And the Big Announcement Is: We're Moving

My gunstore, FBMG, is moving.  One mile south, just off the road we’re on right now.  Locals know it as the Pioneer Motors building.  Just go down Minuteman past Utah National Guard Headquarters, and turn left just past Ardell Brown RV.  The building is right there.

The beauty part?  It is going to be a whole lot bigger.

The retail space is about twice as big, but the good thing is that there is a huge shop behind the retail space.  We will be moving forward and building an indoor shooting range at the new location.  The current architecteral plans are for 24 lanes, 25 meters long, rifle rated. 

We will be in our current store until the end of January.  After SHOT Show, we’ll be in the new building. 

For locals, yes, we know that for the last two years, our parking has absolutely sucked, but this new place has about 30 spaces.  So that will be a welcome improvement. 

I’ll keep you updated as we progress on the range.

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One thought on “And the Big Announcement Is: We're Moving”

  1. Cool. That’s be great. I’m hoping you’ll spring for good ventilation, lighting, and sound baffles. There are some other ranges in the valley that can leave you lungs black, your ear drums broken and your eyesight dimmer.

    That location will have some amazing visibility from the nearby freeway so you’ll get some exposure that way too. “FBMG” though won’t mean much to people driving by unless something is placed out there to clarify.

    Perhaps a sculpture of a Ma Deuce, a few AK’s, a few AR’s and a claymore will clarify. 🙂

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