Somebody on the internets doesn't like me…

I’m scratching my head over this one.


I found this link to my blog and followed it back.


Apparently this guy doesn’t like me much.  I’m not really sure why, as apparently it has something to do with the fact that I despise the leadership of the Democratic party, but it isn’t really clear. He quotes a big bit from Mad Ogre, and then talks about how I’m his “protégé”.


Okay, whatever, but I’m not sure what the exact subject is supposed to be. For somebody who is apparently so much smarter than me, you would think he would include a reason for my apparent ignorance. 


I’m not exactly sure what galls him about Larry the goateed, Mormon, gun-shop employee” – Another one? Is this some sort of a fucking movement or what?”


I don’t know if it’s being Mormon, having a goatee, or working at a gun store, but something there apparently offends him.  Yep, I’m Mormon, proud of it.  I’ve had a goatee every day for the last fifteen or so years (mostly because I have Homer Simpson face and can grow a goatee in less than 48 hours), and I work at a gun store. (technically, I own the gun store, but whatever).


If he wanted to truly give me a good fisking, he should pick something I said and then poke holes in it. If he thinks I’m some sort of Republican apologist, he apparently hasn’t read this much, since my opinion of John McCain has always hovered somewhere around bat guano, but that still puts him ten million cool points ahead of Barack Obama, but that’s just because I’m racist… against Marxists.


I wouldn’t be too hard on him but for the fact he just grates on me.

 I would welcome him being hard on me, because maybe then I would have an idea what he’s talking about…


His stated purpose in his blog is on one hand quite legitimate. He wants to shill his book. No flies on that. Flogging the goods, that’s what I’m doing here (really).

I managed to take a minor self-published book, spam it across the entire internet, get onto a national best-seller list, and get a publishing contract with a major publisher, while every professional in the business told me I was sure to fail. Flogging. Check.


But his other purpose, to “make fun of stupid people”… God, he’s making it too easy.


If you’ve got the evidence that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden are in fact, not stupid, I would love to see it.  Nancy is probably the single most ineffective congressional leader in the history of the US (and I’m a student of history, so I would like to hear ONE that’s been worse, ‘cause I sure can’t think of them). Harry is a hypocrite of the highest order, who I hold in special loathing because he’s supposedly in my same religion, while being the leader of the party that champions killing 40 MILLION kids a YEAR.  Both of these highly intelligent leaders are on public record saying how the war in Iraq was lost, and then immediately saying that they supported the troops.  Go Team! Too bad you’re gonna LOSE!


Your presidential nominee is a smooth-talking socialist who wants to take money from the productive and give it to every social program you can imagine. His background is as a community agitator. His mentors and friends are criminals, terrorists, and the least crazy one just plain hates white people.  His running mate wrote the assault weapons ban, and this is while he’s now telling us he supports our 2nd Amendment rights to hunt ducks.


This good blogger bashed Mad Ogre because he voted for George Bush.  Dude, I voted for George Bush. Doesn’t mean I like him a whole lot. But I would still take him over Al Gore (destroy the economy for a global crisis that may not actually exist, and if it does, we may or may not have anything to actually do with it) or John Kerry (gee whiz, another east coast elitist prick, who wants to tax us to death and take away our firearms, what a winning combo).


If I grate on you, I’m going to try to turn that up to a friggin’ belt-sander. I’m no Republican shill. I’m a Conservative. That means that I mistrust the government, and am of the firm belief that anything they touch turns to crap. So does George Bush suck? Yeah, a lot, primarily when he acts like a Liberal. But that whole killing terrorists thing falls under providing for the common defense, and he does that way better than the schlubs the other side keeps nominating. 


The sad fact is, if your people were running the show, Iraq would be a smoking hole, and the bad guys would be here.  In reality, we won, we killed piles of them. I’m actually looking at taking a contract admin gig for a couple of months in a place that Harry Reid, less than 6 months ago, was ready to cede to the bad guys. 


We have an energy crisis because the Democrats have stood firmly in the way of using our own resources.  We’re in a financial crisis because most Democrats and a fat share of Republicans who flunked Econ 101 have mandated stupid behavior on the part of financial institutions. (and if you want to call me stupid about that, I spent 6 years as a financial analyst for a Fortune 500 company. I would love to tell you just how useful Sarbanes-Oxley actually is.)


