Signing tonight at Powells in Beaverton.

I’ll be at Powells in Beaverton tonight at 7.

Tomorrow I’m at Dark Carnival in Berkley, 5-7.

Thursday I’ve got two signings. At 1 I’ll be at the Santa Rosa Copperfields. At 7 I will be at the San Rafael Copperfields.

Signing at University Bookstore in Seattle Monday

I will be signing at the University Bookstore in Seattle tomorrow (Monday) night starting at 7. Come by and say hi.

Monster Hunter Nemesis SPOILER THREAD talk about your SPOILERs here!

So my poor volunteer mods on the Facebook fan page have been trying to keep people from dropping spoilers. So that is what the comments of this post are for. Spoil away. Questions? Want to gloat because you guessed right? Just happy somebody kicked a gnome? Post here freely.

I am on tour but I’ll check in whenever I can.

I am at Convergence today and signing at Uncle Hugo’s tonight. The MHN release is looking to be my biggest yet. It hit #1 on Audible to be the best selling audiobook in the world (briefly! Back at 3 right now). It was the #1 fantasy ebook on Amazon. On the Amazon authors list I’ve been in the top 10 of my genre before, but this is the first time I showed up on ALL authors and ALL books there. I got as high as #48 overall, and considering how many authors there are on there I’ll take it. I won’t know how the hard copies did until next week though, and sadly I don’t think ebooks count toward the NYT list. (And it is really too bad audio doesn’t or I’d be high up on that thing every time)

Not too shabby for some “little known author”. If I keep “irreparably damaging” my career like this, who knows what will happen? :)

So spoiler away! Those of you who haven’t read it yet have been warned!

Monster Hunter Nemesis IN STORES NOW! (and Audible and everywhere else!)

Monster Hunter Nemesis hard covers are in stores now. Pre orders are shipping. The audiobook is available for download (narrated again by the excellent Oliver Wyman).

Back at #2 urban fantasy in the Kindle store right now.

One thing that people don’t realize about the bestseller lists is that they are based on velocity and not just total sales. What that means is that if you have a book that sells a thousand copies a week every week all year, it will never make a bestseller list, but if you sell ten thousand copies in the first week and then never sell another copy again then you will make the list. The first book sold better but wasn’t a best seller. That’s velocity. So the more fans who buy the book when it first comes out, the more likely the book is to make the lists.

Now personally I like making the lists because then the book gets better shelving and more attention for a bit, which puts me in front of more new potential readers. Making the NYT list is a confusing process based on the sales of a couple hundred secret bookstores. I’ve had books make the NYT, and then had the next book come out with bigger numbers and not make it.  Unless you are one of the huge names, getting on that thing is always a crap shoot.

TL/DR – if you want to buy copies of MHN to give as Christmas presents, please do it this week. :)

I’m leaving on tour. So if I’m in your area drop by and say hi.

Thursday, July 3, 2014—5:00PM

Uncle Hugo

2864 Chicago Ave S,

Minneapolis, MN 55407


Friday, July 04, 2014                

CONvergence-Minneapolis – DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel


Saturday, July 5, 2014-

Westercon/Salt Lake City


Monday, July 7, 2014-7PM

University Bookstore

4326 University Way NE

Seattle WA 981105


Tuesday, July 08, 2014—7PM


Cedar Hills Crossing-3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.5

Beaverton, OR 9700


Wednesday, July 09, 2014—5:00-7:00PM

Dark Carnival – Berkeley, CA

3086 & 3090 Claremont Avene

Berkeley, CA  94705


Thursday, July 10, 2014—1:00    

Copperfields-Santa Rosa, CA

775 Village Ct

Santa Rosa, CA  95405-6781


Thursday, July 10, 2014—7:00PM

Copperfields-San Rafael, CA

850 Fourth Street

San Rafael, CA  94901-3224


Friday, July 11-13


High Point, NC


August 1-3


Omaha, Nebraska


August 14-17


Indianapolis, Indiana

Book Bomb! Kurt Schlichter’s Conservative Insurgency

Today we are book Bombing Bombing Conservative Insurgency!


For those of you new to Book Bombing, how it works is that we get as many people as possible to buy a book on the same day in order to bump up the Amazon sales rating. The higher the book gets, the more people see it, the more people buy the book, the more it boosts the author. And the most important thing is that the author GETS PAID.
Some of you may remember Kurt from this FOX News bit:’ve known Kurt on Twitter for a couple years. He is a no holds barred master of annoying the hell out of statist bullies. Normally my Book Bombs are for sci-fi, fantasy, that sort of thing, but this time I’m going political.  Think of this as World War Z (the book, not the movie) only for libprogs instead of zombies.
Right now it is at:

EDIT:  We are creeping up.

