Utah's College Students are smarter than Oklahoma's!

Found this on Gun Free Zone:  http://gunfreezone.net/wordpress/?p=30 (which I found because the author read MHI, and posted a positive review, man, I need to update my blog roll!)

Basically, Oklahoma legislators decided that their college students, even the ones that are veterans, are too stupid to carry guns on campus. 

Allow me to pick on one line of the article:

University of Oklahoma President David Boren had argued the bill would hurt recruitment of students and faculty. It also would pose a dilemma for police trying to determine whether a person wielding a weapon was a “deranged gunman or someone who thinks he is doing good vigilante work.”

This is priceless stuff here.  Because not only are Oklahoma’s students too dumb to carry guns, their cops are too dumb to assess a dynamic situation.  See, apparently it is better for a gunman to come in, and shoot everybody, than to have somebody shoot the gunman, and then have the good guy get accidently plugged by the responding officers.  Well, Mr. Boren, you dumb son of a bitch, if I’m about to get murdered by a crazed gunman, getting shot by the responding officers is a concern that I’ll address later. 

Let me break it down for the really dumb readers (like state legislators), if I’m about to get murdered, I would much rather take the asshole doing the murdering with me and get shot by the cops afterward.  Either way, I’m dead, but at least I get to accomplish something useful in the process.  (accomplishing something useful, yet another concept alien to politicians)

Idiot politicians like this are the reason that I started teaching CCW for free to college students and anyone that works at a Utah school.  See, here in Utah, we can carry guns in school.  It was a huge battle to get, but we won, the anti-gun forces lost.  In the process I testified before the state legislature on this issue, and that experience, and listening to worst-case scenario logic like the above, pissed me off so badly that I basically said “screw it” and started spending my own time and money to get more guns in school.

So far, I figure that I’ve personally waived over $10,000 worth of instructional fees in the last year.  And I plan on continuing to do this indefinately.  Because it’s worth ten K of lost income to tick off politicians.

I keep trying to get the word out about that, but in the last year I’ve got taught about 250 college students for their CCWs for free.  This doesn’t count educators or employees of schools.  Hell, I don’t care if you’re the janitor, I’ll teach you for free.  I also teach military (active, reserve, or guard) for free too, but that’s just personal. 

So if you’re in Utah, spread the word.  Your class is on FBMG. I want as many guns in school as possible.  I want the next psycho that attempts to shoot up a school in Utah to get Swiss-cheesed. 

And if you work at one of my kid’s schools, I’ll get you friggin’ SWAT training…

If your local politicians tell you that your students and faculty are too stupid to prevent another Virginia Tech or Columbine, ask them sincerely why Utah loves it’s children more than your state does. 


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11 thoughts on “Utah's College Students are smarter than Oklahoma's!”

  1. You know, most of the time I hate the Utah legislature, but things like this do make me happy I live in a conservative Western state. Within the next month or two, I and at least three people I know will be taking advantage of the free CCW classes that FBMG gives because they’re awesome.

  2. I live in Oklahoma, and went to OU and Boren’s response to the idea of concealed carry in “schools” ( as though they were junior highs) is no surprise. For him to treat twenty somethings as children is no surprise. OU was the biggest accumulation of corrupt, power mongering, self important dimwits I’ve ever been to in my life. I spent 1 year there as a student and a further five as staff. They treat their staff like cattle and their students like refuse. They’re on my permanent shit list, and I dream of the day the newspapers wake up and notice Boren’s penchant for hiring light, fluffy young men into the upper management at $100k per year, and paying them by hiking rates annually far above inflation. If he were straight his harem would get him fired.

    I’m so pissed.

  3. Larry, I salute you brother. Good on ya! Thank you for your response to this lunatic left behavior.

  4. I’m not light and fluffy..but I’d take a 100k a year job.

    Then I might be able to afford some of Larry’s stuff. 😀

  5. i took your free class, i liked it . My uncle insists that 9mm is the dumbest caliber in the world, that 9mm fmj won’t cause enough damage, and that a hollow point won’t make it through the guys jacket. I like my sig 229 9mm and feel competent with it at the range. Will my hydra-shoks make it through the bad guys coat?

  6. http://www.sltrib.com/news/ci_8827758

    I see your local bureaucrats really aren’t any better than mine.

    (Ok, the first item, about zombies, is funny.)

    It came as no surprise recently when Draper’s City Council banned smoking in public outdoor areas.
    What wasn’t expected was the lone “no” vote.
    Councilman Alan Summerhays elicited a few light chuckles and curious expressions from his colleagues when he sided against the prohibition.
    Later in the meeting, Summerhays let off some smoke of his own – scolding a contractor for overspending by nearly half-a-million dollars on construction of the SunCrest Fire Station. Summerhays said he would rather have had higher bids than be blindsided by surprise overages.
    Fellow Councilman Troy Walker tried to calm Summerhays by asking if he needed to take a smoke break and “chill.”
    Summerhays, a nonsmoker, simply responded with a forced raspy cough.

    One lone vote against shoving the bureaucracy down everyone’s throat.

  7. I am a student at the University of Oklahoma and if anyone was allowed to carry a concealed weapon, I would go somewhere else. I feel very safe here and if it went into effect that anyone could have a gun, I would feel like I could get shot at any time. Why not instead of letting more people carry around guns we make STRICTER gun laws that dont LET people like Seung-Hui Cho able to BUY the gun in the first place. AND he wasnt even supposed to be able to buy a gun!

  8. Elisibeth–If it were “just anyone allowed to carry”, I would probably agree. What is actually proposed is to allow one of the most law-abiding and least violent segments of society to carry guns, only after a background check. Would you be nervous if 1% of your campus was police with guns? Those of us with concealed carry licenses have a slightly better record than police in both gun safety and criminal conviction rates. (To be fair, the police have a much harder job with gun safety–They have to detain and arrest, all we have to do is escape)

    We need laws focused on criminals and predators. Most gun laws don’t affect the criminal, only the law abiding.

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