Baen edition of Monster Hunter International, now available for preorder on Amazon

The Baen version of MHI is now available for preorder on Amazon. The book will not be available until Summer of 2009, but now is your chance to get in line.

I’m really hoping to get the stats up for MHI:1. The better MHI:1 sells, the more likely I am to get a contract for MHI:2. The more copies I can presell, the better my stats will look.  So if you’re an Monster Hunter fan, and you’ve been planning on getting another copy, why wait until July? You might as well order it now, that way publishers will be all like “Wow, that Larry Correia gets on best seller lists before the book is even released! I need to buy all his books! He’s the bestest author ever!” Or something like that.

So start ordering!

Tell your friends. Spread the word. Tired of people bugging you for your $200 original copy of MHI? Tell them to get their own! If you’ve got a blog, please let people know. Owen Zastava Pitt needs your help. All of those monsters aren’t going to kill themselves. Every day that you don’t order a copy of the Baen version of MHI, transdimensional sky-squids will eat a sack of puppies… and that just ain’t cool.

MHI on Amazon
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13 thoughts on “Baen edition of Monster Hunter International, now available for preorder on Amazon”

  1. Just pre-ordered 4 copies! I was only going to get one, but at that price, $7.99 and free shipping over $25 I figured, “Why not?!?!” I’ll just give them out as gifts… heaven knows I’ve told enough people about the book already, now to let them know about the pre-order!!!

    Thanks for the great read Larry! Can’t wait for this summer!

  2. Glad to see that this it up. I will certainly order a copy or two. Did they have to go with that horribly garish title font and color though?

  3. Is there any other place to pre-order it from? Amazon .com is a non-starter for my computer. I figured I’d pick up a few and send them to friends overseas. No way are they getting their little grubbies on my original, heh.

  4. Wow, it just looks so weird to see a BAEN book that isn’t co -written by Flint, Ringo or Weber 😉 Good for you, man.

    I’ll get a copy – I still have my first edition you sent, as well as the patches, but I figure I’ll keep the original copy in good shape so I can cash in big time when you’re rich and famous.


  5. Done. I blogged about the MHI presale.

    I would have Amazon transfer over your excellent Amazon reviews. They should be able to do this.

    Right on, Larry! s. Congrats. Baen. Man, if I were you, I would be walking around my house going “Baen!” and giggling.


  6. My brother!! I placed my order for a Baen version to go along with my two copies of the original.

    Haven’t spoken in a while, and glad to see you doing well.

    Take care buddy.


  7. I just pre-orderd one, saw your book on Lawdog’s great blog. Thought it looked like a good read.

    Are you going to be selling those patches again?


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