I’m on TV! My Episode of Shooting Gallery Airs on 2/28 on the Outdoor Channel

There is an episode of Shooting Gallery which will air tomorrow on the Outdoor Channel, which is all about my trip to the Blue Steel Ranch 1000 yard precision rifle class. (I love the episode description, “Firearms Nerd”)

I talked about the class here: http://monsterhunternation.com/2017/10/16/review-of-the-precision-rifle-1-class-at-the-blue-steel-ranch/ It was awesome.

They filmed the first couple of days, and I was the subject as they followed my progress from total cluelessness to hitting the thousand.

A Podcast Interview Where I Talked About CCW in Schools on the Tom Woods Show

I did a podcast interview Friday morning on the Tom Woods Show. https://tomwoods.com/ep-1101-how-to-respond-to-school-shootings/   We mostly talked about CCW in schools. It was a good interview. I’d not heard of Tom before this (even though he’s got a huge audience, so that’s on me) but his show came highly recommended by some of my fans so I went on. And I think the interview went well. I’ll be checking out some more of his work.

Back from LTUE

I was at the annual Life, The Universe, and Everything writing conference in Provo for the last few days.

LTUE isn’t a con in the normal sense. There is very little fannish stuff. It’s mostly writing for writers by writers. Some panels can be a little artsy and fannish, but mostly they tend to be writers giving nuts and bolts advice about the business.

If you are an aspiring writer, or currently writing and trying to improve your skills, I highly recommend it. I’ve been every year since 2009. Also, it’s comparatively super cheap.

The guest list is always excellent, with a lot of really talented people to learn from (and sometimes disagree with, but even that is educational).

Plus, on the personal side it is a lot of fun because friends come in from all over the country. This year there were a bunch of folks I know from Texas and Florida who flew in (over the last couple of years, we’ve started having a miniature LibertyCon West contingent to hang out with).

I’d encourage you to check out LTUE. As far as writing education goes, its the best bang for the buck out there.