Movie Review: Infection

Movie Review:  Infection


Alternate title: Infection, A Documentary on the Japanese Health Care Industry. 


Does Japan have socialized medicine?  Because if it does, we should show this movie to all of the Obama Disciples who are so set on universal healthcare, because except for the demonic blob-ghost-curse-stuff, it is spot on. 


Basically, the plot is that there is a really crappy hospital, where the overwhelmed staff isn’t being paid, the place is falling apart, they’re running out of supplies, and they can’t take any more patients.  An ambulance has a guy who is melting, but nobody will pick up the paramedic’s radio calls.  (In Canada, when infected with an evil melting ghost virus, you need to fill out form 6781-A, and then wait 18 weeks for the Ministry of Health to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician).


So the overworked doctors and nurses make a bad call and accidentally kill a patient. So rather than fess up to it, they decide to try and cover up the mistake.  (So maybe they don’t have socialized medicine, because in England, doctors are allowed to kill up to seven people a year, dentists can kill eleven, but maybe these Japanese doctors had already used up their quota).


Then the paramedics drop off Mr. Meltyman, well, not really dropped off to a doctor, more like they left him in the hallway.  So then the staff starts getting infected by the drippy green ooze and doing all sorts of weird stuff, like being creepy dark-haired Japanese nurses for one thing, then lots of needle stabbings, bleeding eyeballs, and general hilarity ensues.


I actually really liked Infection.  It was atmospheric, and like all J-Horror, it was certainly visual. I bet that for the people of Japan, you can’t hardly do anything without being cursed by a creepy dark-haired chick hanging from the ceiling.  That must get really frustrating. 


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