I don’t care for George Bush because of things like what we’re seeing this week.  I’m a capitalist. If a business fails, it deserves to fail, and have its assets bought by somebody smarter. When you prop up stupid behavior for years and years, eventually there will be a correction.  We’re seeing that correction now. If government had stayed out of this to begin with, then we wouldn’t be seeing the massive problem we are now. But when you dam the river, with bigger and bigger dams, when it fails, it is going to be a doozy. With the government not jumping in all the time, we would see a constant punishing of stupidity and rewarding of smarts.  But when the government gets involved, it mandates stupidity, punishes the smart, and then takes their money to give to crack whores.


So if you’ve got a problem with me, Plowshare, please, bring it to the table. I would love to hear how awesome the Democrats are. Personally I think they suck beyond all comprehension, and the Republicans are slightly less offensive.      

Video on the subprime mortgage crisis
Trouble on The High Road

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  1. I wouldn’t take it personally. Oliver hates most people; he just hates Republicans and conservatives a little more. Back when I stopped reading his blog, he was spending most of his time hating George Hill, so maybe you got a little splashed on you.

    He makes some neat knives, though.

  2. He is bitter and angry that I de-linked him.
    His knives are neat, I’ll give him credit for that… and I used to like his version of historical perspective. They are often wrong, but an interesting version of wrong. I think it cute that a Liberal tries to play at being a military historian. He doesn’t get it, but at least he tries.

  3. Three points:
    1. I think you’re mixing up annual and total abortions. 40 million per year would mean that about one in three women are getting an abortion every single year. Also, it’s only hypocritical to be religious and support abortion if you a. Feel that you must agree with every single position taken by your chosen religion in order to be a good member and/or b. Believe that life begins at conception, rather than at birth, which I’m not going to get into since it’s certainly not going to be resolved here.

    2. Which of Obama’s friends and mentors is a terrorist? Keep in mind here, I mean actual, convicted terrorist, someone who has plotted or carried out an attack against the United States or its citizens. Not just someone you disagree with.

    3. Actually, if “our guys” were in charge, we wouldn’t have gone into Iraq in the first place, and we could have focused on the enemy in Afghanistan. You know, the one that actually attacked us.

    That said, this guy is a giant bag of douche. I don’t agree with you or most of the posters on your blog on a lot of issues (really, guns are pretty much the only thing we DO agree on as far as I can tell, that and letting the banks fail if they’re greedy fuckups), but I either say why I don’t agree with you or I keep my fucking mouth shut. I don’t just blame it on your religion and facial hair.

  4. Nick,

    1. 40 million is per year, world wide. Don’t worry, Harry’s a champion of everybody’s right to choose, unless you haven’t been born yet, because then you can just die if it is convenient.

    As for believing that you need to meet all of your religion’s requirements, true, I watch R rated movies against the counsel of my church leaders, but on a relative morality scale, I think I’ll take my monster movies over killing children any day.

    2. William Ayers CONVICTED terrorist. Not alleged terrorist. Not community activist. 60’s radical who wanted to kill as many military people as he could get away with, now a paragon of Chicago academia and close personal friend and mentor (Barack said so himself in his book) to the Messiah.

    3. No, my guys were in both places. Terrorists don’t care about borders, and the people that we’ve been stacking like cordwood in Iraq fall under that category. I don’t care if we kill them in Afghanistan, Iraq, or France, as long as they’re too busy getting killed to bother us.

    Exterminate terrorists like cockroaches. You may be one of those people who believes violence begats more violence, but only until you use enough of it to kill all of them.

  5. Larry, well said. Living in the Finger Lakes region of NY, I guess I’ve gotten used to having to deal with peeps who feel the only way they can make themselves look better is to smear someone else. It’s refreshing to see someone who will let somebody’s own words be their doom. Thanks for that, and keep up the good work.


  6. Wow, just wow. I’d never heard of that douchenozzle or his blog before but now I understand why. Don’t waste your time on him and his koolaid-drinking; he’s just a typical commie………….

  7. 1. Ah, gotcha. I normally hear the 40 million (or something around that) quoted as the number of American abortions since Roe v. Wade, so I thought that’s what you were referring to. As for church teachings, that’s a line that everyone has to draw on their own. Hell, Christianity at its core is relatively pacifist; I’m not sure of LDS teachings on war or aggression, but being raised Catholic it seems that historically the only time when it’s acceptable to wage war under Christian tradition goes back to Augustine’s just war theory, which has some pretty stringent requirements that the Vatican has said the war in Iraq doesn’t meet. Yet there are still American Catholics who support the war. I don’t agree with them, but I also don’t believe it makes them hypocrites any more than Harry Reid’s support of abortion rights makes him a hypocrite. Just a different line of how much of church teachings you’re willing to accept in good conscience.

