Eric Holder says we're cowards

Eric Holder is an idiot.


See, our new Attorney General believes that Americans are “cowards” when it comes to racial issues.


His statement is kind of ironic, because the real problems that remain in American society about race are the result of the institutional freak out from people like Eric Holder and his boss, Barack Obama, and their simpering toadies inhabiting Manhattan news offices.


So it isn’t enough to not be racist. Holder says that we’re not ‘not racist’ enough. That’s just stupid.


Most of America doesn’t care about race. Over time race matters less and less to the average American. Nobody is just one race anymore, and every generation it matters less and less. For example, I don’t even know what exactly I am. The only time that it ever matters is when I have to fill out a government mandated form that puts me into some specific box.   

I was reading about a guy today who father was Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese, and his mother was Irish and Japanese. Good luck checking a box there, dude. But you better, because the liberals still care. Nobody else does.


The only time I ever hear about racial concerns is when it is coming from some jackass who makes his living pimping poverty, or a political douche-bag who has something to gain by milking his race, or somebody who happens to be a minority, but is also a lazy sack of crap who needs somebody to blame for their own failures, and who better to blame than some nebulous conspiracy of Whitey.


Okay, if we’re cowards about race, it is only because every single time somebody criticizes a black liberal, the person doing the criticizing is automatically branded as a racist.  We’ve seen it again and again. If you didn’t want Barack Obama to be president, the media said it was because you were racist. I don’t know how many times I saw some little snide news tidbit about how the red states were mostly that way because of our backward racist ways. If you think Eric Holder was too stupid to be Attorney General, it is because you’re a member of the KKK. Note, that this doesn’t count if you have a problem with Clarence Thomas or Condi Rice, because it is totally cool to hate a right winger, no matter what color they happen to be.


Some liberal jackass hinted at my wife being racist during the election, because she absolutely despised Obama. That’s particularly ironic, since for a 5’11” Viking goddess, she grew up in a place where white people were a tiny minority, her best friends were Pakistanis and Indians, and her first boyfriend was Vietnamese. (and a foot shorter than her, so that was just never going to work).


Liberals, like Holder, love to play the race card. It is just another tool in their tool box.


The other concern about discussing race is that anytime you point out anything that doesn’t fit into the liberal worldview, out comes the branding iron. How dare you point out obvious flaws, you bigot. If you think that we should secure our borders, it must be because you hate Mexicans, and NOT because 20,000,000 illegal aliens, terrorists, hundreds of tons of drugs, and a brutal cartel that cuts people’s heads off Al Queda style all coming over the border and you think that just might be a teensy problem.


For example, if I talk about how when I lived in inner-city Birmingham, and it was an utter and complete cesspool of crime, poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, teenage pregnancy, and other problems, that’s cool, but then I say that the area was 99% black and seeped in a culture of welfare and institutionalized laziness, then I’m a racist.


You want us to not be cowards, Holder? Then how about I say that inner-city black culture is broken. It has been destroyed by generations being stupefied and milked by scumbags that share your flawed philosophy of entitlements and rewarding failure. You’ve replaced fathers with a welfare check and propped up bad behavior for so long that people like 50 Cent are looked at as role models.


But I can’t talk about that, because it doesn’t agree with the PC worldview, so then I get slandered for it. Hell, look what happened to Bill Cosby.


Bill Cosby was a pioneer of black rights. He was a man who worked his ass off, and went far. He’s an example to everybody what you can accomplish with talent and a work ethic regardless of who you are. He brought the best of black culture to white America. My little kids watch Little Bill on Nicktoons, and they don’t see a black family, they see just another little kid, like them. A little known factoid is that he bankrolled Sweet Sweetback’s Badass Song and if that ain’t street cred, then I don’t know what is, but somehow when he goes against the Reverend Wrights and the Jesse Jacksons, then even Bill Cosby is an Uncle Tom. The Huxtables are made fun of now because one was a doctor, the other was a lawyer, and their friends were all jazz musicians, historians, and professors. They should have all been crack dealers, because then that would have been keeping it real.


It isn’t about race. It is about ideology. You don’t need to be brave to make fun of Asians, fat people, smokers, Republicans, rich people, Christians, hillbillys, rednecks, Mormons, home-schoolers, gun owners, the military, Fox News, or NRA members. You only need courage if you openly talk about issues relating to any group that votes in a block for Democrats.


Screw you, Holder. You’re the coward.


You and your ilk are the cowards. If you ideology could stand on its own, then you wouldn’t need to play the race card. You wouldn’t need to bait and switch. You wouldn’t need to slam people for BS reasons. If you weren’t so afraid, you could let people fail and learn from their mistakes, rather than bailing them out. You’re the cowards for being so afraid of losing power that you’ve kept an entire group of people down just so you could count on their continued votes.


If we’re supposed to be above race, in the post-Obama era, why don’t we have the right to talk about your problems? Why can’t white people talk about problems in black America? You’ve got three or four generations that have grown up with out fathers, and the taxpayers foot the bill, but white people can’t talk about that, because we don’t get it.


Eric Holder can go to hell.   

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15 thoughts on “Eric Holder says we're cowards”

  1. I’m not saying I like the guy or even trying to stand up for him, but in a way, I actually do agree with him about americans being cowards. Not for the reason you think necessarily.

    I think american’s can be cowards because anytime race could even be remotely an issue, people seem to over compensate to prove they aren’t racist. Actually, they’re proving they are racist by looking at race before qualifications. So, they are afraid/cowards to stand up for what they believe in just because someone is a different race.

