Movie Review: Days of Darkness


Once again, this movie proves why you should never pay attention to reviews of B-Movies on IMDB.  According to the reviews, this movie should be unbelievable in its badness.  (which is actually the reason that I rented it, but as you all know, I’ve got a sickness for bad movies).


Days of Darkness is actually really good.  It starts out as a zombie B-movie (alien comet variety to be specific) and turns into an alien invasion B-movie.  It had above average performances, above average plot, and some actually really interesting ideas. 


B-Movies should be judged according to that status, not against blockbusters.  I wish people would wrap their mind around that.  Some folks complain that it only took place at one location.  No kidding!  One location is cheaper to shoot than a bunch.  This isn’t the Bourne Supremacy people.  This movie was made for the Bourne Supremacy’s doughnut budget. 




The actors did a surprisingly good job.  They were more than your typical zombie movie cutouts, and you end up knowing all of them as individuals.  The car dealers were my personal favorites.  My only pet-peeve is that all religious people that survive the zombiepocolypse will be total whackadoos, spouting scripture, and “doing the Lord’s work”.  It’s a tired cliché, but it does work in this movie because somebody needs to open the friggin’ gate.


Where this movie shined was in mixing in the aliens.  You’ve got genitals falling off, male pregnancy, and alien mutant births.  “Congratulations! It’s a jelly fish!”  What’s not to love?


There was real humor, and I did like the Hugs Not Drugs shirt. 


The plot hinged on the fact that the zombie comet didn’t affect anyone who was intoxicated.  Also the only females that were infected were apparently virgins with no alcohol in their system.  I’m pleased to announce that nobody in the area around Chico State was zombified at all. 


Overall, if you’re a B-Movie fan, catch this one.  I enjoyed it.

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