76 Days

Posting the Amazon link to the Amazing 3 Wolf Shirt (you don’t wear it on your body, you wear it on your soul) reminded me of something else on Amazon.

My novel will be shipping in 76 days.


We’re getting closer. I’m kind of giddy.  When I first signed with Baen and discontinued the self published version of MHI, it seemed like it would be forever until books were available again. But we’re almost there!

A little sample from the Grimnoir Chronicles
A product that could possibly be more awesome than even the Belt Sword...

6 thoughts on “76 Days”

  1. “it seemed like it would be forever until books were available again”

    Larry, it HAS been forever 😉

    Can’t wait to receive my copies (I already have a list of those I’m handing my extras out to)! Keep up the good work.

  2. Wow; cool. I’d be delighted if you’d sell me about three. Should I send a M.O. to the address from which we used to order shirts and hats?

    Thanks, Larry!

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