    If this is what Holder actually meant, even though he is still the enemy, I think it does earn him a little bit of respect. Although it shouldn’t need to be said, it being said that we can talk about race by someone with a public face is something that really did need to be said. If people take it the way I did, maybe its a step forward in being able to remove race.

    The sad thing is, if we did any sort of testing, I think we’d find out that today non-white are more racist than whites are… Look at the election. Just because a black was running for president, blacks that never voted for 60 years decided to cast a vote. And did they vote based on qualifications, opinions, or any other information? Not likely considering blacks almost unanimously voted for Obama. At least the white votes seemed to be based on more than race alone.

  2. Black racism is an industry. All industries strive to grow or else eventually they fall by the wayside. Holder’s just the latest addition to a racist administration.
    I was born in the South during the real era of segregation. I know what real racism was/is. Holder, Jackson, Sharpton and the rest of the enabling poverty pimps will proper only as long as their followers allow them to. I no longer care anbout either them or their followers.

  3. Another letter to my elected officials to remove Holder from his position as Attorney General. We do not need racists – including BHo!!!!

    Freedom of speech is one thing, as an elected/appointed official, it cannot be tolerated & should not be!

    Ged rid of all this administration due to incompetence & the destruction of the American way of life.

  4. I’d agree with Manlaan’s assessment. I watched the speech, and to his credit the theme of his message seemed to me at least to be that there needs to be more honest dialogue about race. Less being easily offended or defending gangsters as a part of “culture” and more actually discussing why young black men are killing each other. It seemed like what he meant by cowardice was exactly what you discussed–the unwillingness to discuss issues affecting black Americans out of fear of being called an ignorant white person (or if you’re black an Uncle Tom). In that respect I agree with him.

    I could have misinterpreted his meaning, I suppose, but the speech as a whole sounded far more intelligent than the out of context sound bites.

  5. Nick and Manlaan are correct that there was more to the speech than the “cowards” statement. Unfortunately, the rest of the statements are arguably just as fatuous and insulting. The gist of his speech was that Americans have not integrated their leisure time enough to suit him and other members of “the anointed”. Given that this clown is the head of the DOJ, which is tasked with enforcing all civil righgs laws, I look for there to be some kind of initiative to mandate that social organizations start adopting quotas or face threats of lawsuits, audits, etc.

    Also, for anyone to call Americans a nation of cowards about race is about the most fatuous thing that can be said. Did he miss the history classes about the MILLIONS of Americans who died to end slavery, the thousands who fought to end the holocaust and the fact that our nation has a FAR better history of race relations than any other?

  6. “I watched the speech, and to his credit the theme of his message seemed to me at least to be that there needs to be more honest dialogue about race.”
    Bullsh*t. What we need to do is get OVER all this race crap. I’ve never cared about your “organic suntan”, only your ability to do your job. Ever. Period. I detest Sh*t- Slop and cRap music because of the message. I love blues, soul, Motown, Jazz. I detest affectation of “urbanity”. That garbage was over 140 years ago, equal right were mandated 40+ years ago, affirmative action lowered expectations 30+ years ago, IMHO do your job or you’re fired. Do it better, you’ve got a job.

  7. Word, yo.

    I agree that we don’t need “more dialogue” about racism. We are losing the idea of a “melting pot” and instead becoming some crazy ceasar salad.

    It seems a lot of black culture seems wrapped around the idea of resisting this “assimilation” into “white” culture. But if instead of assimilation we use “meld”, then maybe we’re onto something.

    If you insist with almost a militant dedication to maintaining your “racial identity,” then you will never experience full integration into a society. You gots to give some to gets some.

    It’s way past time to stop identifying people by their race. Of course, the means that people need to stop playing the victim based on race as well.

    Perhaps I don’t hate you because you’re black, but because your a friggin’ ass. And maybe it doesn’t make me a racist that I’m unwilling to overlook your failings (or give undo credit to your successes) because of your skin color. Or mine.

  8. Spot on!

    The only reason Holder’s in the position he’s in is because his boss was elected with the help of Democrat operatives in the press and in government who spent the entire campaign hurling accusations of racism at his opponents, based on imaginary “secret Republican code words” for “black”.

    They said “terrorist”. RACIST!

    He said “socialism”. RACIST!

    She said “community organizer”. RACIST!

  9. Obama was elected in the largest part by liberal guilt. The white liberal guilt suffered by so many as a result of being unable to deal with the success of this nation. It’s the same guilt we are made to feel everytime we see a starving child on the tube. The liberal guilt that vast numbers of whites have been taught that they ought to suffer because of slavery. It has been systematically drummed into our experience for generations. Eric Holder is just another drummer. The talk of reparations will soon enough enter into the public conversation. The other large part is simply the pay-back mentality of the entitlement class. Obama’s own words have brought this to the fore. “We won”

  10. white people,you must obey the libirals,you must submit to minority ruleing,you must recant you’r ancesstry,you must be controled in you’r thinking,you must be taken advantage of by must hate you’r harritage for being born white and is you’r duty as a white man to for go any hope for a better life in this country ever again!

  11. Good article and good comments as well.
    Noteworthy, when some one calls you a coward they are challenging you to a fight or contest, usauly.
    It’s a trap! Talk about a black liberal and boom your a racist. This administration, it seems, can’t whip out that “card” fast enough. Just look what led up to the “beer summit”. All is good now, right?
    On the topic of race, why is some one else’s problem all the sudden becomes mine? I never understood that.

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