    2. Ayers is an interesting case. The Weathermen were violent to a degree, but they also didn’t target civilians or commit indiscriminate actions of violence, which is really the core of our modern definition of “terrorism.” Ayers himself has said that he doesn’t support violence against civilian populations, or even against government personnel unless absolutely necessary. The Weathermen, along with groups like the Black Panthers, to me ride a thin line along the definition of what terrorism is. I don’t believe that simply advocating violence if necessary against a government makes you a terrorist; the main reason that I support the Second Amendment is in fact that it may eventually become necessary to engage in violent rebellion. In addition, I think it’s one thing to respect Ayers’ opinions and writings, particularly in his less radical later life, and another to be an active participant in a group like the Weathermen. Obviously, there’s some ground to call Ayers a terrorist, but it’s not as black and white as Timothy McVeigh or Osama bin Ladin.

    3. Yes, we’ve been killing terrorists in Iraq. But the thing is, they weren’t there before our invasion. Hussein saw militant Islam as a threat to his regime, as does every more or less secular leader in the Middle East. I’m not saying he was a good guy, but the elements native to Iraq which are now participating in terrorist action against our soldiers and the new Iraqi government gained power as a direct result of our invasion. I think a better course of action would have been to hunt them down in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other areas where they had real power, rather than giving them the opportunity to come into Iraq (as well as giving them a hell of a recruitment opportunity) and then trying to deal with the problem there.

    I’m certainly not a pacifist, and I’ve always supported the invasion of Afghanistan. I just think the course taken by the Bush administration, and both Republicans and Democrats who supported it, was the wrong one in terms of our capabilities, needs, and national security.

