CZ Group Buy Update

Most of the guns arrived, and the we’ve shipped the first out. 

We got almost all of the handguns, but are still waiting for .32s, .22s, and a few others.

The Dan Wessons arrived, and shipped, and we even got our Valors.

The Vz rifles have arrived, and will be going out tomorrow, or as soon as I get their FFLs.

About half the shotguns arrived, and were shipped.

We are still waiting for some bolt actions.  We got some .22s, but are no center fire bolt guns have arrived yet.

With that wrapped up, I’ll be launching an STI Group Buy and Sig Group Buy shortly.

Good Question

I just got the following from my review of The Rage:

Hokay. Usually don’t comment to blogs, Realize you’re younger than I am
but you’ve still had to have been a Joe Bob Brigg’s fan. so how do you
appreciate Bflick silliness like Rage, yet take offense and snipe at
28 Weeks Later?! Don’t get it. Hell, I’m still a Soldier/Sniper(will be
46 when we get back from next deployment) and I didn’t take offense at
the portrayal of the joe’s in the flick, not after how the Brit
squaddies in the first one were portrayed. What torqued me was that our young
hero dumped his M14 for a measly M4! It’s a zombie flick for
Bet you’re a “hell comes to frog town” and “Near Dark” fan.
Anyway, cool blog, and MHI was awesome, have given away a few copies
now. Didn’t score any with patches though. Keep up the good work.

That’s an excellent question.  How can I give a positive review to total cheese like The Rage, yet bag on 28 Weeks Later.  By all standards of filmmaking, 28 Weeks Later was better.  It had better acting, better production values, better effects, etc.  But it drove me nuts.

What it comes down to for me personally is that I’m a lot more forgiving of cheap movies, than I am of real budget movies.  If a movie has a budget, I hold it to a higher standard, and expect more out of it.  The cheaper the movie, the more I let slide.

For example, I haven’t ever posted my list of favorite vampire movies yet.  But the Bleeding has to make the list.  This thing was obviously made with a budget of less than the doughnut budget for 28 Weeks Later, but it was awesome.  The actors were obviously friends of the director.  The sets, if you could call them that, were one of the actor’s apartments.   But by golly, they put some effort into it!

When a movie is big enough to go to the theaters, then I expect quality.  If I’m a judge at the Olympics, then I’m going to have high standards and expect performance.  If I’m a judge at the Special Olympics, then I’m giving bonus points for effort, and not worried quite as much about performance.  (and that’s not bagging on the Special Olympics at all, because I’ve gone to them, and will admit that most of their track stars would kick my fat ass).

And yes, to answer the above Hell Comes to Frogtown is high quality cinema.  And Near Dark has BILL PAXTON!  B-Movie superhero, nearly as great as Ron Perlman, Lance Henrikson, and the Man, Jeffrey Combs. 


My friend, and editor of Monster Hunter International, Kathy Jackson has been hired as the managing editor of Concealed Carry Magazine. 

Kathy rocks, and is an editing dynamo.  If you liked MHI, thank Kathy.  Truth be known, I’m borderline illiterate, and grew up in a home where English was a 2nd language (and I never got to learn the 1st!).  Between her editing, and Bob Westover’s proofing of my mangle-ating of the language, I strung together a semi-coherant work of fiction.

Kathy will make an awesome editor.  So, if you aren’t currently reading Concealed Carry Magazine, check it out.

Movie Review: The Rage

I watched The Rage this weekend.


Overall, B-Movie nerds must watch this.  It has a very big 80s splatter movie feel to it, with mutants, killer vultures, some bad special effects, some good special effects, disposable obnoxious characters, and that Russian guy from Lost as a mad scientist.


This movie goes for all out B-movie awesomeness by not shying away from clubbing children to death with a tree branch, or a mutant midget who screams KISS THE MONKEY. 


Erin Brown is actually a pretty decent actress, considering that she started out doing porn.  I’m not into that, but she’s always enjoyable in horror movies.  She actually really surprised me in Master Of Horror’s Sick Girl with a really good performance.  There isn’t really a lot of what I would consider good acting in The Rage, but movies like this are not about drama awards, they’re about hitting mutants in the head with pipes, and Erin does a fine job at that.


The mad scientist, played by Andrew Divoff, is excellent.  You may know him as that difficult to kill Russian from Lost, but now he’s the difficult to kill mutant Russian out in the woods.  He does a great job, and I would have to say, best mad scientist since Jeffery Combs. 


It won’t win any awards, but where else can you have an insane midget (with subtitles!) introduce GAR!  The king mutant, and they shout Sayonara F******s!  I loved it to the core of my B-Movie soul.  It made as little sense as Ice Queen, but it did it with STYLE! 

Movie Review: Ice Queen  Eh… it was okay.  If you’re a B-Movie Geek, and you’re bored, and your copy of Big Trouble in Little China has a scratch in it.


The best thing about it is trying to think about the plot, and then trying to coherently explain the plot.  So let me try.  The movie starts out with a helicopter (with really cheesy rocket pod effects), attacking a convoy to steal a biohazard drum.  At no point do we really figure out who is getting attacked, or at least if they did, I wasn’t paying attention. 


Well, the drum contains a naked chick.  Who then gets dressed up in a weird suit with red wires, then there’s a skiing montage made up of stock footage, that can’t seem to decide if it is actually winter, or summer.


Then some dumb guy (oh, wait, I guess he’s the hero) cheats on his girlfriend with some chick with a really absurd boob job.  No really, it’s downright absurd.  There comes a point when a medical professional should just stand up and say, “No!  That’s going too far!  This violates my Hippocratic Oath.  Who am I to play God?”  I’m guessing the mad scientist Russian from The Rage did these. There’s big, and then there’s just unnatural.


Then the guy that stole the biohazard drum, stabs a pilot, for no reason that I can discern.  Then the bad guy and a doctor fly the naked chick out to the snow, while the doctor monologues on and on and on about the frozen chick, and her biology is like an insect, and she’s from the ice age, and on and on and on.  Well, this masterful plot exposition is interrupted when the suit shorts out, and the frozen chick gets REAL ugly, kills the bad guy by freezing his insides out (not nearly as cool an effect as it sounds) and crashes the plane.


Said plane crash then causes an avalanche that goes on for like fifteen minutes.  It is seriously the world’s slowest, yet most destructive avalanche.  Which traps our hero, his idiot girlfriend, the slut with the terrifying boobies, and some stock characters, in a ski lodge with the monster, and the idiot doctor.  There seem to only be a handful of people at the resort, even though there are like 30 cars in the lot that get destroyed by the avalanche.  These people don’t just not carpool.  They’re the anti-carpool.  They actually bring extra cars to work, just to park them, and make a bigger carbon footprint. 


And this avalanche isn’t just terrible.  It is actually the second time we get to see somebody ski right in front of a wall of falling snow, (Save us Vin Diesel!) and we’re only like twenty minutes in, ten of which are exposition, and the other ten are of those boobies. 


There is an obnoxious subplot where a fat ex-alcoholic wanders around the outside of the trapped ski-lodge with his dog.  He finds a cell-phone and calls 911, but they don’t believe him because he’s a drunk.  Oh yeah, somebody at 911 is getting sued for this one.


Also, I loved how the power was out, (in fact, there is an actual EXPLOSION when the power lines get knocked down by the avalanche, because, you know, electricity is flammable), but the power works when it is convenient for the script.  Like how the hand dryer in the bathroom works.  Even though there is a whole scene devoted to the fat guy turning the power on like 30 minutes later. 


The monster then freezes people for the next hour, falls in a hot tub, and dies.  The end.


Yes, seriously, it was actually that bad.