Movie Review, Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Hellboy II:  The Golden Army


I caught this opening night.  I was a fan of the first movie, I’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve ever seen from Guillermo del Toro, and in my B-Movie loving opinion, Ron Perlman can do no wrong.  See, in the grand scheme of things for B-Movie fans, Ron Perlman is the mackdaddy of bad movies.  See, there is no such thing as a bad Ron Perlman movie, there are bad movies with Ron Perlman in them, but he’s still going to be fun no matter what.  (don’t believe me?  Go check out Primal Force, AKA Killer Monkey Island, for the ultimate in B-Grade cheese fun.)


Hellboy II rocks. 


It is funny, has great characters, a bunch of action, strange creatures, kung-fu elves, the works.  What’s not to love?  The opening story telling sequence demonstrates why the director is a genius. 

There is a copy of MHI on Ebay
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7 thoughts on “Movie Review, Hellboy II: The Golden Army”

  1. Must get babysitter, must see Darknight, must see Hellboy2. Man, all the D.I.N.K.s* at my office have seen, or will see tonight: the Darknight. Jealous.
    BTW, my MHI copy is up on ebay, (tasty read) I am done with it, next! It’s $16, free shipn’ if yer wondering.
    Of course if you nutters bid it up to fifty, fine w/me.

    *Rio Linda, dink=dual income no kids

  2. Sorry, the new batfag movie is way better. Hellboy II is better than the first one, but still not as good as pan’s labyrinth and definitely not worth the price of admission when Dark Knight is playing about 50 yards away for the same price.

  3. Ah, yesssss, killer monkey island….. A find bloodthirsty little gem of a very bad movie, complete with every possible “look he or she is about to be killed” cliche…. thanks for the memories, such as the shadow of the killer ape (hybrid baboon?) moving across the tent behind the oblivious victim, whose rifle lies just out of reach…..

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