  8. Wow, Larry.
    You came to my place.
    Didn’t leave a comment though. I guess I’ll get over it.
    Let me direct my first to Don.
    I don’t know where all you guys get this “hate” thing.
    I don’t hate Republicans. I voted for Reagan when most of you were kids. Then did it again.
    I believed in the whole Keynesian thing until I actually took economics (nothing special – just the three, term-length 200 level courses I needed to get into J school)
    The problem, as I see it is this: For the whole thing to work you have to have a solid belief in the priorities and the integrity of those at the top of the heap.
    Such a belief is bound to be disappointed.
    Like mine.
    So, bitter? Probably. Pissed-off? Like you wouldn’t believe.
    So, you and George voted for Current Idiot. Shame on you.
    I’m still reasonably proud of my two for Reagan. Less so my one for Clinton (his first).
    But, how are you feeling about yours?
    I don’t want to get into some silly on-line debate about politics or economics with you, nor “military history” with George.
    You and I would probably agree more than not.
    I know we differ on social programs, possibly on defense spending. I don’t know where else. Nothing of huge consequence.
    Besides, you’d eat my lunch on things economic where our differences (if any) are fundamental and not open to debate.
    My problem re the “grating” (You grate cheese with a belt sander? Must gum up belts something fierce.):
    I have obvious issues with the “stupid people” line although I seem to live in the same glass house, so that’s nowhere.
    Bottom line is, I don’t think I have any problem with you personally, just got my feelings hurt – and the feelings of all us other stupid people by proxy.
    I obviously had no reason to take a shot at you along with my escalating critique of George.
    I don’t read you very often and it’s mostly because when you’re political, it just pisses me off – and when you talk guns, my eyes glaze over.
    Pisses me off because I have a HUGE, overweening(whatever that means) arrogance. No, no. It’s true.
    I AM smarter than the average bear (attributed to Yogi Bear).
    I been to Georgia on a FAST TRAIN, honey. I wasn’t born no yesterday.
    All bullshit of course, but it’s my bullshit so I’m sticking to it.
    So Larry, I obviously overstepped with you and you have my apologies.
    Also, I meant no slam on your book. None whatsoever. I poked around a bit and found it was self-published – twenty years ago called “vanity press”. It’s a different world now and I’m gradually becoming aware of that.
    The “flogging” word was meant as no insult.
    Fact is, I’m impressed with your marketing… merchandising… better words?
    Really. I hope it’s making money for you. Sincerely. It’s really cool to have this whole out-of-control technology working for you.
    Good on ya.
    War, pacifism… ? We needed to be in Afghanistan.
    Done right, we would have won on points and could have withdrawn before we looked stupid.
    Now we’ve got, as a sideshow, a fight in the country whose last conqueror of any of any consequence was Ghengis Khan.
    And… and we’ve got George’s oedipal obsession (and Cheney’s oil/$$$ obsession) as job one.
    The country’s run by morons.
    George, I’ve blown LOT’S of shit your way and here’s the why of it.
    E-mails sent to you are either read and answered (thank you) or posted, cherry-picked for maximum polemic value.
    So yeah, a reference to you outing me as a “cop hater” a couple of years ago.
    As I wrote in my e-mail, Google “Roger Magana and Juan Lara” to find why I have less than sterling respect for Eugene’s finest.
    Mostly though, I’ve seen some things in what you’re written that lead me to believe that you are a far better man than a lot of the things you throw out there under your name.
    “101 uses for the Book of Mormon” for example.
    Was that insensitive?
    I know.
    I’ve got no problem with LDS. We could get into a whole “golden tablet, mountain meadows” thing but it’s unproductive.
    Mormons have such a handle on healthy values, you’d think they invented them.
    Seriously, good people.
    Abortion, such a hot-button issue it ought to be de-politicized – probably impossible.
    My take: It’s immoral. What’s worse, in my mind: It’s an easy way out of a position of responsibility – we’ve got enough of those already.
    But… I’ve never been a pregnant 15 year-old.
    And the #1 killer of young women prior to R vs W was botched abortions so…
    I’m not sure it’s a solvable problem.
    And Don,
    I see that you “de-linked” me (boy, that stung) after one of shots at libertarians.
    What I see of much recent libertarianism is intellectual laziness.
    The teen-aged-girl vegetarianism of political/economic thought.
    I’d written before that your libertarianism was of the “L” flavor because, as a special-ed teacher, you are intimately associated with some of the weakest members of our society therefore you must have some on-board store of compassion.
    I like that.
    And George, you’ve gotten so many things right, your take on the Virginia Tech shootings for example, I get disappointed when you call… hell… anyone with more education than you, an idiot.
    While that Prager clown, elitist creds and all gets a pass.
    And George, It’s not “military history”. It’s just history.
    Who do you read anyhow? On this topic.
    Seriously, I can tell you who I do.
    I’m obsessed.
    Anyway, Larry, back to you.
    Feel free to leave this up until you feel I’ve been pilloried sufficiently and then shitcan it if you so desire.
    I’ve already copied all my deathless prose to include in my posthumous “collected works” volume.

  9. Not to say the war itself couldn’t have been run better (Rumsfeld…), just saying I’m happy for the war.

  10. 2. Ayers built bombs that killed people whose only “crime” was that they didn’t worship at the shrine of communism. The only reason he and his friends didn’t kill more people is that one of their bombs blew up prematurely and took out some of his assistants.
    And if you think he has changed his views you are a bigger fool then I can imagine.

    3. Why yes, terrorists were in Iraq. They were being housed and taken care of by one of Sadam’s secret police departments. You remember Sadam don’t you – that good friend of Dean and his buddies in the democratic party?.

    And if “your guys” were in charge they would still be trying to swear out warrants to arrest the 19 people responsible for the September 11, 2001 ‘incident’.

  11. I thought I was still being moderated…
    To the two Ricks, NY and Alabama, Fuck you and all your relations (all 12 generations) back to the pre-cambrian.
    Like I need you for a buddy.
    I think I have a support group nearby…
    And Alabama Rick, I’ve never heard of you either so file that under “Rats’ Ass/Who Gives a..?”
    Bottom line, for me is this – and I’ve said it before. Join-up or shut-up.
    Any Iraq apologists with a RECENT DD214 are a different matter.
    The rest of you, If you don’t have either a discharge in your file-cabinet or a uniform in your closet, you’re a hypocrite.
    The money-where-mouth-is-test is available anywhere. You don’t even have to be online.
    Just show up for some of this shit you think is so cool.
    And “N. Deer-H K” (forgive the abbrev.)
    We had absolutley no, zilch, zip, nada, none of the above reason to be in Iraq. Ever.
    Little George is a damaged human being and, as a leader, a tragic mistake.
    If you disagree, who cares?

