3 thoughts on “People have been asking about Webscriptions for MHI”

  1. Thanks for the publishing as an ebook. I would suggest you try to go for an eARC or electronic advanced reader copy. I fork over a lot of money to read John Ringo’s books early. I would pay more to read your book now. It also makes sense since you have previously published this book.


  2. That is quite possibly the best news that I’ve heard all week.

    Now all you need to do to round out you steely grasp on the media industry are an audio book, a derivative movie not directed by Uwe Boll and of course, a first person shooter.

  3. Toni has recently indicated that MHI won’t get an eARC since it has been published previously.

    Prior to this, when MHI was initially announced by Baen, she was open to the idea of an eARC, but I guess circumstances changed.

    So unfortunately we gotta wait. I think this is all out of Larry’s hands, anyway. Baen owns the book now, and they know best how to market them.

    I’ll just go with the regular webscriptions, and I’ve also got the book preordered at Amazon, so I’m doing my part. 🙂

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