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What are your favorite bits of Chevron powered government overreach that you’d like to see get sued into oblivion now?

In my various jobs I’ve seen unelected bureaucrats make up all sorts of goofy nonsensical shit we had to obey or else.

When I was young and working on farms, factories, or construction I saw OHSA regulations that made job sites LESS safe. “Why are we doing it this stupid way?” “Because that government asshole who has never done this himself said we’d get fined if we don’t.” “Oh cool, let me unnecessarily insert my hands into this thing that can chop them off for the mandatory safety check then.”

I’m a rural westerner. Dear Lord, don’t get us started on the BLM. 90% of their bullshit isn’t law. They just make up wacky shit on the fly. Ignorant fucks who live in cities hundreds or thousands of miles away think they “protect the environment”. Lol no. There can be some obvious terrible problem, but some fucker in DC will say nope, you have to leave that terrible problem there to grow bigger or else we’ll fine you or shoot you if you try to fix it. If you’re in the west and you see some land that’s got some obvious issues or is about to burn down it’s government land.

Then I went into accounting, and the dirty secret of that industry is 3/4 of what companies pay accountants for is to do government mandated paperwork to send to the government which nobody in the government will ever read, and to respond to government audits which are usually useless. IRS just makes shit up as they go. And the shit they made up last time? They changed it this time. Either way, shut up and pay your fine.

But it isn’t just the agency that takes your money directly. Oh no. (honestly, the IRS was one of the more professional agencies I dealt with in my career! Not even joking. The others are worse.) Then there’s the dozens of other agencies that meddle in your industry who you also have to appease, even though sometimes they contradict each other, and all of them can fine you.

Then I worked in the gun business, where I got to discover the wonderful world of ATF inspections, where holy fucking shit, the dumbest people in the universe who don’t know how anything works at all, pretend to be mechanical engineers and lawyers. But Chevron said they’re “experts” so clearly that must be true, and if you disagree they’ll shoot your dog and burn your house down. The list of dumb shit the ATF makes up on the fly could fill a book (literally. I did write this book).

But surely, the ATF is the worst right? Oh no. Not even close. Because then for my next job I went into military contracting! Where the rules are whatever the DCAA or DFAS say they are today. And sure, you violated that secret impossible to know rule on accident, so we’re going to ruin your company and put hundreds of people out of work… but the big megacorporation did the same thing, only on purpose, and a million times worse? Oh well. Fuck you. Lockheed builds missiles. You don’t.

On that note, as an accountant I got companies through audits from probably eight or ten different federal agencies. The DCAA audit is by far the most annoying. This is the industry where the customer actually knows exactly how much profit you expect to make, and then you have to guess what everything will cost in the future, and if you guess wrong, they will fine you. Hell, if you guess in a way that actually SAVES the government money, they will fine you. If you charge the government too little, they will fine you. They will fine you for bookkeeping errors. They will fine you for typos. (keep in mind of the hundreds of government spreadsheets I saw, I never saw a single one that didn’t have serious computational errors on it… which I got to fix for them for free… or they’d fine me).

I once actually had a DCAA auditor sit behind me while I typed on my computer for about 4 hours to WATCH ME TYPE. At the end of this month long colonoscopy which cost the tax payers tens of thousands of dollars in government employee salary, they had found one mistake where I had UNDER CHARGED the government something like $16.

Keep in mind, none of this shit was a law passed by congress. It’s all stuff that the agencies made up based upon a vague idea congress gave them.

But the worst, the absolute worst, dumbest motherfuckers in the entire US government? The SBA.

The motherfucking SBA who I will despise with the fire of a thousand suns until the end of time. This is an agency congress created to HELP small businesses, and instead its a wretched hive of scum and villainy, who because they can just make up the regulations as they go, will always find a way to reward their friends and punish everybody who competes with their friends.

And they make up these arbitrary rules, which their employees don’t understand, and then if you fail to comply with the rule correctly, but they understand it wrong, they will actually actively try to destroy that small business, RATHER THAN ADMIT THEIR MISTAKE. I’ve got a saga about this particular one that would take ten thousand words to tell, where I fought with the SBA making shit up on the fly and lying about it for 6 straight months, and the only reason we got it solved was my company brought it to the attention of @BasedMikeLee who then stomped on their heads (with glee, which is why that dude has earned my vote).
So how has Chevron fucked you? 😀

Inclusivity and Respect in the CRIT Awards

-Jack here, copying this post of Larry’s over from the Book of Faces so they can’t bury it as easily. Given the nature of things, I’m going to copy the relevant part of the code of conduct here before they memory hole it. Until they do, you can read it HERE. Pay special attention to section 1.5

Code of Conduct

The CRIT Awards is committed to fostering a positive and inclusive environment that celebrates creativity and recognizes outstanding achievements in all aspects of the TTRPG industry.

