Glenn Beck Christmas Show

I caught the Glenn Beck Christmas show last night.  I’ve got to admit that it was surprisingly good. 


I missed the very beginning because traffic sucked, but caught most of the first portion, where Glenn told family Christmas stories.  Which was actually really funny.  The next portion was more of a spiritual Christmas message, that ended with a positive message about redemption.  Then there was a bonus third part for the Salt Lake audience, where after giving everyone a warning that it was going to be about Glenn’s conversion to Mormonism, and that if they wanted to run, now was their chance, he told the story of how he found his faith.


Overall I enjoyed the show quite a bit.  I hadn’t known what to expect, and it was drastically different than his radio show.  As a Mormon, it was nice to see a public display of Mormonism from somebody famous who wasn’t afraid to express his feelings about his religion. 


On that note, as much as I despise Mitt RHINO Romney, I’m getting really sick and tired of having my religion get mocked by a bunch of idiotic pundits.  If I have to listen to one my liberal media elitist (who would have no problem sacrificing babies to Bhaal if it got them higher ratings) ponder about whether Mormons are Christians or not, I’m going to blow a gasket. 

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8 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Christmas Show”

  1. Well, while I may or may not agree with all tenets of the Mormon faith, I believe you have the right to believe as you will. I, personally, am eclectic. There are some things very right about the LDS belifs. As are many others. NO one belief system has it ALL right. I’ve been dead. I don’t remember the “tunnel, light, tea with Grandma” stuff, but I know that when I woke up a lot of things that once WERE important weren’t any more. Stuff that hadn’t been was, and “how to treat others” had altered. As long as you believe to the positive, believe in THE CREATOR, believe that there are true guides to the light(as was Jesus, as was John Smith in his own way, as have been many), and live a positive life, you are on the path. Islam is not a positive system for the blessing of all, it is very nearly satanic in fact. You’ll never hear me poke fun at the Mormon faith. The only thing I’ll ever poke fun at goes across the board to all the ones that say theirs is the one-and-only way to heaven/paradise/whatever. And ONLY that particular tenet of their form of religion. God loves us all. THAT is the truth I learned, THAT much I know in my gut. Believe to the good. Blessed be all.

  2. I’ve always sort of wondered about the “Mormons aren’t Christians” thing. I’m not LDS and never have been, but it seems to me that if you believe Christ is the son of God, you’re pretty much a Christian by definition. Everything else is just dogma.

  3. Went to the same Christmas show. I though it was surprisingly good but it was long if you include all parts. As Glenn said, no one really starts out wanting to be a Mormon. Why would anyone want to be ridiculed? But, each person has their own conversion for their own reasons. If it works for you, then run with it. Sometimes I wonder how things would be if Glenn ran for president. Granted he has all of the “bad” things in his past, it’s not secret to anyone and it’s something it speaks about publicly.

    Now where’s that saw. Part of my couch is blocking my TV.

  4. I really liked the show, though I may well have been only one of a handful of non-Mormons in the audience. You don’t have to be a member of the LDS church to enjoy the show.

    Also, since I sprung for one of the “good” seats (on the floor of the E-Center, seventh row from the stage) I got a signed copy of Glenn Beck’s book for free.

    Of course, my $93.00 “good” seat was an uncomfortable metal folding chair packed in so tightly with the other chairs next to it that it was like riding a city bus in Bangladesh (without the smell).

    Still, I had a great time.

  5. Mad Ogre, I never said I didn’t like that. He was a brilliant leader of the group that chose to follow him. Those who chose to follow him then, and continue to follow today, will be blessed in their walk to God. As will all who truly seek a loving God, regardless of denomination.

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