Update, and video games for Christmas Hoo Ray!

I haven’t posted anything to the blog for like ten days now.  I came down with some sort of Bubonic Death-Plauge this week.  That worked out okay though, since for Christmas I got a bunch of XBox 360 games.   Since getting off the couch was too much work, I just had my kids keep popping in various games between bouts of vomiting. 

 Mass Effect:  Holy crap, that’s a fun game.  Probably the single most engrossing role playing game I’ve played since Knights Of The Old Republic.  (and it is from the same company, so no surprise).  A lot of the mechanics are kind of weird, it is part RPG, part FPS, but the highlights are actually the conversations and the plot.   It isn’t black and white, good and evil, and you’ve got to make some tough choices, and there are some grown-up situations.  Overall, I loved it, and will be playing through it again.

Call Of Duty 4:  Modern Warfare:  The best COD game, by far.  An awesome shooter, with some really neat scripted moments.  The level where you are in a Spectre gunship, blasting the living hell out of the countryside is probably my favorite.  The piggyback level is great too.

Guitar Hero III:  The Correias have been Guitar Heroless since my boy decided to spin the CD for number II like a record, and scratched it to death.  Guitar Hero is just plain fun, I don’t care who you are.  Ironically, I can beat Satan in a rock off, but I can’t beat Tom Morello on medium.  Damn him.  But come on, he’s the guy from Rage Against the Machine (angry, about something… or other… hell if I know) and Audio Slave (which rocks the awesome).