MHI is back in stock at Amazon

Back in stock at Amazon today, and with a discount (for some reason) though I’ll still steer you toward Uncle Hugos just because he’s independant.  I believe he’s got some in stock. That’s like somebody referring someone to Sportsman’s Wharehouse instead of FBMG, if you know what I mean.  Sometimes the big stores have more stuff, but us little guys are way the hell cooler.

Copies of the 1st edition are still being printed, as I haven’t actually signed the contract yet. 

MHI:2 is coming along nicely.  I think you guys will like it. 

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4 thoughts on “MHI is back in stock at Amazon”

  1. Good to know, I have a couple of buddies interested in getting the book. They shall be notified.

    one more thing…

    Patches? We need the stinking patches!
    And I actually need two. My Horror-Fan of a wife wants her own darn it.

  2. I just checked and it said temporarily out of stock. I bought 2 from but they won’t ship until 4/22. If amazon had it in stock, I’d cancel my BN order cause Amazon is now cheaper.

  3. Well, I cancelled my BN order cause I don’t want to pay tax. Amazon doesn’t charge tax so I just saved $2.

  4. Just found out my order shipped today. Can’t wait to get it. The person I ordered from wanted a patch, I want a patch, Miguel wants a patch….. Also, the seller asked that I make sure that a sequel was coming. I see from the comment above that we won’t have to wait long. Damn that MadOgre for dropping hints……

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