So it begins…

I’ve never blogged before.  Sure, I’ve screwed around on the internet a lot, but I’ve never had one of these before.  I started Monster Hunter Nation for a couple of reasons. 

  1. I have written a novel which will be published later this year.  I wanted a place to put up samples of my writing, as well as other online fiction projects.  
  2. I like to randomly complain about stuff. 

My name is Larry Correia.  I live in the suburbs outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.  I’m a California refugee.  Somehow I tricked a wonderful woman into marrying me, having my kids, and sticking around for the last ten years.

Not counting my families, I have two great loves in life, guns and monster movies. 

I’m one of the owners of a gun store in Draper, Utah, called FBMG.  We’re an NFA dealer, which means that in addition to regular guns, we specialize in machine guns, suppressors (silencers is what most of you would call them), and other cool stuff like that.  FBMG actually stands for Fuzzy Bunny Movie Guns.  No, really.  I’m not making that up.  Everybody else in this business is Elite Tactical Ninja Systems Force Alpha, or some crap like that, and we wanted to be different.  Besides, who could hate fuzzy bunnies? 

For the last four years, I have been a certified firearms instructor.  Primarily I teach the class for the Utah Concealed Firearms permit, but through my company, I get to do lots of other things as well.  I’ve got to admit that I love teaching people to defend themselves.  Nothing warms my heart quite like seeing an otherwise defenseless person learning to take on the responsibility to defend themselves. 

So basically, I hang out with my kind of people all day, play with guns, and get to shoot stuff.  Yes, life is hard.  I know. 

On the other love, I’m a B movie geek.  Show me a movie with a budget larger than the Apollo moon landings, Oscar winning actors, and a whole bunch of hype, and I won’t really care.  Show me a movie made by a bunch of college students, with a budget smaller than the big movies’ doughnut fund, where the actors were literally paid in beer, and I’m so there.  Bonus points if the monster is actually a guy in a gorilla suit.  

I’m a writer.  I’ve been published a few times.  My first novel, Monster Hunter International, will be coming out in the next few months, and I’ll be posting the first portion on this blog shortly.  I’ve also done a few successful online fiction serials, and I’ll be posting those here as well. 

So this is it.  I can’t promise anything, but at least I’m going to have fun. 

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12 thoughts on “So it begins…”

  1. Corey, I just gave my notice to my day job. My days of being an accountant are about over. So with one job, I might be able to actually go shooting again!

  2. FUN! Guns, fiction and monster movies! Two of them are in my top five ways to waste time. (The other one is not a waste of time *G*).

    Over here via LawDog.

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