WriterDojo s1 Ep9- POV AND Series 3 Challenge Coin Update

Hey all- Jack Wylder here.
This week on the WriterDojo, the guys discuss Point of View- what is it and why does it matter?

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Series 3 Challenge Coins are available until this Sunday: https://mhiswag.myshopify.com/

Part of the process in doing coins is after the molds are done, they test them by striking coins out of a different metal to make sure the molds are correct before using the more expensive metals and doing all of the inlay magic.

Fallen Warrior Test Strike

SOTBS Test Strike

Severney Island Test Strike

WriterDojo S1, Ep8 – Heroes and Villains

EDIT (it would help if the professional author could spell villains right in the title)

For this episode Steve and I keep talking about how to write characters, by getting into how we create heroes and villains. Make them believable people, make them entertaining, and make your story not suck!

If you would like to support the podcast with a small monthly donation you can do it at Anchor: https://anchor.fm/writerdojo . Later in the season we will be doing some Q&A episodes using questions from our backers. (we were supposed to record some of those Monday, except I got stuck in traffic behind a flipped semi truck full of hay bales). EDIT – and I’m supposed to add that backers also get early access to the store whenever it opens.

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Most people listen through one of the podcast services, but we have also been posting these to YouTube and Rumble (though they’re sometimes a day later there). If that’s how you prefer to do, you can subscribe to the WriterDojo channel there.

October Update Post

Okay, there is lots going on-

Book Stuff

I just sent off Servants of War to Baen. It came out awesome. I believe the release date is March.

My next release is Lost Planet Homicide which will be available for FREE to members on Audible. It’ll be an audio exclusive for at least a year before it is in print anywhere.

I am editing the last couple of stories for No Game For Knights the second noir anthology (after Noir Fatale) with Kacey Ezell. The stories so far are excellent. I just sent mine off to Kacey to edit, and this time I did a story set in the MHI universe, but in 1949. The anthology will be out in 2022 but I don’t know what month it is scheduled for (once you have enough releases dates start to blend together!)

After that I will be working on the 4th book in the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior. My working title is Tower of Silence. Book 5 (the final) will be called Graveyard of Demons. But I don’t know when I’m going to write 5 yet.

After that I will be working on Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever with Jason Cordova.

And I’ve got a contract here for another, different MHI Memoirs style spin off with another author, but I can’t talk about that one yet!

There will be a Monster Hunter Files 2, but the hold up on that one is entirely my fault for being too busy writing books.

I’ll be working on a project with David Weber next year, and apparently he let the cat out of the bag while I was in the gulag, so I can talk about it. We will be doing a book set in David’s Norfressa universe, with novellas from me, Joelle Presby, Heather Holo, and Jim Butcher.

There is another Grimnoir trilogy planned. There may have inadvertently been a mention from me of a Hard Magic TV show being optioned on an episode of WriterDojo, but apparently that official announcement hasn’t happened yet, so whoops. Just imagine you didn’t hear that. 😀

That’s the quick version, there’s a bunch of other projects in the works too.

Swag Stuff

Jack is going to be opening up the store again soon, because we are doing a third run of Challenge Coins. He did a live stream on Friday with all the details showing off what’s coming.

(I didn’t get to watch the live stream because I was busy driving to a varsity football game to watch my son’s team lose with 200 yards of penalties. Ooof)

Note the really important part there, the store is only going to be open from October 8th – 17th. (and October 7th for WriterDojo backers because we are trying to give those people perks). That’s it. Once the store is closed it’ll be closed for the year.

Somebody asked Jack about Leatherbound Grimnoir which have been held up. That’s not Jack though. They’re still working on them. As you know from the last update the printer who did Hard Magic (which came out amazing) went under, and they found a new printer for Spellbound and Warbound, and are in line waiting due to fancy paper shortages. As soon as they have anything new I’ll post about it.

Con Stuff

I’m scheduled to be the Writer GoH for FenCon in Dallas in 2022.

I’m planning on attending LibertyCon and LTUE. I’m not sure about anything else yet.

Other Stuff

It has been crazy busy around here.

Unfortunately I injured my back a couple of weeks ago, and that’s really been screwing with my productivity. In the last year I hurt my shoulder (bowling!) and cracked a rib (wrestling!) It’s like I hit my mid 40s and everything started to break (and I have to wear glasses to drive now too). But my back has been feeling much better over the last few days, so back to work.

We are recording more episodes of WriterDojo this week, including doing some Q&A sessions for the backers. I’ve really been enjoying this project a lot. It’s been fun to just sit and talk about writing stuff. I hope the writers and aspiring writers have been getting some help from it, and I hope it has at least been amusing for everybody else!

Gritty Cop Show is still back burnered. I love that project. I just need to clean up a few more things and then send it out to beta testers. But sadly I’ve got to focus my writing time on the stuff that pays the bills.