To ensure a safe and respectful experience for all participants, we have established this Code of Conduct, which outlines the standards of behavior expected from all nominees, attendees, organizers, and partners involved in the CRIT Awards.

1. Inclusivity and Respect

1.1. No Racism: We do not tolerate any form of racism, racial discrimination, or xenophobia. Treat all individuals with respect and fairness, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or cultural background.

1.2. No Homophobia: We embrace diversity and do not condone any homophobic behavior or discrimination against individuals based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

1.3. No Ableism: We are committed to being accessible and accommodating to all individuals. Avoid ableist attitudes or behaviors and strive to make the CRIT Awards inclusive for people of all abilities.

1.4. No Sexism: Gender-based discrimination, stereotypes, or harassment will not be tolerated. We promote gender equality and a supportive environment for all genders.

1.5. Individuals who identify as Zionists, promote Zionist material, or engage in activities that without a doubt support Zionism are not eligible for nomination.”

This new anti-Semitic crap from GenCon reminds me of a story. This is a story about cowardice and hypocrisy. Names redacted to protect those without the moral fortitude to do the right thing, the kind of people who all this weak social shaming and peer pressure nonsense one side of the political divide uses as a club actually works on.

Many years ago there was another writer who I considered a very close friend. We did lots of stuff together. I’m conservative or libertarian depending on the issue. This dude was moderate to liberal, but we were still friends.

As you guys know how I roll, I like to promote other writers. My career was doing great. His was struggling. So he asked me for a promotion. (this was back when Book Bombs were still a thing, before the algorithm strangled them). I had it scheduled.

But then something happened in the news that week in politics. I wrote a blog post about it. The topic was gun related. It was actually a very funny blog post, obviously tongue in cheek, silly, but still filled with good pragmatic advice. It went viral.

The next day I get a message from my friend, begging me to cancel that week’s Book Bomb for him. I was confused. Back in those days BBs would sell between 200-1000 books over the week, mostly to new readers, which is a fantastic promotion.


Because “he can’t be seen associating with someone like me”.


Well it turns out that my viral blog post was deemed SUPER OFFENSIVE by some of his liberal “friends”. In fact, one of them declared it to be ANTI-SEMITIC. And he couldn’t be seen associating with such a horrible racist who hates Jews.

Now this baffled the shit out of me, because there was literally nothing in there about Jews. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Zip. Plus, when it comes to the Arab world vs. Israel, I’ve been openly Go Team IDF the whole time. (There was literally a Merkava with an MHI logo on it!)  And I’m genetically part Jewish! (on my maternal side which makes it even funnier!)

So I was confused, because all it took was some leftist asshole to declare something I wrote to be anti-Semitic and boom. There it was. I was an awful bad horrible evil person who needed to be shunned and thrown under the bus by all proper liberal goodthinkers.

I gave him the response you guys would expect, which I won’t repeat because the bots are already going to be throttling this post anyway because of all the politically charged words, and that would totally kill it. But half the words started with the letter F.  

Ironically a few days later, one of the most respected leftist publications in America, the grand old lady herself, the New York Times, made me an offer to buy that blog post to run as an OpEd, because even though it poked fun at libs and their silly beliefs, the advice in it was actually super solid. I told them no of course, because I don’t want to be associated with that dishonest rag. (which is saying something, because it turns out their OpEds pay pretty good!) But I share this part just to illustrate how profoundly NOT racist this blog post of mine was.

Didn’t matter. Some libs declared a post that had absolutely nothing negative about Jews in it, no matter how hard you squint at it, to be bad, and boom, I was a bad guy. Cancel. Do not associate.

That insult, and the fact he was too stupid to grasp why it was an insult, pretty much ended our friendship. I even helped his dumb ass out behind the scenes a few years later, promoting him as a writer, and he never even knew I was involved.

But the reason I’m reminded of this now, fast forward like 8 years, the EXACT SAME PEOPLE who were condemning people as anti-Semitic even though they clearly weren’t, and shaming the spineless into compliance, have gone all in on the Jew hate. They’re out there supporting terrorist murderers. They’re cheering the beating of Jews at synagogues in LA. They cheering as Jews are having to hide from protestors in universities. They lie their asses off without shame and repeat propaganda so ham fisted and illogical that it falls apart with like two seconds of scrutiny, but they just don’t give a shit. They’re chanting river to the sea slogans about literal genocide. They’re the evil mirror version of what they claimed to hate just a few years ago.  

These people have no honor, dignity, or shame. They’ve got no spine, no chest, and no soul. They’re miserable assholes and their only goal is to make everybody else as miserable as they are. They’re Wormwood and Screwtape without the brains.

