Lawdog Files turns 2

I’m a week late, but I just caught that the Lawdog Files has turned 2. 

Lawdog is probably one the funniest people that I’ve ever known. The man can spin a tale better than just about anyone, and probably the single hardest laugh I’ve ever had reading something online has been about his misadventures stuck in a thorn bush with an amourous and drunken armadillo. 

Going through my list of links, I realize that I know a lot of really funny, intelligent, and articulate folks on the web.  I could say positive things about each of them, and every time I have the time to check in on their blogs, I’m always entertained.  Most of them are pretty cool in real life too. 

Monster Hunter International, now available at Sam Wellers

Sam Wellers, an independant book store, in downtown Salt Lake City, is now carrying MHI.  So if there is any one in the Salt Lake area reading this, pick up your copies there.  I’m hoping that the initial ones they get in sell well so they’ll want to restock.   

My goal is to hit every bookstore possible to pimp my book.  I know that I’m an entertaining writer, I just need to get the book into wider circulation. 

Movie Review: 28 Weeks Later

Yeah, I know it has been out for awhile, and every other monster movie geek in the world has already seen it, but I finally got around to watching 28 Weeks Later last night.


Starts out interesting, same basic feel as the first one, which I enjoyed, and then the set up is pretty cool, with NATO (led by us, obviously) is resettling London.  There’s tons of troops around, and everything seems under control.


Then a couple of idiot kids sneak out, find their mom, and bring the infection back into the safe zone.  Rage virus fun ensues.


But overall, I disliked this movie.  In fact, it annoyed me.  You’ve got the US Army there for weeks, complete with tanks and air cover, and their plan for an outbreak is to take everybody out of their high-rise apartments (where you could hold off Rage Zombies for days by controlling the lobby) and then herd everyone into one big room, where apparently they decide that it isn’t worth, oh, I don’t know, locking the friggin’ door, or placing a guard on it.


I watched that part and just thought for myself, how stupid do you think Americans are?  Jeez… Then the Rage Zombies get loose, so the snipers start shooting people, and of course, since everybody else in the enlightened world knows how barbaric and savage American soldiers are, we immediately panic, lose control and carpet bomb the place. 


The only Americans that don’t suck are a sniper that goes AWOL, and a 25 year old hottie that I’m supposed to believe is a Major, and the head medical officer for resettling England.  Oh, okay.  Whatever.  The only thing I could think of when I saw her was Dr. HotChick from the Kitten Episode of Sluggy Freelance, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ve missed out.  Google is your friend.


Whoever was their technical advisor needs a good scissor kick to the neck.  Apparently poison gas that is lethal to a hormone charged Rage Zombie in about 5 seconds, can’t get through one of those high-quality, air-tight British automobiles.  Secondly, I’m sad that I wasted all that money on buying myself a good gas mask, when all this time all I had to do was cover my mouth with my shirt to stop mustard gas.  Oh well, at least I look cool in it.


As a gun guy, I loved the how the sniper’s EO-Tech was a magnifying optic with crosshairs when he looked through it, especially since he was looking through his night vision device while doing it, during daylight.  And the night vision was the most idiotic effect I’ve ever seen.  I’ve got night vision, and you can see more than three feet with it.  Batteries must have been low, since he was using it all day.


Then for some reason, the helicopter pilot flies the survivors to France, where cut forward GASP! 28 weeks, and the Rage Zombies are storming the Eiffel Tower.  Because, apparently, the French Army didn’t pay any attention when the country just north of them got wiped off the face of the Earth earlier that year.  Well, never mind.  That might be the most sensible part of the whole thing.


I’m a lot more open to shutting my brain down during low budget movies, but for high budget theater movies, I’ve got to hold their plotting to a higher standard.  Overall?  Blah.  Didn’t have the intensity of the original, and it was dumber. 

CZ Group Buy Update

I wrapped up the CZ group buy last week, and turned in the order.  The regional sales rep stopped by the store a couple of days after that to check the new place out. 

As of right now, I’m waiting for the first items to ship.  I don’t know the ETA yet.

CZ does it kind of weird.  All of their stocking dealers need to reapply at the beginning of the year.  So what happens is that all of their major dealers order at the same time.  The rep said they try to keep ahead of this by having a huge number of the more popular guns on hand. 

I’ll post updates as I have more information.  I’m still hoping for the first guns to go out shortly.