  12. emdfl:
    2. Ayers never killed anyone. None of his bombs even wounded anyone.

    3. Which “terrorists” were these? What is your source? Oh, and as for Saddam being the Democrats’ friend…remind me again who gave him the gas he used on the Kurds during the Iran-Iraq war? Oh wait, Reagan and Rumsfeld? Yeah.

  13. The bomb that killed his friends was supposed to be set off at an NCO club dance. So yes he killed people and the only reason he and they didn’t kill more was because (thankfully) his friends were inept. The only unfortunate part was that he wasn’t in the room at the time.

    Go to plug in saddam terrorist support. See it’s not really hard – unless you are a lib.

    The gas line is so stupid that I’m not even going bother shooting it down. I would suggest, however that you do a little more research before displaying your appalling lack of knowledge in your writings.

  14. Dan, you’ve become a troll, and I am sad to see it. You could make effective arguements if you tried to string two nouns together without insulting everyone else in the audience.
    And you are almost always wrong about everything. So your wrong and you insult everyone, knowing you wont convince anyone… You are like a kid that didn’t get enough hugs or something and pitching a fit at Wal-Mart because you are not getting your way. You are not hurting anyones feelings, Dan. You are just making even more of an ass out of yourself trying to get attention.

  15. To the two Ricks, NY and Alabama, Fuck you and all your relations (all 12 generations) back to the pre-cambrian.
    Like I need you for a buddy.

    Huh, would you look at that. I comment that Larry is restrained enough to realize that some people only need be given opportunity to prove themselves to be inept, he needn’t lift a finger or speak a word. Then you go and prove it (again) by being vulgar and insulting someone you’ve never met IRL. Too bad, Dan, because from your site you sound like an intersting guy, the kind I wouldn’t mind having a brew with while we debate what else is screwed up in this world. Unfortunately, you opened your mouth again and made it personal, or tried to. Frankly, I gave up pissing contests at five years old. Welcome to my ignore list. Tootles!


  16. A lot of folks on the Internet don’t like me. I could care less. That’s the price I pay for having a mind of my own and saying exactly what I think. I hope you keep doing the same.

    This is my first time here. I found you from the guy that don’t like you’s blog. Funny thing that he can’t stand you but he makes you more popular.

    Decent blog you have here. I’ll be back.


  17. Where did I say that Ayers was perfectly acceptable? I simply said that it’s a more complex case than what we usually think of as terrorism (i.e. randomly killing civilians in order to create widespread fear and panic). I also noted that he didn’t kill anyone. Denoting the difference between conspiracy to commit murder, or even attempted murder, and its actual commission, does not mean I think Ayers is perfectly acceptable.” My moral compass may not be as “impressive” as your own, but evidently my ability to reason is doing alright.

    And it’s interesting how the author of that article uses Obama’s denouncement of Ayers’ actions in order to lead into a piece accusing Obama of supporting Ayers’ actions (“The notion that somehow as a consequence of me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was eight years old, somehow reflects on me and my values, doesn’t make much sense, George.” –Obama). One could almost call him an ignorant slut. I really don’t see how calling Ayers’ actions “detestable” means supporting Ayers’ actions. Of course, these arguments are largely made by the same people who still think Obama’s a (secret) Muslim.

    Oh, and if you really want the facts concerning Ayers and Obama, check here:
    The story was basically made up by the British tabloid media to sell papers, as British tabloids are wont to do.

  18. Just wow. A man forms a group who’s explicit aim is to destroy property and kill those he has political disagreements with – and at no point has he ever denounced his actions – and you find this acceptable?

    Setting off bombs on other peoples property, without their permission, with the express intent to destroy said property and kill anyone who just happens to be there is just about the most reprehensible action a person can take. And this guy is Obama’s best-bud? And you are good with this?

    You can whine all you like about ‘guilt by association’ you like. If the guy who hosted a diner party to start John McCain’s political career had a similar background we wouldn’t be having this conversation in reverse – McCain would never had made it past the dog-catcher election as a Republican.

    Ayer’s is a detestable bastard and anyone who associates with him should be tarred with the same brush – including you.