Ten years ago I defended the normal attendees at GenCon from goofy (and super vague) accusations of racism from a race hustling grifter (son of a billionaire ironically) who weaseled himself into some social justice “advisory” position. Four years after that my “attack on this PoC” got me booted from another gaming convention.

And today? GenCon is hosting a event that explicitly bans people who think Israel has a right to exist… yet I guarantee the same kind of invertebrate squishes who condemn people like me for nothing, won’t say crap about that.

None of these grifter scumbags actually give a crap about racism. It’s always a political weapon, nothing more. I can at least respect them for their hustle. It’s their willing dupes, the cowards, the quislings, the useless one-way virtue signalers who can only speak up when their masters say it’s okay, who are too scared to go against the rigid group think of their deranged cult, who’ll let evil shit slide because they’re scared their team will get upset at them… Those people I despise.

June Update Post

It got pointed out that I’ve not done one of these for a while. My apologies! I’ll try to keep up on that better.

Book Release Stuff

I’ve been working on Graveyard of Demons, which is the 5th and final book in the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, but I had to split it in half because it got too big. So the first part is still called by that title and will be out in November.

I’m working on the second half now, which I don’t know the date for yet, but should be fairly close (as in 3-6 months after that). It will have a different name, and everything go restructured so Graveyard has a good ending. Luckily for me I had a very pivotal scene that was right around the half way point in the manuscript so it worked out great.

The other new release is Five Points Ripper which is the third episode of the Lost Planet Homicide series, which will come out in September. However this series is still an Audible exclusive for now, though I’ve got plans for it in print. (I really love writing this series).

I know that some of my books have been unavailable in paperback recently (hence the crazy prices for some things on Amazon). That’s because they run out of copies. They are reprinting one of my books every month in trade paperback. MH Alpha – July 2024 MH Vendetta – Sept 2024 MHM: Sinner – Nov 2024 MHM: Saints – Dec 2024 MHI – Mar 2025 MH Fantom – Apr 2025 MH Guardian – Apr 2025 Swords of Exodus – Apr 2025

And yes, Fantom is going to be in print, April 2025. That’s been in ebook and audio so far, because it is the one where a bunch of Czech authors wrote stories in the MHI universe, in Czech, and published it there, and by popular demand we translated it into English. That was kind of an experiment, but sales justified a print run.

There is also going to be a new 15th anniversary edition of MHI complete with a really nifty special fancy leather edition. I’m going through and doing another edit pass to incorporate all the little things that I wish I’d known way back when I started.

Speaking of special editions, the leatherbound Warbound is about done I believe. And should be shipping pretty soon. This project has hit so many snags it has been painful so it will be great to finally have it done.

Upcoming Stuff (what I’m working on now)

After finishing the final book in the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior (which keep in mind, should have been about done except it got too big and I couldn’t release a 270k final book in a series where every other book was 130k) this is what I’ve got coming up-

Next is a progression fantasy called Outcast Academy (or possibly Academy of Outcasts I’m not sure yet). The publisher on this one is Aethon. This one draws heavily from a lot of RPGs I’ve played over the years and I’m really pumped because the world is just fun. It’s full on gun wizard school.

Then I’ll be getting back to the regular series Monster Hunter #9, which I know the working title, but I’m not sure if that’s what I’m going with yet.  This one is going to be wicked cool.

In there I’ve also got three different active collaborations going on, but schedules on these get weird because there’s another writer involved, and all of these guys are talented and busy people who are working on their parts now, so I don’t know when these will be ready yet. In the Age of Ravens series with Steve Diamond, the sequel to Servants of War is tentatively titled Instruments of Violence. Then the next Monster Hunter Memoirs will be the sequel to Fever, with Jason Cordova, which I don’t think we’ve announced the name yet. And then there is another different memoirs novel with Les Johnson in development (and we are meeting in August for more brain storming).

Also I’m compiling Monster Hunter Files 2 (with Jason Cordova as co-editor). The first anthology of MH stories was wildly successful (seriously one of the bestselling anthos I’ve ever heard of) and will be out next year.

Ancillary Stuff

WriterDojo is back! We took a month long hiatus on the podcast in order for both of us to hit June 1st deadlines, but recorded four more episodes this week, and we will be recording more at the upcoming Utah Writer’s Cantina.

The MHI Board Game and Miniatures are almost done! They sent out a Kickstarter update just a little while ago with more details, but the project is nearing completion, and I am super excited to paint all the minis.


I’ve cut WAY back on this one, because honestly, I’m just tired of travelling. I love seeing my fans but conventions kick my butt. I’ll be at the Utah Writers Cantina on June 28th-29th but mostly to chill out and interview people for WriterDojo.

I believe at the end of the year I’ll get a table and sell books at DragonSteel.

