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Monster Hunter International

original cover by Oleg Volk

Monster Hunter International 


Five days after Owen Zastava Pitt pushed his insufferable boss out of a fourteenth story window, he woke up in the hospital with a scarred face, an unbelievable memory, and a job offer. 

It turns out that monsters are real.  All the things from myth, legend, and B-movies are out there, waiting in the shadows.  Officially secret, some of them are evil, and some are just hungry.  On the other side are the people who kill monsters for a living.  Monster Hunter International is the premier eradication company in the business.     

And now Owen is their newest recruit.  It’s actually a pretty sweet gig, except for one little problem.  An ancient entity known as the Cursed One has returned to settle a centuries old vendetta.  Should the Cursed One succeed, it means the end of the world, and MHI is the only thing standing in his way.  With the clock ticking towards Armageddon, Owen finds himself trapped between legions of undead minions, belligerent federal agents, a cryptic ghost who has taken up residence inside his head, and the cursed family of the woman he loves.

Business is good…

Welcome to Monster Hunter International. 

MHI was a huge hit, and made the Entertainment Weekly and Locus bestseller lists. It is now in its fourth printing.

First Seven Chapters posted for free at Baen’s Webscriptions

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Baen cover by Alan Pollack.




Monster Hunter Vendetta: 

Available now in E-Book.  Paperback coming September 2010.

Cover by Alan Pollack


Accountant turned professional monster hunter, Owen Zastava Pitt, managed to stop the nefarious Old One’s invasion plans last year, but as a result made an enemy out of one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Now an evil death cult known as the Church of the Temporary Mortal Condition wants to capture Owen in order to gain the favor of the great Old Ones.

The Sample Chapters for free:

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Book One of the Grimnoir Chronicles:  Hard Magic 


Coming in trade paperback May 2, 2011 from Baen Books. 




Art by Zachary Hill. Cover forthcoming.


Cover for Hard Magic, by Alan Pollack

 Jake Sullivan is a war hero, a private eye—and an ex-con. He’s free because he has a magical talent, being able to alter the force of gravity in himself and objects in his vicinity, and the Bureau of Investigation calls on him when they need his help in apprehending criminals with their own magical talents. But the last operation he was sent along to help with went completely wrong, and Delilah Jones, the woman the G-men were after, who just happened to be an old friend of Jake’s in happier times, had a lot of magical muscle with her, too much muscle for the cops to handle, even with Jake’s help.


Seven Free Sample Chapters: 

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Earl Harbinger may be the leader of Monster Hunter International, but he’s also got a secret. Nearly a century ago, Earl was cursed to be werewolf.  When Earl receives word that one of his oldest foes, a legendarily vicious werewolf that worked for the KGB, has mysteriously appeared in the remote woods of Michigan, he decides to take care of some unfinished business. But another force is working to bring about the creation of a whole new species of werewolf. When darkness falls, the final hunt begins, and the only thing standing in their way is a handful of locals, a lot of firepower, and Earl Harbinger’s stubborn refusal to roll over and play dead.

cover by Alan Pollack

The Sample Chapters for free: At Baen Webscriptions

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 Michael Valentine, veteran and former member of an elite private military company, has been recruited by the government to conduct a secret counter-terror operation in the Persian Gulf nation of Zubara. The unit is called Dead Six. Their mission is to take the fight to the enemy and not get caught. 

Lorenzo, assassin and thief extraordinaire, is being blackmailed by the world’s most vicious crime lord. His team has to infiltrate the Zubaran terrorist network and pull off an impossible heist or his family will die. When Dead Six compromises his objective, Lorenzo has a new job: Find and kill Valentine.

As allegiances are betrayed and the nation descends into a bloody civil war, Lorenzo and Valentine must face off.  Two men. Two missions. Only one will win. 

The Sample Chapters for free: At Baen Webscriptions

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Cover by Kurt Miller.


Dark fantasy goes hardboiled in #2 of the hard-hitting Grimnoir Chronicles by the New York Times best-selling creator of Monster Hunter International. The Grimnoir Society’s mission is to protect people with magic, and they’ve done so—successfully and in secret—since the mysterious arrival of the Power in the 1850s. But when a magical assassin makes an attempt on the life of President Franklin Roosevelt, the crime is pinned on the Grimnoir. The knights must become fugitives while they attempt to discover who framed them.

