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Watching the economy take a beating and the government’s resulting bumbling has been interesting. (and painful, but I quit looking at my 401K awhile ago). Every time the government proposes something, the market takes another dive.  My gut feeling on this is because most of us that are in business for ourselves instinctively distrust the government.  We’ve seen first hand that they manage to screw everything they touch.


So every time they propose another idiotic socialist move, business people panic, so then the government proposes something even stupider, like rewarding the crooked morons that got us into this mess, so we panic more, causing them to do something stupendously idiotic, like destroying the free market to give more power to the bureaucrats that instigated the problem, so we freak out more, so the government buys all the bad mortgages, because heaven forbid illegal aliens get evicted, so we sell all our stock and buy canned food, causing them to appoint Hugo Chavez as Secretary of the Treasury, so we start digging bomb shelters in the back yard, on and on and on and on.  By next weekend, the Dow will be at 32 points and my local credit union will only give out loans in the form of bottle caps and pocket lint.


The President comes on TV and as soon as he starts to talk about how the latest Marxist idea hasn’t quite panned out because we just haven’t been quite Marxy enough, I find myself just yelling “Shut up, George! Just shut the hell up!”  Then he says don’t panic, but if you don’t let us end capitalism, then the entire world will utterly implode and the next thing you know you’ll be hanging from bungee cords having a chainsaw duel against  a retarded guy with a bucket on his head in the Thunderdome, but don’t panic.


The government can’t help. All they can do is screw stuff up. Think about it. The Bail Out was stupid. It was so stupid that something like 90% of Americans thought it was a bad idea. You can’t get 90% of Americans to agree that colon cancer is a bad thing, so that’s pretty remarkable. So congress shoots down the Bail Out, until they pork it up with all sorts of flat-out bribery, so that it costs even more, and is even more absurd, then they pass it.  Thank goodness that we no longer have that oppressive excise tax on wooden arrows though!


I’m getting sick and tired of listening to this idiocy. Yes, it sucks. We’ve been stupid. We’ve been fiscally irresponsible. Our leadership has been nonexistent, Republican and Democrat. It is time for a correction. That’s just a matter of math.  Home ownership is not a right, home ownership is a purchase. Executives that were too stuck up to listen to their accountants suck and idiots who make $30,000 a year shouldn’t purchase $500,000 homes.


I purchased my home 6 years ago. When I applied for my loan I was approved for an absurd amount of money. I was like “You can’t be serious” and they were like “Hey, no problem!”  See, the difference is that I was smart enough to take responsibility for my actions and I can do math. I purchased a house worth approximately half of what I was approved for. Worst case scenario, I can dig ditches or flip burgers and probably still survive, which I might have to resort to anyway once President Reverend Obama destroys the gun industry.


A giant percentage of our bad mortgages were to illegal aliens. We were giving loans to people without even seeing any form of ID. We were giving loans based on “stated” income… “Yeah, I totally make $250,000 a year”. Banks were being accused of racism by Barack Obama’s “community activists” if they did crazy things like ask to see a W2.  Yet somehow, I’m supposed to feel sorry for people when John McCain says during the debate that we’re going to take over these bad mortgages so that nobody loses their house.  Sorry, John, some people deserve to lose their house. Then they can go get an apartment, save some money for a down payment, and buy a house that they can actually afford.


On that debate, holy crap… I listened on my commute home. Every time John McCain spoke I would find myself giving a very dejected sigh, as if to say, “Yep, this was the best we could come up with.” Every time Barack Obama spoke I found myself screaming the F word and punching the steering wheel. Once I got home, rather than watch the rest of the debate on TV and give myself an aneurism, I just played Call of Duty 4 on Xbox live and killed 14 year olds. It was far more productive.


And the other thing that keeps galling me, I’m getting sick and tired about how the media keeps talking about how we’re in another Great Depression. Anybody who knows jack squat about history knows that this isn’t even close to that. This might be coming up on the late 1970s, but we’ve still got a way to go to get to that. When was the last time somebody starved to death in America and it wasn’t caused by mental illness or being held captive by Crazy Hill People? (No offense intended to Crazy Hill People, shout out to my Red State Brothers)


No, stupid media, people actually STARVED during the Great Depression. If you knew 100 people, about seventy five of them might have a job, and most of those weren’t very good. Shut the hell up and read a book.


On a personal note, I’m sure that Plowshare Forge is reading this post, because he’s somehow fixated on me. (see prior post about how Somebody On The Internets Doesn’t Like Me). He wrote some big rambling post the other day about how I’m now his despised “NeoCon” of choice. I followed the link back to some incoherent tirade on his blog in the morning, but by the afternoon, he had taken it down. I guess after getting his ass handed to him by Mad Ogre for the last few years, he’s decided to move down a weight class to make fun of me instead.


I wish he would have left it up, because it was just disjointed and rambling enough that I could have given it a good fisking. Apparently since I’m 33 I’m too young to have an opinion and I’m just a “kid”. Since I’ve only been married once (for 10 years) that somehow means I’m wrong, too. Also, since I’m a co-owner of an LLC, that doesn’t count as owning my own business. (Okay, I’m going to have to take that one up with the IRS, because they sure think that it does).


