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Movie Review: Automation Transfusion


Stayed up late last night to catch this one. 

A little while ago I talked about why I’m tougher on A movies than B movies.  And I’ll give  a pass to B movies that try hard, even if they suck.

Well, here’s an example as to why.  Automation Transfusion cost $30,000 to make.  The director and the producer are young and inexperienced.  The actors are a bunch of high school kids. 

And it still ROCKS. 

Is it perfect?  No.  There are some dumb things, and when they stop to explain the plot, I laughed out loud.  Some of the jerky camera is a touch much. 

But this movie is an example of why B Movies are great.  It’s got soul.  It is a hard core, balls to the wall, blood and guts, zombie flick.  It’s visceral.  It’s gross.  It’s violent.  And it has chainsaws. 

The reviews over on IMDB make fun of the acting.  I don’t know what they’re smoking, but I thought (relatively speaking of course) that these kids did an excellent job.  It isn’t masterpiece theater you dumbasses.  It is people getting eaten by zombies.  How much ’emoting’ do you want.

The plot?  Well, people get eaten by zombies.  That’s pretty much it.  Don’t overthink it. 

Overall, fellow B movie nerds, catch this flick.

New Group Buys Launched: Sig & STI

I’m running 2 group buys at the same time, from now until the end of the month.  Same deal as most of my group buys.  Prices will be awesome as usual.

I do not post group buy prices in public.  I do not send out complete price lists.  Go to each companies webpage, and pick which models and options you’re interested in, and then e-mail me at larry@fbmginc.com for a price quote. 

I’ll take orders until the end of March, and then turn in a bulk order. 

For STI, some guns will be in stock, and will ship quickly.  Otherwise, turn around time on STIs is about 8 weeks.

For Sig, some guns will be in stock, and ship quickly.  Some guns are new, and in high demand, and those you’ll have to wait for.  But I will be doing them at super cheap prices.  The 250 and 556 are still hot items, though I’ve got 5 250s and 3 556s in stock this week, and beginning of next week respectively.

This is about the 6th STI group buy I’ve run, and the first major Sig sale, though I’ve been a SigNificant (he he) dealer for about 2 years.  I don’t advertise prices, but I can promise you that they’re going to be excellent.  For those of you that participated in my CZ buy posted on this blog, you know I’m not kidding. 

If you get a quote, and you think it is an awesome deal, feel free to tell your friends or post this to other places online.    Some other bloggers posted the CZ buy on their pages, and it was a tremendous boost. 

MHI Patches are here

I’ve got more MHI patches in.  I have 100 available. 

They are $4 each, including shipping.  Paypal me at slg2qcorreia@yahoo.com and make sure you include your shipping address.

People have been asking me about merchandise, hats, t-shirts, that kind of thing.  I’ve had several people recommend Cafe Press.  What are your opinions on their quality?