Things go from bad to worse when Jake Sullivan, former P.I. and knight of the Grimnoir, receives a telephone call from a dead man—a man he helped kill. Turns out the Power jumped universes because it was fleeing from a predator that eats magic and leaves destroyed worlds in its wake. That predator has just landed on Earth.

The Sample Chapters for free: At Baen Webscriptions

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Coming September 2012, Monster Hunter Legion

The Sample Chapters for free: At Baen Webscriptions

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Into the Storm (2)




Son of the Black Sword


Layout 1


A hardcover omnibus of my first 3 Monster Hunter novels.

The Sample Chapters for free: At Baen Webscriptions

From Barnes & Noble Buy The Monster Hunters here

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And Hard Magic has been translated into French:

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  1. Larry,
    SWEAR to me that you will be selling MHI patches as well as the book. You put that logo on a pin and a hat and I’ll take two of each!

    1. hey, i’m a reader of bean books authors. i read your sample liked it and then picked up the book. IT WAS SWEET.
      i normally only read military sif-fi or books more into the sciences. anyhow. I WANT A PATCH TOO. oh and pins ^^

      1. Larry, I’m about 2/3 through Dead Six and love it, can’t wait for more!

        Hey, I managed to sell a kidney and bought a copy of your self-published MHI. Now I’d like to send it to you for an autograph. Same with my copy of MHA. Going to start Spellbound as soon as I finish DS.

        Any movement on a HB special edition of MHI? I vote for an embossed leather cover.

    2. First, this page needs to be updated. I don’t see Warbound up there anywhere. Which brings me to the next point…

      Promote more/better! Until Google cards directed me to a fisking post (Google knows I keep a wary eye on SJW articles and sci-fi) I didn’t recognize your name (bad, I know, I’ve been buying every MHI book as soon as it hit paperback).

      I didn’t know your other series were yours (I’ve passed up Hard Magic dozens of times because noir is a hit or miss genre for me, I honestly dislike the cover, and the back did NOT mention magic ninja zeppelin fight… would’ve had my money sooner if you’d led with that).

      I just picked up the whole Grimnoir trilogy the other night because you mentioned it in the midst of the many Best of MHN posts I’ve been binge reading since. I’ve already flagged that as “wait for a weekend before starting, because I probably won’t want to stop for distractions like work or sleep”.

      … Still debating whether to check out Dead Six (I strongly prefer sci/fantasy in my mil-fic) but don’t you have a sequel for that out as well?

      1. The sequel is Swords of Exodus. The last book is Alliance of Shadows, out in October.

        Sadly there are entire career fields devoted to “promote more/better” so when you crack the code of how to make that super easy, let all those marketing people know. 🙂

        1. More/better promotion:

          In keeping with your philosophy of “it ain’t stupid if it works”…

          1. Fisk more things that deserve fisking. That brought me here.

          2. Keep finding ways to mention things like “magic ninja fight on zeppelin” in casual conversation. I just bought three books because of that one comment.

          3. Profit (GET PAID)

          4. Update this page as new works are upcoming/released.

          5. See if Baen will spring for a stand in the front of the bookstores to show off your full catologue in one place. As is, your impressive range of genres has your works scattered across the store.

          6. Most important: keep writing entertaining books (you know this, but it bears repeating for the audience’s sake) 😎

          7. (optional) Win the DragonCon award (Beating out a Jim Butcher book won’t be easy, but it should get some attention)

          For the TL:DR marketing student: find someone who writes as well as Larry Correia, sell his books, profit. 😜

        2. Bom Dia Larry,
          I am currently on book 3 of the Grimnoir Chronicles audiobook. Man, I love this series! I’m new to your work and ended up listening to Hard Magic because I’m a big fan of Bronson Pinchot and I was looking at a list of books he narrated, and hard Magic seemed interesting. I’m glad I did, I had a great time with them. I’m going to try the Monster Hunter books next. Being that I’m currently on the last Grimnoir book, I was wondering if you had any plans for any more books in the series? Thank you.

  2. I’m with the crowd in that I need a patch as well as the book. I juyst found your blog and it’s already one of my favorites. Can’t wait for MHI!

  3. I’ll be taking preorders on the book probably around the end of October, with it being out around the new year.

    I was thinking about doing signed copies and patches for everybody on the preorder.

    1. Hey Larry I am a huge fan and the one responsible for getting your book on the California reading list, even if it was only for a few school. But the kids love it, its a though neighborhood and the girls like the the the female characters in the books aren’t in need of constant rescue plus the boy just like anthing that goes boom. Anyway I was wondering if you’d put out any sample chapters for “Monster Hunter Legion” or how I can get on the preorder list. Thanks for you time and all the great books!

