I wish them the best of luck and hope they get that worked out.

A class act
Tell me this don't look amazing - THE HURT LOCKER

3 thoughts on “For the record, I've not been in the gun business since 2008”

  1. So how much for an STI Spartan…?

    I feel your pain. I used to work at a BMW dealership over two years ago. I still have “acquaintances” coming up to me asking them if I can get them a deal on a new car…

  2. But the book business is richer because of it.

    And speaking of books, the first 23 (3/4) chapters of MHI are now available via Baen Webscriptions. 🙂

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