Proofing is done!

We did it.  Curly brought me back a very marked up book, and now we’re rolling.  The copy goes back to the publisher on Monday. 

Curly is a brutal proof reader.  You even think about looking at a verb funny, and he sticks a Post-it on it.  What was that?  We’re you comma splicing?  BOOM!  Conjuct this, punk!  WHAM!  You better stick a hyphen on that modifier if you know what’s good for you!  POW!

 Friggin’ Post-its every where… It was brutal. 

 I’m a good story teller, but me and grammar have never been friends (which anybody who has scrolled through this blog could tell you).  I was a Business Major.  We were required to take one English class, which if I recall correctly, was called How To Write A Memo 101.  But between pax and Curly, I’m pretty sure I’ve got something here that is at least borderline literate. 

Proof Copies are in my hands

I’m holding the final proof copy of Monster Hunter International in my hands right now.  Which makes typing hard.  But I can’t let go of it.  You know that scene where they open the Ark at the end of Indiana Jones, and the light comes out of it, and angels sing?  That’s kind of how opening this package from the publisher was, only without the exploding heads or melting eyeballs.  (yet).

I’m going through it now.  Red pen and Post-Its at the ready.  This is my last chance to fix things, mostly formatting issues that creep in anytime you put a digital file on paper.  Then Curly (the guy has proof read scholarly works on the Old Testement, my little book is nothing to him) will do a final read through, then we’re back to the publishing. 

We’re almost there.

It is so weird to actually hold a book, that you actually wrote, in your hands. 

Glenn Beck Christmas Show

I caught the Glenn Beck Christmas show last night.  I’ve got to admit that it was surprisingly good. 


I missed the very beginning because traffic sucked, but caught most of the first portion, where Glenn told family Christmas stories.  Which was actually really funny.  The next portion was more of a spiritual Christmas message, that ended with a positive message about redemption.  Then there was a bonus third part for the Salt Lake audience, where after giving everyone a warning that it was going to be about Glenn’s conversion to Mormonism, and that if they wanted to run, now was their chance, he told the story of how he found his faith.


Overall I enjoyed the show quite a bit.  I hadn’t known what to expect, and it was drastically different than his radio show.  As a Mormon, it was nice to see a public display of Mormonism from somebody famous who wasn’t afraid to express his feelings about his religion. 


On that note, as much as I despise Mitt RHINO Romney, I’m getting really sick and tired of having my religion get mocked by a bunch of idiotic pundits.  If I have to listen to one my liberal media elitist (who would have no problem sacrificing babies to Bhaal if it got them higher ratings) ponder about whether Mormons are Christians or not, I’m going to blow a gasket. 

Christmas time at the Gun Store

Awhile back on this blog, I posted about how there’s a guy that works at my shop who donated a kidney to save his brother’s life (which is just damn cool, any way you look at it).  His internet handle is Atomic Ferret. 


And he was a humble enough guy that he tried to do it without any of us knowing about it.  He didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.  (if it was me, and I was a single guy, I would make sure I told that to every single girl I met)  We only found out one day when we were eating pizza, and Atomic Ferret was eating the toppings off, but leaving the bread.  Well, I was about to cause a great deal of physical harm unto said Ferret (because I’m sorry, you don’t just eat the toppings and leave the bread for everybody else, ‘cause that’s just morally reprehensible), and he finally had to come clean that the lack of bread was doctor’s orders, and then we finally beat out of him the reason why. 


Because giving up an organ is a real nice thing to do, another one of my guys (internet handle, Uncle Barbie) decided that we needed to do something nice for him.  So we all kicked in to get him a little something, and it finally showed up yesterday. 


AF came in to the shop this morning.  PvtPyle and I were already there.  We waited for him to start examining the new guns on the wall, and when he picked up this one particular one, we asked him if he liked it.  Yep, he said he did.  So I tossed him a 4473 and PvtPyle said “Good, ‘cause it is yours.”


It’s a sweet gun, and AF is a 3gunner.  He’s got a good rifle and pistol, but has been running a really crappy Chinese shotgun.  This should work a lot better for him, and he should post better times, since it was his unlucky kidney that got removed. 


So we now have an official FBMG policy.  If you work here, and you give up an organ to save somebody’s life, we’ll buy you a gun.  Only it has to be an important organ.  No tonsils.  That’s just weak. 


Thanks to AF, because he is an inspiration to the rest of us slouches.