  4. Remember to make a (slight) variant of the patch for the members of the Order of the PreOrder. When you later sell thousands of patches to your adoring fans, the originals will remain special.

  5. OH YEAH! I’ve been waiting for this one for over a year now. Put me down for a book and patch times 2. I think that the Marine!goth would like a set, too.

    I follow your stories (and LawDog’s) over on THR, though I don’t post there. (lurkersRus)

  6. 1895 was the founding of Monster Hunter International.

    I should have a date set for the preorder in the next few days.

  7. 1895 was the founding of Monster Hunter International.

    I should have a date set for the preorder in the next few days.

  8. Cant wait for the pre-order, loved the Nightcrawler stuff…cant wait for MHI. I want a patch too!
    oh, and HK hates me because I suck!

  9. I’m really interested in the book, and I’d love to have a patch like that.

    HK hates me because I don’t buy their stuff.

  10. Larry,

    I need one of those MHI patches for my Flight Suit. Oh, and I’m in for a book as well. I will be pre-ordering as well, provided I can get online when it opens.

    I forsee this opening up a lot more “what caliber for XX mythical beast” discussions on THR

  11. I have snail mailed you a check and I am looking forward to the patch and the book.

    I really liked your MHI sample chapter and so did the Wife!

    I have not followed your Nightcrawler series on THR due to my place of employment blocking the THR website. I will need to back track and start reading them in my off hours. I did read a few beginning chapters when it first came out before it got blocked. It was excellent reading.


  12. Just found out about the new novel today!Looks good, in fact I’ll snail mail an order out in the a.m. tomorrow . Do you still have any patches?

  13. Just finished your book, its a wild ride! I loved it.

    Guns, Monsters, Heroes, Villians, & the hero gets the girl. What more is there in a book?

    Looking forward to the next one, hopefully OZP doesn’t get beat up so much in the second one. I was starting to have sympathy pains for him LOL!!

  14. Larry, I repeat… you’re a Evil Bastard.

    I had a VERY difficult time putting that book down!! And now I’ve got to wait until you write another…

    OK, in all seriousness, I’m VERY impressed in MHI – even more so when I realize that it’s a first book! That’s getting a permanent place on my bookshelf.

    And I’d still like to know when MHI is recruiting for their next class…

  15. I LOVED your book! it was easily the best thing I’ve read in a long time. Please tell me you have plans for a sequel or ten!

  16. Great book! Excellant charactors, good plot and very funny dialogue.

    Best of luck on the sequel.

    I can’t decide if the patch goes on my bug out bag or rifle case.

  17. Larry-reading the book right now. Good stuff, and a great change of pace from Clausewitz, Colin Gray, and the National Counter Terrorism Strategy that I have to read for class.

    Question: What made you decide on the SCAR-H for the cover?

  18. I wish I had bought the preorder with the patch. so far it has circled through 3/4ths of my family and we all agree HBO miniseries.

    I look forward to the continuation.

    Harbinger and Franks are still my favs.

  19. Hey, I’m Ben’s friend and I work with him. Awesome book man. Can’t wait for the next. One question though. Send me an email on it if you would. In the end someone dies whos’s name is Gus. I can’t remember him from any where in the book. Who is htat guy? P.S. You killed me with the orcs and and the painted white hands on the armor.

  20. You, sir, are an evil, evil man. 0525. That’s when I got to *sleep* this morning.

    Loved the Sluggy Freelance reference on Boone’s team patch.

    When’s the sequel?

  21. Wow!!! What a great book!! I have had to force myself to stop reading and get sleep, but its so good i wanted to just finish in one reading. I can’t wait for the sequel!! I would love to see you get it made into a movie. I would and so would the rest of my family be glued to our chairs. I am telling everyone that I know to read this book!!!

  22. Larry,

    awesome book! Saw it mentioned first at MadOgre, did some research, and next thing I know the BBT is dropping a box from Amazon filled with the book world’s equivalent of crack cocaine. Read it from cover to cover in one night – seems to be a common theme in the comments.

    Can’t wait for the sequel! WRITE FASTER!!!

  23. Larry,

    Glad I picked up your book at the last gun show – it was nice talking with you. I finished the book today and absolutely loved it! I can’t wait for MHI 2 to be published – I echo the sentiments above – WRITE FASTER!!!

