Monster Hunter International: Novel Update

In about 4 weeks, I will have a proof copy in hand.  Once I approve the proof copy, then we’ll be shipping within a few weeks of that.  So, finally, finally, Monster Hunter International will be available. 

I’ll be putting up the first few chapters shortly, and arranging for the preorder. 


EDIT:  I added the back cover blurb to the MHI page today. 

EDIT 2:  Chapter one is posted.  It has its own page.  Click the tab at the top of the page for the sample chapter.

Pre-Order for MHI is now up!
Rejected Cartoons of Don Hertzfeldt

4 thoughts on “Monster Hunter International: Novel Update”

  1. How can anyone focus on your book when there are so many more important things going on all around us?

    Marie Osmond COLLAPSED on Dancing With The Stars last night. She collapsed. Fell down. Passed out. Ate floor. The big wipe out.

    Don’t you people care? This is the biggest thing since Britney decided she wanted to look like Moby and buzzed her head!

  2. I just read your sample chapter you posted and I’m quite impressed. I think the gun enthusiast audience reading the book will appreciate the detail 🙂

    I sold on it, and looking forward to it’s release.

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