Panelist at more Sci-Fi Cons

I will be on a creative writing panel at on Saturday, Feb 21 at 4:00.  I get to meet Tracy Hickman! How cool is that? I was reading Tracy Hickman when I was a teenager.

I will be on some panels at Conduit on the weekend of May 22nd. But I don’t know which ones yet. Eric Flint will be there. I’m going to have to get him to autograph my copy of 1632. We should hang out or something. He’s a Baen author, I’m a Baen author, except I’ve published one novel and he’s published like 50 best-sellers. Okay, maybe he’ll let me buy him lunch or something.

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6 thoughts on “Panelist at more Sci-Fi Cons”

  1. I’ve met Eric Flint and several others in the 1632 support group. I host the 1632 Search Engine ( used to track ideas/events that are “canon” in that universe.

    Eric is a communist and has no qualms people knowing it. That said, he much more republican and gun-friendly in his books than during his earlier life.

  2. Hopefully I will see you at Conduit then, I am going to try and do medical and security for them this year since MountainCon is probably not going to happen

  3. I will be at the Y for the Feb. 21 lectures/panels for sure! Between Hickman, Sanderson and you, how could I stay away!

    I would love to get a word in with Sanderson, as the Wheel of Time is my favorite series EVER (MHI isn’t a series until #2 comes out!).

  4. I promise this is my last post!

    I will think up a great question for your World Building panel that will make everyone rush out and pre-order MHI!

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