    Thanks for a great read. I want a patch as well, gonna look nice on my Multi-Cam TRUs.

    So, since I don’t have another MHI novel to read, I have been renting every zombie/vampire movie I can get my hands on. I’m even playing online zombie games (The Last Stand parts 1 and 2) – and

    These should keep your readers entertained for a bit! Thanks again Larry – keep up the good work!

  24. No hard cover release? I have a huge library. I am a voracious reader. I keep every book I buy and read. I’ve never liked to buy paperbacks because they don’t last.

    Although I work and teach in the Information Technology field, I’m old school when it comes to books. I want to hold a good, hard cover book in my hand not some cheap paperback that will fall apart in a year and I can’t stand reading PDFs, Ebooks etc.

    I hear a lot of good about your book. Any chance of getting a hardback version?


  25. Larry;

    I’m a regular over at Baen’s Bar, and already registered as a customer at Webscriptions.
    PLEASE tell me I’ll be able to pick up hat and patch along with my eBook and dead tree versions?

  26. Hi Larry! I am a14 year old girl with a passion for monsters, guns and anything weird and dangerous. I am reading MHI for the again and it seems better this time around! But I have a question: What is a Luska? You mentioned it a couple of times in the book and its been bugging me. Nothing comes up when I google search it and I can’t find anything on wikipedia. Is it something you made up? Please tell me! I’m going insane!! (Actually I already went insane, but thats not my point)

    P.S. MHI is possibly the best book I have ever read and I would just like to say that Owen Z. Pitt would murder Harry Potter.

      1. I understand it is a half Octopus half Shark that can travel across land in search of unwary prey to pull down the deep holes to feed upon.

  27. Yo, semi-shaved-sasquatch-dude…

    Monster Hunter NEEDS a Facebook page… Get it started, and the buzz will grow further, until it eats Minneapolis, or something like that… Or maybe Omaha…

  28. Finished the book in one sitting, my eyes were sore and my wife was a bit irritated but it was worth it.

    Thank You, it’s hard to find a good read these days.

  29. WOW! I have gone through 3/4 of this book in 2 days. Simply amazing! I am starting to dread that the book has to end. Please tell me you are working on a sequel.

  30. I just recieved and read the book today. Literally could not put it down. I ate pizza while reading it. I shot a .22 revolver while holding it in my left hand. I cleaned guns while reading it.

    Finally finished it a little while ago. Very good book, great all the way through, especially the end.

  31. Larry,
    Hardware from THR here, just bought the ebook of MHI from webscriptions. I’ll let you know once i’ve burned through my copy this weekend. Looking forward to a good read. Now, where can I get that MHI patch?

  32. I just read the book from cover to cover. I could not put it down! Great job! It’s nice to read a book from an author that actually knows his weapons and uses correct terms and grammer! Thank you for writing a kick ass book!
    If you can…shoot me an email so I can mail you some money for four patches!
    Congrats again!

  33. I just put down MHI- loved it! One of the most fun reads I’ve had in years. Great characters and funny as hell- especially the epilogue! Can’t wait to read your next book.

  34. hey, about the beyonet, wouldnt it make more sense for the flat of the blade to be silver rather than the top edge?

  35. Larry, needs more monsters, demons, and etc.
    So everybody start sending in the folklore from your family back grounds.
    Just kidding, Larry, but it is a thought for you. Not that you need much help, me thinks.
    Great book, fun read and a great sense of humor.
    I will be giving all my friends brand new copies of their own. Usually I just pass on my copy but not now.

  36. I’d pay some $ to get a patch for my paintballl gear! Just reading the book now. Only 9 chapeters in and I’m hooked hard. Awesome book! I haven’t read such an enjoyable urban fantasy fiction since I started Dresden Files.
    I’m already recommending the book to friends and I haven’t gotten finished.

  37. Da*n good read. If John Steakley had written the Phoenix Force series, it would have come out something like MHI (yes, that’s a compliment). Here’s hoping for a sequel.

  38. Mr. Correia-

    Bought this book yesterday, just finished it. Simply awesome. Also, very nice touches on putting local cities in, it makes the background seem natural for those of who live in the area.

  39. I absolutely loved this book and I’m hoping that you make it into a series. I also look forward to reading some more of your work soon.

  40. Excellent bit of reading and lots of fun. As a Southern currently residing in Alabama, I can only say ‘Thank You’ for making Alabama the home base for MHI.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen both Elves and Orc in the past few years. Gotta get out near Three Notch or Ox Level and see if I can find some new friends.