  19. Rich, did you read my post at all?

    “Where did I say that Ayers was perfectly acceptable? I simply said that it’s a more complex case than what we usually think of as terrorism (i.e. randomly killing civilians in order to create widespread fear and panic). I also noted that he didn’t kill anyone. Denoting the difference between conspiracy to commit murder, or even attempted murder, and its actual commission, does not mean I think Ayers is ‘perfectly acceptable.'”

    Try again when you learn to read.

  20. The bomb that killed McDonnell was most likely placed by Bernardine Dohrn. Unless you’ve got a better reason for believing Ayers did it than the FBI had, in which case I’d suggest contacting them.

  21. Here’s the kicker. When I first went through a background check investigation for a security clearance, I wouldn’t have been able to pass if I was an associate of Ayers or Dorn.

    For a security clearance!

    Okay, so what if it was Dorn that did the actual murdering? Last time I checked, the two are married, so instead of saying that Barack used Ayer’s house, we can say he used Dorn’s house. Big whoop of a difference there.

  22. Cybrludite (just got the name by the way, that’s pretty awesome): True, Manson was only convicted of conspiracy. Ayers was not convicted of anything. You don’t think the FBI would have locked Ayers up for life if they could have? There’s no evidence to support the claim that Ayers was directly involved in the murders. You may not like him, you may think he’s a terrorist, but as far as any of us know (which is probably a lot less than the FBI knew), he’s innocent of murder.

    Larry: There’s a difference between being a friends with Ayers or Dorn, or having Ayers be Obama’s “mentor” as you initially claimed, and the truth–which is that Ayers gave a couple hundred bucks to his campaign after they served on an anti-poverty group’s board together. Obama has come out pretty strongly against the Weatherman’s actions; even the story that Rich linked (after calling ME ignorant, no less) quoted Obama as believing Ayers’ actions were “detestable.” Hardly what I’d call a “close friend” or “mentor.” This story was overblown in order to sell British tabloids, and then picked up by a desperate McCain/Palin ticket despite its lack of authenticity.

  23. Ayers reviewed his activities as a terrorist for my tape recorder. When he was done, he broke into a broad, Jack Horner grin and summed up his experience: “Guilty as hell. Free as a bird. America is a great country.” From an interview with David Horowitz

    Ayers wasn’t convicted because the FBI broke the rules building their case. He’s guilty as hell, as he’s proud of it.

    Now, where I come from, detonating bombs to intimidate your political rivals is terrorism. And where I come from, we don’t associate with people whose actions we believe are “detestable.”

    Also, your characterization of the relationship between Obama and Ayers seems overly charitable. Steve Diamond and Stanley Kurtz are each doing yeoman’s work at sniffing out this missing piece of Obama’s biography. I highly recommend their work.

  24. “Rich, did you read my post at all?”

    I most certainly did.

    I find it particularly amusing to watch the ‘enlightened’ crowd run around and defend this crap all the while calling their opponents nazis and such. There is nothing ‘complex’ about this in the least. Ayers and his foul spouse were instrumental in establishing Obama’s political career and have remained within his circle of advisers and supporters from the beginning.

    You are defending the election of a man, and I use that term loosely, to the highest executive office on the planet who freely associates with the lowest sort of scum the marxist world can generate.

    Run along and warp some more freshmen to your twisted views of ‘complexity’. We ‘simple’ folk know a rat when we see one.

  25. Squid: It may be true that investigational irregularities were the only thing keeping Ayers from a conviction. But as of the present he has not been definitively linked to any violent crime. You may think he’s guilty, and you may even be right, but the fact remains that he has never been convicted in a court of law, and because of that whatever label you want to put on him holds no water legally. As to your link, I’ll check it out when I get home-I’m on my phone at the moment and the browser kind of sucks.

    Rich: when have I called any of my opponents a Nazi? I detest Godwinism, and I think it’s just as stupid to call anyone you disagree with a communist or a terror supporter or an America-hater. It accomplishes nothing beyond perpetuating ridiculous stereotypes. As for your assertion that Ayers is “instrumental” to Obama’s campaign…a 200 dollar donation is “instrumental”? I haven’t noticed Ayers campaigning for Obama or appearing on news shows in support of him, so I guess that’s what you mean. And I love your last paragraph. Because I’m capable of looking at both sides of an argument, or seeing things in terms that aren’t necessarily black and white, I’m some kind of college Marxist representative, quietly brainwashing otherwise good people into my insidious web of Stalin worship. Awesome.

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