Heller at the Supreme Court

I haven’t commented on it, becaue honestly, the interesting part is the legal wrangling, and that just makes my head hurt. 

Oral arguments were yesterday.  I’m cautiously optomistic. 

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you really should pay more attention.  Heller is going to be one of the more important (one way or the other) SCOTUS decisions of a very long time.   

Writing Projects, MHI:2, update

I’ve been asked this a lot lately, but yes, there will be an MHI: 2.  The overall story arc is actually a trilogy.  3 by Owen Zastava Pitt, with 2 other books set in the MHI universe, but written from a different perspective, coming later. 

At this time, I’m still working on 2, and the plan is to release it the same way I released 1, around the end of 2008.

 Book 2 is only half written, 100% plotted, but needs a ton of polishing and editing.  Book 3 exists entirely inside my brain.  Book 4, called Monster Hunter Alpha is the story of Earl Harbinger.  The final book I have planned in the MHI series is Monster Hunter Nemesis and tells the story of Special Agent Franks. 

I have other projects that I’m working on also.  Mr. Nightcrawler III is 3/4 of the way done.  I’m going to concentrate on MHI:2 first, mostly because the real Mr. Nightcrawler is a busy dude also.  We plan on releasing III online, serial style, like the last book.  This one is a lot bigger and more ambitious in scope and plot, but features the same raw, back and forth style as the others.  For those of you that have read MHI, but haven’t seen my earlier extemporaneous online writing:  http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=207390&highlight=nightcrawler+lorenzo  It was a totally random, quickly written thing, that actually came out well.  My portions are posted under my name, Correia.

I’m working on another project that I’m really excited about, but can’t comment on at this time.  The story idea is really odd, but not nearly as fantastical as MHI.  I’m really proud of it, and I think it is going to make a great stand alone book.  Though I’m excited about this one, it does have to take a back seat for now, just because of time constraints.

100,000 hits


So either about 500 people a day click here, or there’s just a couple of you, and you like to click the same thing over and over again.  (got that joke from Says Uncle).