And so is the Kindle version

So please tell your friends!


EDIT: Still moving up slowly, but not like I’d like. Having never done a political book before, I’ve got zero idea what to expect.

EDIT: Better, but apparently you guys aren’t as into politics as I thought. :)

EDIT: So finally, the hard cover did okay,

And the ebook did pretty darn good.

The Drowning Empire, Episode 57: Letters from Second City

The Drowning Empire is a weekly serial based on the events which occured during the Writer Nerd Game Night monthly Legend of the Five Rings game. It is a tale of samurai adventure set in the magical world of Rokugan.

If you would like to read all of these in one convenient place, along with a bunch of additional game related stuff, behind the scenes info, and detailed session recaps, I’ve been posting everything to one thread on the L5R forum,

This week’s episode was written by Pat Tracy. Continued from: 


To Subotai’s mother:
This will be the last letter I will send to you. Today, I am free. No longer do the Lion hold me as a hostage. That being said, I am a prisoner of something much worse, within a cell whose walls you had a hand in building. It is often not a samurai’s fate to choose his course. We are creatures of duty, and we perform the tasks which we must.
Would that I could do as I wished, riding hard back to Journey’s End Keep to marry my beloved, Shinjo Namori. That cannot be now. Perhaps never. It is likely that I will leave her broken hearted. I hope that I do not leave her dishonored, for that is a sin which I have always fought hard against.
The burden of truth that we carry can only grow heavier and more onerous as time goes on. When the time comes, I will do the honorable thing. I urge you to do the same.
I am no longer furious with you, as I was. We do what seems appropriate and must suffer the consequences. We have both, I think, had good lives and done much. The only thing we must consider is the honor that we must preserve: that of our loved ones, our clans, and houses. The truth cannot be escaped. It is as the wind, and will always find a crack in even the most obdurate of structures.
I am committed to continue on with the journey I have started. Freedom is not something for me to taste. This journey will likely consume me. Perhaps it will allow me to, in some small part, erase the shadows of the past. Perhaps it will allow me to die in a way befitting a samurai. Only the fortunes know.

To Subotai’s Father:
It is a good day. I am free from the bondage of the Lion. The Unicorn and Lion have at last made peace. Akodo Toranaka is betrothed to Utaku Yanai, and I am free to marry my beloved.
That being said, I have committed to continuing in the struggle against the Dark Oracle of Water. I would be foolish to think that this mission will end soon. As Bushido states, the true warrior must enter battle already resigned to his death. This, I do. If the Fortunes wish to preserve me through these trying times and terrible battles, that will be something I rejoice. Today, though, and for some unknown span to come, I am a dead man walking the earth.
It is for this reason, and with a heavy heart, that I must advise you to promote another to take your place at Journey’s End Keep. That is not a position that I will be able to fill, perhaps not for many years.
In any case, I am not suited for such things. I fear that I did not inherit the mental faculties for such a complex job. I am a fair warrior and a minimally skilled poet, but I am not made of the stuff that a true leader must have. Trust me, I have compared myself day in and day out to a few who do have those attributes. I find myself lacking in every area.
I know that these words will be bitter to read, but I feel that it is better to say them directly. You have done so much for our clan. I hope that your successor can carry these advances forward, and do much honor for the Unicorn. I pray that we will have the opportunity to meet again, though I am bound for the jungle so dark and forbidding that even the demons of Jigoku fear it.
I wish you good health and continued fortune, Father.
With respect and humility,

To Shinjo Namori, his betrothed:
Like a stand of trees before the woodcutter’s axe, the impediments to our union have fallen. I am free of my hostage status to the Lion, and the barriers of hurt feelings between us have been overcome. Nothing would please me more than to be able to ride to you and take you in my arms. I ache for your touch, and nothing can sooth the loneliness without you by my side.
There are promises to keep, however. I have sworn to fight the Dark Oracle of Water, and to defend the Empire from all the threats to our way of life. The threats are manifold at this time, far more than I could mention in a letter.
Know that I love you dearly, and that you have been the best and most formative thing in my life. In my attempt to become worthy of your admiration, I have begun to grasp what it is to be a samurai, and a man.
The way forward is not an easy one. There are many dangers and enemies that I will face in the upcoming days. Please say a prayer to the Fortunes on my behalf, that I may return to you one day. If I cannot, please promise me that you will move forward with your life and fulfill the great promise that is in you.
Farewell for now, my dear. You will be in my heart with every step.
Yours eternally,