    I’m pondering some ‘Skippy the Orc’ gear. Using Skippy peanut butter-style lettering. That should get some appropriately confused looks. 🙂

    Keep writing and we’ll keep reading. Thanks for a sub-culture worth being a part of.


  41. Great review Larry .. great book, I have not been able to put it down.

    Only problem is I’m not right wing, I’m a left wing gun nut .. am I still allowed to read your books? 😉

  42. Andrew, if I wasn’t allowed to watch movies from people I disagreed with politcally, I sure wouldn’t watch very many movies! 🙂

  43. for future MHI book
    People who do not have “problems with authority” are more likely to be dominated by vampires or other monsters. Thus agents of the Monster Control Bureau are more likely to be victims. When this study gets out the shit really hits the fan. It is suggested that the MCB bias against private hunters is monster induced.

  44. Mr Correia,

    I picked up a copy of MHI last night and it was amazing! It was the best read Ive had in years. I look forward to your next work(s).

    I’ll be ordering a few patches for my girls.


  45. Just finished “MHI”. . . I needed a book to take on vacation and my brother lent me his copy. I made a face when he said it was about monsters, but he assured me that I would love this one. Love it, I did. . .imaginative, witty, funny, full of surprises. I love the “Enchanted Forest”. . . it reminds me of some of my lazy, generation-welfare relatives. . . including the beer, wrestling, and the can’t-wait-till-the-first-of-the-month government check! GREAT book. . . it needs to be made into a movie. That would ROCK!!!

    1. I read this a while back, and it was like watching a damn good movie. This really needs to be made into one. Make me director and you’ll have a blockbuster on your hands.

  46. Larry-

    A friend of mine who reads your blog regularly sent me your book in the mail. No note, just the book. Knowing him like I do, I knew his silence meant “just read it and thank me later.” Sure enough, I loved it, and I’m not much of a fiction guy…short attention-span, but I couldn’t put it down. It’s like Harry Potter for the NRA set.

    Can’t wait for the sequel.

  47. Burned through MHI in the course of a few days. Way to go Larry! I saw this one in the bookstore and was sold by the blurb on the inside cover. It didn’t let me down, not one time. Looking forward to more of your writing, whether that is MHI2 or something else!

  48. Picked up your book just because the cover caught my attention. Awesome read!!!! Now hurry up and work on the sequel! BTW, please throw some Californians into the MHI for me. Not all of us are weirdos…fine, we are. That just makes us more suitable right? HEHEHE

  49. Really enjoying the book so far (about half way through). What caught my eye was the similarity in concept to Pollotta’s Bureau 13 books. Inspiration? Coincidence? Just curious as the execution is obviously quite different and I like them both.

    1. I hadn’t read Bureau 13 until a bunch of folks pointed the same thing out to me. Same thing with the Dresden Files.

  50. Larry,
    You are truly a god among fiction writers. MHI launched itself to the gold medallist platform in my heart’s booklympics by the third chapter and I’m fairly certain has claimed the weapons-grade-uranium medal now that I’ve finished (so good it’s Radioactive!) I’m recommending it to… Everyone. Also, if you’re ever in Portland, Oregon, you need to meet my buddy Matt and hit the quarries for some high velocity entertainment.
    God Bless, M.

  51. Wow! All I can say is “WOW!”
    I got your book as an afterthought when I couldn’t find another I was looking for.

    I started reading at 5 pm last night and then, when I looked up, it was 1:30 am! I am almost through!

    When is part 2 coming out?

    Larry L.

      1. Do you have any other works that I can look for? Having read Weber, Williamson, Ringo, Butcher (my 4 favorite 🙂 I want to say that you have become one of them (now 5 favorite).

        I really like this book! Thanks for the adventure! But I am not thru yet. I am just at the place where the Mom comes back and seduces Owen.

        WoW, just WOW!

        I haven’t look at your site much, but do you have an other works already published or on the way?


        Larry L.

        1. Larry,

          I’ve only got the one published. MHV has been sold, and will be out in Fall 2010. I’ve got another series, alternative history/fantasy set in 1932 called The Grimnoir Chronicles. The first book is finished, and I’m trying to sell that to Baen now. It is called Hard Magic. Then I’ve got a third series (thriller) which I am cowriting with another author named Mike Kupari. The first book, Dead Six, is about 90% done, but Mike is on active duty, so that makes it tough.