State of the Swag Address 2021

Hey folks- Jack Wylder here. For those of you who missed the State of the Swag Address last Friday, here’s your update:

  1. The plushy Wendells have been temporarily detained by the US Customs office- as soon as they’re done admiring them, they will continue their journey to us to be properly distributed to their final homes. This project has been plagued by problems with materials availability and transportation issues (which are a HUGE problem at the moment) so we’re waaaaay overdue- but we’re still moving forward and will have them out ASAP.
  2. This delay has badly set us back on our schedule; we hate taking orders while there are still unfulfilled orders so we’ve held off. The original plan was to open the shop 4 times this year- if we wait until the plushy project is done, we will probably end up being open only the once. So we’re faced with a choice: take orders while there are still open orders out there or only be open once this year. As much as it pains us, we’re going to go with the first choice and reopen the shop while there’s still time to hopefully get everything out before Christmas.
  3. We have new patches and new stickers available for sale! They are already made and in our possession so there’s no waiting on manufacturing or shipping.
  4. We are doing a Series III set of Challenge Coins! The artwork is finished, the molds are in progress, and these are being done in the USA so delays should be minimal.
  5. The plan is to open the shop to WriterDojo backers 24 hours early- if you are a backer PLEASE get us your email address! We’ve got some other thank yous coming up soon and we want to be able to tell you about those too. (www.Anchor.fm.WriterDojo to become a sponsor, CorreiaTech1911@gmail.com if you are already one.)
  6. We’re going to be recording a special Q&A episode of WriterDojo with questions from our backers so if you’ve got something you want to ask the guys, let us know!
  7. We’re HOPING to have everything out by Christmas and we’ve done everything we can to make that happen but the Lovely and Patient Mrs Wylder gently reminded me after the LiveStream that I didn’t emphasize quite enough that we can’t make any promises. She knows where I sleep and she can get kind of stabby so I really need to emphasize this- WE CAN’T PROMISE ANY DATES. We will begin fulfilling orders as soon as we can- orders without coins will go out while we get them minted and after that we’ll fill them on a first come, first served basis.
  8. This is a limited time deal- we’re going to open the shop from Thursday October 7th (for backers, Friday the 8th for everyone else) and close it again Sunday October 17th at 4pm CDT.
  9. On the coins, this is your one chance. It’s highly doubtful we’ll ever do the designs again so if you want them either for yourself or someone else, you need to jump on it now. This might be your only chance to order before Xmas so if you’re wanting to get something as a gift, don’t delay.
  10. We are shipping internationally, but we cannot be responsible for orders once they leave the USA. (Which is why we hadn’t done international for a few years.)

So here’s what’s new in the shop!

Cuddlebunny & Mr Trashbags sticker

MCB Sticker

MCB Patch

Team Haven Patch (v3.0)

Team HooDoo Patch

Team HooDoo Sticker (Round)

Team HooDoo Sricker (Square)

and the Series II Challenge Coins are:
(note: these are the initial concepts- the actual final coins will vary slightly)

the Agencia de Seguranca Supernatural Coin (AKA Mr Trashbags)

Pride of Krasnov/Severney Island

Mike Massa just HAD to suggest a boat that had less than 200 ever made- in Russia- so not a whole lot of references. I found one though! This coin probably took longer because of that than any of the others. The waves on that concept art will be much more realistic- those are just placeholders.

Son of the Black Sword

On this one, the different levels of the Mandala will be different thickness, and the mask will be raised with a heavy emboss.

Camp Frostbite

Doing the Northern lights will be challenging, but I think it’s going to come out great and unlike anything we’ve done before. The backside is based off of native Alaskan artwork (but all monster-fied)

MHI Decision Spinner

We hadn’t done a spinner and I love trying new stuff- the center logo there is pivoted along the vertical axis so it can be spun.

Glorious Krasnovia/ People’s Republic of Pineland

This coin commemorates the historic ‘3 Days of Peace’ back in 1970, when an unusually large blizzard resulted in a temporary armistice between these 2 warring nations.

ILoH vs the Common Internet Shit Gibbon / Justify the Moon Ferrets

Things around here get weird sometimes. If you don’t know what these coins are about, do a search up top there for either ‘Moon Ferrets’ or ‘Common Internet Shit Gibbon’ and enjoy (but don’t drink anything that is unpleasant coming out your nose while you read them)

Team HooDoo

Possibly the most requested bit of swag has been Team HooDoo. Team HooDoo Team HooDoo Team HooDoo Team HooDoo It’s almost as if y’all liked that trilogy or something…

Fallen Hunter coin

There is a large blank space on one side so you can take it to your local jeweler/engraver to get the names you want put on there. (I already know which names I’m getting on mine) The front has the poem ‘Requiem’ from Robert Louis Stevenson:

Under the wide and starry sky,
    Dig the grave and let me lie.
Glad did I live and gladly die,
    And I laid me down with a will.

This be the verse you grave for me:
    Here he lies where he longed to be;
Home is the sailor, home from sea,
    And the hunter home from the hill.

The back has the Viking prayer which dates back to about 1100 AD but is most famous for being quoted in the movie ‘the 13th Warrior’:

Lo, There do I see my Father Lo, There do I see my Mother and My Brothers and my Sisters Lo, There do I see the line of my people back to the begining Lo, They do call to me They bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla , Where the brave shall live Forever

PUFF Exemption MkII

Since we did the Series I coins, Larry has picked up more than a couple of new fans, many of whom were very upset to find out they missed their chance on getting a PUFF Exemption. This is how we can offer people their own exemption without in any way diminishing the folks who got the dog tag version. Genius!