Last Will and Testament:
Upon my death, these are my wishes:
My Daisho and Dai-Kyu should return to my family.
My horse, Tento, and my groom should go to my betrothed, Shinjo Namori.
My Yumi should go to Yoritomo Oki, the greatest archer I know. In the event of his passing, it should be returned to my family.
A trust should be set up from my available currency to give one koku per year to the kind family who were our hosts in the Lion lands.
The remainder of my possessions should be passed to Akodo Toranaka, who is as my brother. In the event of his passing, they should go to any surviving White Tiger.

To be continued next week:

Next Book Bomb is Monday the 30th, CONSERVATIVE INSURGENCY

Mark your calenders, my next Book Bomb is on Monday the 30th, and it is for Kurt Schlichter’s Conservative Insurgency.


Yep. We’re going political this time. Some of you may remember Kurt from a Fox News interview I posted a while back. He is one of my fellow combatants in the Great Twitter Culture Wars. We have stood in the gap, and clubbed hordes of morons like they were baby seals. So obviously, that deserves a Book Bomb!

I was supposed to be one of the cover quotes, and then failed miserably at getting my crap together enough to finish the book before the deadline. So to make up for it, BOOOOOOK BOOOOOMB!

Conservative Insurgency takes the form of an oral history of a successful struggle against progressive dominance from the perspective of the year 2041. It is not a novel; instead, it is a rallying cry and a battle plan for constitutional conservatives who feel outnumbered and outgunned by a liberal establishment that wants to make them extinct and Republican moderates who are more than happy to lose if it means they keep getting invitations to all the right parties.

Conservative Insurgency lays out the history of this struggle from the point of view of various participants as America inaugurates a new president and fully re-commits to the conservative vision of the Founders. The testimonies of the characters – politicians, academics, activist, soldiers and even a gender-indefinite performance artist who finds that liberalism is more constraining than conservatism ever could be – describe a multi-front, long-term political, social, and cultural war designed to seize society’s high ground in order to restore the Founders’ vision.

It is not a war of violence but one of persuasion and action. The weapons are not arms but arguments – though the transition is not entirely peaceful as progressives refuse to honor basic rights when it means they must give up power.

Why an insurgency? Because conservatives won’t win a stand up fight today – the enemy is too powerful, and to do so risks allowing them to destroy us forever in detail. Military history provides many useful analogies for this peaceful struggle. Remember the Vietnamese insurgents during Tet in 1968? They came out of the jungles during that holiday season in an attempt to take over the South in one fell swoop. They were annihilated, despite the best efforts of a liberal United States media to portray it to the contrary. They simply made their move far too soon. They went back underground and, seven years later, they took Saigon.

How does a force that is always “losing” end up winning? That’s the key question, and one the oral histories of the 30+ characters answers.

Author Kurt Schlichter is uniquely suited to write this book. A Townhall,com featured columnist and conservative media commentator, he was personally recruited by Andrew Breitbart to write for the conservative legend’s “Big” websites. Kurt has a large Twitter following and four consecutive Amazon kindle bestselling “Political Humor” e-books, but he is also a trial lawyer who served in the Army infantry from Operation Desert Storm to Operation Enduring Freedom in Kosovo. His background, including a masters of strategic studies from the United States Army War College, give him a unique perspective on politics, government and the strategy and tactics of an insurgent movement. His work as a stand-up comic helps give this serious subject a humorous edge.

Conservative Insurgency shows how we need to engage the enemy everywhere – politics, the media, the law, academia and, as Andrew Breitbart taught us, popular culture. From the faculty lounge to the news room to the recording studio to the boardroom, we will never again simply write-off anywhere in our society to the progressives. There can be no safe havens for those who reject the basic freedoms our Founders enshrined in the Constitution.

Conservative Insurgency is not about losing gloriously but about winning gloriously. Through the experiences of its many vivid characters, it lays out some general concepts and ideas about how to do it. They say the Tea Party is dead. Nonsense. We’re still here. We’re still ready to fight. And we’re going to fight, each in our own way, and take America back.


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