Question: Should we bail out the auto industry?

This question was raised on  So I put some thought into it.

Bail out the auto industry?

Let me put it this way. When you have a company that is contractually obligated to pay $75 an hour to the guy who SWEEPS THE FLOOR… you deserve to FAIL.

Let me rephrase.

FAIL! Damn it! Go to hell, go to hell and die!

I’m sick and tired of this crap.

The argument for strategic industry is one thing, but it is fundamentally flawed. The days of Detroit flipping over and turning out Sherman tanks are gone. If the auto industry tried to tool up for wartime production our new tank would be the M2 NADER, which blows for combat but gets 32 miles on the highway, and three Iranians and an angry goat driving a ’75 Toyota pickup truck (that’s still running) could burn a fleet of them.

Screw it. The unions raped the auto industry. It is time for a reboot.

In a true capitalistic society, these companies would croak, then somebody else would come along, learn from their mistakes, and buy their assets. Then you would have a new and improved industry. That method has only worked since the invention of freedom and money, but hey, let’s try this new way, ’cause this Marx guy seems pretty cool!

Bailing out banks is stupid. Bailing out AIG is stupid. Bailing out Detroit is stupid. I’m sick of stupid. George Bush, you suck more every day. Nancy Pelosi, it is impossible for you to suck anymore, as you are the baseline of all suck.

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21 thoughts on “Question: Should we bail out the auto industry?”

  1. You just don’t understand business. They’re TOO BIG to fail. If they fail, we all die. Slowly. Is that what you want?

    Plus, it’s just this once. It’s not like, if we bail them out this time, they won’t turn it all around and become profitable. Once you bail these big corporations out once, they basically learn their lessons and then you never have to do it again; that’s what’s so great about bailouts.

  2. I’m going to have to agree with Larry on this. What is all this bail out stuff all the sudden? If a company is going to fail, no matter the size of it, it should be left to fail.

    Postponing an economic collapse by printing off more money to give to these failing companies is by no means going to make things better in the long run.

  3. But…but…but…those dedicated United Auto Worker employees NEED their ridiculously inflated salaries to survive! BIGOT. RACIST! HAT3R! Um…SCALIWAG!

    Pfft. Unions can go to hell. See how great those pensions are when your job goes to MEXICO. I have a job where occasionally I have drugged-up tweakers try to run me the fuck over, and when I started I was making like eleven bucks an hour.

    Money was tight. I had to work overtime. I had to budget. Life’s a bitch.

    Interestingly, I find that if I work too much overtime, my tax rate shoots up so that I don’t actually make the money I work for. When you couple that with the fact that I’ve never once received a tax return payment from the IRS…well, it’s simply not profitable to work too hard.

    How’s that for the American Dream, Larry? Don’t work too hard ’cause it’ll all go to the IRS anyway!

  4. As a native Metro Detroiter, I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments. I recall reading about a woman who makes a 100,000 grand, and she’s a janitor (more power to her, if someones going to be dumb enough to pay her that much for sweeping the floors, i’d keep the job to). The auto unions have basically destroyed Michigan’s economy (of course a lot of companies are hopelessly entwined with it around here, kind of a dumb move on their part) so why do they deserve to be bailed out? So much for a free market I guess…

  5. More unions choking the life out of industry. Seen this back in the motherland, seeing it here.

    Fuck em all, if you get paid 4 or 5 times what you’re productivity is worth, expect your employer to go tits up.

  6. I’m no fan of unions, but it takes two to tango.

    The management types agreed to this sort of crap because all they are judged on is the next quarter’s cash flow.

    Time to hit the reset button.

  7. The UAW’s insistence on forcing the Big 3 to pay a 10th grade drop-out $30 an hour to do a job that you could train chimpanzees to do has killed the American auto industry. I grew up in Detroit during the reign of King Coleman the Corrupt. Between the UAW and their extortion of the auto industry, and Coleman Young looting the city treasury of every dollar he could get, Detroit has become a third world city. Plus, Michigan has a Single Business Tax that prevents any new industry from looking in their direction to set up shop.

    In the 80’s (I think) the UAW sued, and won, to force new industries to hire UAW workers first. Now, they are reaping the harvest sown by their antecedents. With a little luck, the UAW will find itself on the ash heap of history .

  8. Japan has 9 auto companies and all of them are making nice profit. On the other hand USA has 3 and all of them are losing money. So there is something seriously wrong with the US auto industry.

    I personally would like all three of them to die so they could be broken up. Hopefully, these new smaller companies would fair better then the big three.

    The big three can’t complete so let them die.

  9. Amen. I apologize for inviting myself into your blog, but I was captivated by the disdain for the unions. I absolutely feel the same way you do. I f-ing hate unions. I always have, I always will. Just look at the state of NJ. The prop taxes are out of control. The state employs a bloated sector of workers who can’t be fired and still get raises and COL increases despite an economy in the shitter while I stuggle with my prop taxes to pay for their raises. Hate the f-ing unions. They will kill America, if they haven’t already.

    BTW, give me a Subaru or a Toyota any day. Screw you if you think I’m not American. I bought a Pontiac in 2003 and the engine ceased at 68,000 miles (yes, I did all the maintenance ripoffs, 30K and 60K and oil changes every 3K). After a runaround with GM, they only offered me $1000 off a new car. F you! Why on earth would I buy a new American car? I went right back to my Subaru with 325,000 miles on it….and I still drive it today.

  10. This just in (well, six hours ago, anyway):

    Rep. Barney Frank (Communist; New England) was on NPR’s Morning Edition today. His rationale for pushing the 25, or 50, or it might be $75 Billion auto makers’ bailout was as follows:

    “This is a wealthy country.”

    Not if you keep getting your way, you bastard.

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