His primary post was apparently linked back to my post about how Barack’s “Mandatory Volunteer” programs were bad, which I wrote several months ago. In that post that I mentioned that I’ve volunteered way more than Barack ever has. I said that I taught shooting for free, but Plowshare apparently thinks that isn’t really good enough.  He questioned what good was that for the community? (well, when one of my students shoots a rapist in the face, I call that “community activism” but Plow’s personal values may not coincide with mine)


Well, let me put this into perspective for you, Plow. I get paid really good to teach people to shoot. I’ve made $200 an hour before, which is like union plumber money. So when I waive the fee to teach a member of the Armed Forces, that’s less money that I’m making while still doing work. When I do hundreds of them, I’m still not making money. To put this into perspective, and to address your point using simple words that you can understand, I’ve given up something like $20,000 in free services this year. That’s money… and about 1000 times more than what Joe Biden has donated to charity.  On the 14th of this month, I’m teaching an entire platoon from one of our local NG battalions for free. (in normal person talk, that’s a lot of people)


He didn’t like my religious service much either, because he happens to disagree with me. But guess what, Plow, this is still America, where we are allowed to VOLUNTEER to do what we want to do. Hence, the word, VOLUNTEER. Wrap your little socialist brain around that. If you tell somebody what to do, and then penalize them when they don’t do it, that’s not volunteering anymore.


Now, I know giving up my time for something that I’m really good at doesn’t suit you, but I am really good at what I do. I’m an excellent firearms instructor, so I volunteer that which is of the most value to me. Now the Barack mandatory method would require me to needle-point sweaters for crack-whores at the ACORN rally while registering a bum to vote 72 times because some bureaucrat somewhere thought that was a swell idea.


Damn, I really wish Plow would have left that post up, because I don’t think you guys even realize how dumb it was. I read it when I first got to work and I was just itching to take it apart. Slow people trying to insult me gets my creative juices flowing. Alas, work got in the way, and by the time I got back to the interwebs, it was gone.  Oh well, hopefully this post will get him all riled up. Unless maybe he’s decided to move down another weight class and he’s looking to find some member of the Young Republican’s club to pick a fight with on Facebook.

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15 thoughts on “Some random political thoughts”

  1. See, there you go again, Mr. Negative. I’m thinking positive! I’m going to use my welfare check to buy ammunition. Why not? Drug addicts get welfare. Why can’t state subsidies fund MY expensive habit too?

  2. Speaking of which, did you stop accepting comments on that post or something? I’ve tried to post to it twice now. Dan Brock says I “de-linked” him for ranting about Libertarians, and I wanted to post a link to the post where I added him to my blogroll–which discusses the rant he’s talking about, because it was part of the reason I ADDED him to my blogroll.

    But my posts are not appearing for some reason.

  3. I am strongly reminded of the Simpson’s episode where the election is between Kang and Kodos, and even though they both suck, they declare that voting third party is throwing your vote away.

    Barack Obama and John McCain: Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others.


    I love my country, but the people we get to run it, I swear…

  4. Don, comments should still be active. I haven’t done anything to mess with that. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever disabled comments on anything ever. Let me go look.

  5. Copy and paste works well for preserving those kinds of glowing reports. It also keeps “sumdood” from saying they never were there or you must have remembered wrong or the big bad internet monster ate them.
    As for the politicians, I won’t comment, I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the bailout and can’t seem to get rid of it 😐

  6. God help whoever tries to do an anti-RKBA group or rant on Facebook. We’re organized on there.

    Politically, yeah, probably a Young Republican might get in a fight they couldn’t win, but RKBA has an entrenched proponent network of debaters. You should join up- Keep Your Laws Off My Guns is a great group.

  7. Making water against the wind, Larry. Most those folks apparently get their talking points with their daily ration of DNC/Big Brother gruel.

  8. Larry: Out of curiosity, do you have any links regarding illegal immigrants being the main source of crappy mortgages? I’m sure there’s a few, but it seems like the main sob stories I’ve been hearing have been regular Americans who thought it was just awesome that they could get a $500,000 house on a $25,000 salary. For once we’re mostly in agreement though; I make about $1000-1200 a month and while I’m not living in luxury I have enough to support myself and go out and have fun sometimes, because I’m smart enough to live within my means. It’s not my fault that some people aren’t.

    Vaarok: Yeah, I’m part of that one and the Gun Control Counter-Offensive. It’s always fun to watch anti-gun groups either shut down completely or have all the members stop talking when some knowledge dropped on them for once.

  9. While there were some illegal immigrants, I thought it was mostly people that made decent money stupidly taking loans for houses that were out of their price range, or taking interest only or adjustable mortgages.

  10. Actually, Larry, I think he would hit my level first, THEN facebook… 😉

    And he’s more than welcome to try and use similar arguments against me. I think it would be funny to have someone say my work in BACA doesn’t count as “volunteering”…

  11. > So congress shoots down the Bail Out, until they pork it up
    > with all sorts of flat-out bribery, so that it costs even more,
    > and is even more absurd, then they pass it.

    It is a felony to bribe a legislator – unless you are another legislator.

  12. It was about six years ago I bought my place. They asked all kinds of questions- income, bank balance, etc.- and STILL pre-approved me for a loan of about 20k more than I considered comfortable. When I first saw the number I almost slipped and asked “Are you effing KIDDING me?!?”

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