The Kickstarter is closed. 2,058 backers and $122,985 pledged.

The MHI Savage Worlds Kickstarter is over!

2058 people pledged $122,985.

We blasted through all of our stretch goals.

We funded in the first 3 hours.

What a crazy success.  This surpasses the previous edition of the the game by over $40,000!

We did not hit the last emergency stretch goal we hurried stuck on there yesterday, but good news, Alan was crunching the numbers this morning, and late orders when we send out the backerkit survey will still count toward the total, so we might still make the cut off to add free patches. We’ll see what happens.

I want to thank Alan Bahr for running this project, Jack Wylder for whipping up emergency patch art, and the good folks at Pinnacle for the Savage Worlds setting and help promoting this project. And most of all I want to thank all of you awesome fans who jumped in on this. We love you guys.

Up next Alan will be taking care of KS business, and putting together a backer kit survey to send out to everyone who pledged so you can specify what exactly if is you want. We’ve already assembled a team and will be working on the book. We will send out updates to the emails you pledged with. It’s going to be awesome.


MHI Kickstarter Update: Final Stretch Goal Added. FREE PATCHES!

Okay guys, we’re in the final countdown.  (I’ll refrain from singing the song)!

We’ve added one last stretch goal. A limited edition Professional Monster Killers patch.

Bubba Patch


Pretty cool huh?

If we reach $125K then we will add one of these patches to each of the physical pledge levels for FREE!

However you can also order extras at $5 each right now. Even if we don’t make the $125k goal to throw in the freebies, you can still buy copies of this patch now.

These Professional Monster Killer patches will only be made for this event, and then they’re gone. The last KS we did the original Bubba patch. Those are collector items now.

MHI RPG Kickstarter: The Final 24 Hours!

We are in the last 24 hours!

We’re at $107k and climbing. Yesterday and last night were crazy. We’ve cracked all our listed stretch goals, but I’m talking with Alan to see if there is something else we can add on to go for. I will update again.

If you want any of the add ons, just adjust your existing pledge to add that amount, and we will send out a backerkit survey later to figure out what you want.

This is it, folks. If you’ve been procrastinating, now is the time.

MHI RPG Kickstarter: Only 3 days left!

We are in the final 3 days of the MHI RPG Kickstarter and closing in on our 100k stretch goal, which will be a deck of playing cards with MHI artwork.

The Savage Worlds system uses a deck of cards for determining initiative and a few other fun little things. Any old regular deck of cards will do, but it will be really cool to have an actual MHI themed deck. Hell, if you don’t play RPGs, you can get a deck for poker night!  🙂

The coloring book and challenge coin are both unlocked and available to order. All you need to do for an add on is adjust up the amount of your pledge for whatever items you want, and then after everything closes we will send out a Backerkit survey to you to specify what it is you wanted.

MHI RPG Kickstarter: By Popular Demand, We’ve Added an MHI Coloring Book

The fans have spoken!  Actually they saw the rough draft line art for the RPG on the Facebook page and everybody started telling us they’d buy a coloring book of that. So okay! We aim to please. (and never forget, Capitalism Makes You Ripped).

Here is the announcement from Alan at Gallant Knight Games:

1 Week Left! + Coloring Book Details!

With a week left to go, we’ve crossed $80,000, adding a Larry Correia penned adventure to the corebook!

Oh boy. So, now we’re staring down the barrel of the coloring book…Which means, we should probably give you details about this add-on!

We’re aiming to make this a prestige product, something that will feel nice and clean in your hands, with a high quality paper! It was a very popular request on the MHI Facebook group, and so, we’re aiming to please!

If you want the MHI coloring book (which will use art from the corebook and playing cards), you’ll need to increase your existing pledge by $25. If you are getting a pledge with physical items already (PUFF Level 2 and higher), you’ll not need to pay anything extra for shipping.

If you are getting a digital pledge (PUFF Level 1), you’ll have a shipping surcharge after the campaign in the BackerKit.

Simply click “Manage Pledge”, and increase your total pledge by $25 USD. You don’t need to change your pledge level. Just increase the amount.

This is a physical only product, no digital equivalent. We’re still locking down page count, but we’re aiming for a 30 to 40 page coloring book (tentatively).