I have no plans for FanX because the booth I usually sold books out of went out of business. After being GoH at LibertyCon last year, I’m taking this year off, and will probably go back next year. I’m not sure when I’m going to do DragonCon again yet. As of right now I’ve got no plans for any book tours yet. Those are fun, but I don’t think you guys realize just how flippin’ tiring they are (plus the losing 3 weeks of productivity). Especially when you do them the way I do them, because if I go on tour, I’m going to hit as many things as humanly possible, as fast as possible.

Appendix Carry

I got this question on the Triple Nickle video, (edit, just added link) and my answer got big so I’ll give it its own post- “Also, I believe you’ve said before you carry a Philster holster but can you talk about (or link to) some info on appendix carry? I’m currently running a P365 XMacro Comp on a P365 grip to conceal better at 4 o’clock, but I’d love to be more comfy and get the gun in front of me. So far (at 6’3” and 260 lbs) I haven’t figured that out. Any tips?”

Okay, this one is in honor of Jack Clemons because he was the big dude who gave me advice as a big dude to figure out how to make AIWB comfy (and also Hyrum Grissom, who hooked me up with a different rig because my first one was pokey and designed for skinny people!)

First off, we don’t want to hear it Fuds. Appendix is perfectly safe as long as you aren’t an idiot, and the single most common self inflicted gunshot wound is still the old hip down the leg whoops I was a dumbass speed holstering move, so buzz off.

AIWB is faster to draw from and conceals great. If you’re built like me (all torso, no hips/butt) then it doesn’t pull your pants down all day like regular hip carry.

The biggest issue is comfort, and that comes down to fiddling with it. Regular hip carry you just slap it on about where you want and call it good. Appendix you really need to fiddle around with it to find the sweet spot. For me the issue wasn’t walking or standing, but sitting, especially driving in a car for a long time.

Also, where you position it in front is going to vary based upon your physique and how you wear your pants. I don’t run it directly in the middle, I run it off to the side of my centerline a bit. I go pretty far right compared to most, but I’ve got more real estate to work with. 😀 Some guys will go more towards the middle, it just depends on build and comfort.

My regular holster is a Phlster Floodlight, but having a flash light on my carry gun is just a happy bonus because the main reason I originally went with the Floodlight is that the end is bigger and rounder and felt a lot better. (plus as a gun hipster who likes to try out all sorts of different weird guns, being able to not have to buy new holsters each time is awesome).

A good AIWB is going to have some adjustment available. The wing thingy (let me demonstrate my mastery of terminology) determines how much it levers the gun back against your body. This keeps the grip from making a big obvious rectangle under your shirt.

Contrary to what you might think, smaller is not necessarily more comfortable, because it’s about where the end of the holster pokes your body. That’s why a lot of people who carry stubby guns are doing it in longer holsters. The shorter ones have less of a lever effect below the waist line, which causes the top end to flop over your belt, which prints, and can really suck when it pokes you forever while you are driving.

So try it out, wear it around, use it, and then figure out where the hot spots are. What I mean by that is find out where the holster is bugging you, rubbing, poking, basically any discomfort. Then they’ve got foam wedges you can buy to stick onto your holsters to mold them to your body and prevent those hot spots. You can also use these foam wedges to get the angles perfect so there’s absolutely zero printing, even under very light clothing.

Or, I will get a Dr. Schol’s gel shoe insert, chop it into shape, and super glue it directly onto the plastic. I got this trick from Annette Evans and it works brilliantly. Plus, since I wear an undershirt the gel tends to stick to the fabric, so my it doesn’t get untucked when I’m drawing over and over. (and clothing getting into holsters is a safety concern)

On that note, either style of holster, you get no points for speedy holstering. Take your time. Look at the holster first to make sure it is clear of obstructions, then gently and deliberately put the gun back. Don’t just angry shove. That’s how you get a super fun trip to the ER.

I’m not flexible enough to look my gun into the holster. Like my body literally doesn’t bend that much in the middle. But go slow, and before you holster move your hips so that if it does ND on the way into the holster, you’re putting the bullet into the ground and not your body. This is something I have to constantly remind myself to do, because I’ll get into a groove where I’ll be drawing and holstering hundreds of times. If I catch myself going too fast on holstering, it is time to pause and refocus.

There’s a bunch of different brands, I can’t comment on them all. Note though that most of the high volume, really serious, hard core types are using the same handful of holster brands. I did another post a while back about what makes a good holster in general.

But once you find one you like, that works, and you’ve learned how to tune it to your body, you’re golden. I can drive a car all day and not notice the gun now. On the downside my holster looks like a big silly pillow with blue and yellow gel shoe inserts all over it like some kind of clown thing, but it’s comfy, and as the videos show, it works good. 😀