I've got more MHI patches

 I had a batch made up so that the Baen sales reps could give them out ot bookstore buyers. I’ve got about 100 left.

If you want any, they are $3 each, and that covers shipping.  You can paypal me at slg2qcorreia AT yahoo.com (that is a L in there, not an I in the slg part). If you don’t have paypal, post here and I’ll e-mail you a mailing address.

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43 thoughts on “I've got more MHI patches”

  1. Speaking of the Baen release, the webscriptions August 2009 release is “half-released.”

    Yup, half of MHI is now available for download after you pay the $15 for the full August webscription, along with five other books (also halfs) in the sub.

  2. hey , I want a full set of all the teams :fire-breathing warthogs, assassins, Samurai Jack, etc.

  3. Can you ship to Japan?

    I’m in the middle of chapter 5 now… curse you… it’s an hour after my bedtime here!!

  4. Andy, sure no problem. You would know better than me what the shipping is like, so stick some extra on there for postage.

  5. I’ve got one from the first go ’round, but if you ever do some in desert camo colors, I’m all over that. Though, I suppose that should be Team Haven’s patch. 😀

  6. Please send an address to d_thoran@yahoo.com and I will get you the funds for 1 possibly 2 patches in the mail straight away. Thanks. Also If you have any paper versions of the book left in stock, I would love to buy one too. Seven chapters are not enough!

  7. I would like to buy a patch from you please Is there a probpleam to sending to the UK I will send more funds thanks

    1. No problem. You know better than I would what the postage difference is, so just tack that on there.

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