          If you go to the My Fiction tab up top, it has some other miscellaneous things I’ve written.

  52. Just incredible!
    I was glued to the story. My wife was in tears because
    I wasn’t paying her any attention. She was mad!

    But now that I am thru all is well!

    I think I will read it again….. After my wife calms down.


    Larry L

  53. Just finished the book and was pretty stoked on how it read. Lot of ups, lot of downs, lot of in and outs. It kept my attention and now I’m craving for more. I also enjoy the Lovecraftesc mythos you half way acknowledge. I wasn’t so sure about Z’s dreamer abilities but you pulled it together and made it work much better than I thought you would. All in all I thought it to be a great read and shall be recommending it to my co-workers, customers, and friends. Hope you bust a new one out soon!

      1. Larry just a suggestion don’t take it to Hollywood for a movie take it to NBC or Scyfy and make a series out of it for TV !!!! Get the residuals from the reruns!

    1. Justin Sharbono TV and the residuals would be a good idea, but TV can mess great books up. I found another book series through Scyfy, but it was nothing like the books. It turns out they butchered the story. MHI is a complex story and would need much special and digital effects. I think ScyFy would butcher it, it would be best to actually get an indie producer to make three episodes as close to the world Larry made and that way if ScyFy picks it up they would have to keep up the high caliber work.
      Just my take on TV butchering books these days.

  54. Larry ,, Just wanted to drop by and let you know I am half way thru your book and it is Awesome!!! I heard about it from JayG at MArooned. Hopefully you can get someone to do a great movie adaptation. : )

  55. Great book!!! I loved it. I’m glad to hear that there is a sequel. Lots of good stories could come from the way this book ended.

  56. when will you be building an abomination, and i cant find pictures of the saiga you had redone. could you post some?

  57. when do you think you will be building an abomination, and i cant find pictures of the saiga you already had redone. could you post some?

  58. I saw your book in a borders book store and the title intrigued me. But what made me buy the book was opening up the cover a reading the quote you had inside. Target rich enviroment indeed, great book, I’m recommending it to all my friends and family. Cant wait for the sequel.

  59. Finished it for the 5th time yesterday. It’s just as good. I need to buy this book in hardback. Right now it is sitting atop a pile of recently read books by Patricia Briggs, John Ringo, Joe Haldeman, S.M. Stirling, Raymond Feist, David Brin, and Roger Zelazny. It shares the company well.

    When are you going to put together a band to do the music of “Cedar Point Killing Machine” You could always title the album “Music to kill monsters by.”

    Hold the pig steady…

    P.S. When I read that line am I the only one who thinks of the 60 gunner?

    1. Oddly that pile of books is next to a highly tuned Sig GSR and 5 boxes of Sierra Matchking 77gr BTHP waiting to turn into Mk262 Mod1 loads. And a 20lb sledge hammer called anethesia. I am so your demographic.

      Peace and prosperity.

  60. Wow Terrific Book! Not really a “fantasy” fan but love werewolves so I picked it up and couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait for the sequel and I’ll be checking out your other work.
    PS-read your blog about horror movies. Check out my fav, Dog Soldiers, great werewolf flick.

    1. Totally agree on Dog Soldiers! If you search on here I did a post about my top 5 werewolf movies of all time, and Dog Soldiers took #1. And because of Kevin McKidd I ended up watching Rome, and that was one of the best shows ever.

  61. Larry,

    I just finished MHI and it was awesome. I’m not a SciFi fan, at least I wasn’t, but I am hooked now. I had heard such great things about MHI that I had to read it. That, and supporting a local gun nut! Can’t wait for the next one to come out. Keep up the great work.

  62. Just finished reading Monster Hunter International. I got it as an early Christmas present and finished it in just a few days. I’m not normally a horror fan, but I loved the book so much that I can’t wait for the sequel! I’ve recommended this book to about fifteen people and have already loaned it out to a friend to read. The best way that I’ve been able to describe the book is as a good Bruce Campbell in written form. Really enjoyed it. When is the sequel coming out?

  63. wow Excellent read!! i think this book is made for the movies. After the first chapter i was hooked and couldnt wait to finish the story great plot and rewarding characters. Very enjoyable. This would make such an excellent movie Way better than the current drivel out there,

  64. wow. this book is great i truly mean it. its hard for me to find a book thats entertaining enough that im sucked into it right off the bat. the only thing i got caught up on is you would think that highly trained killers who seem to take a good beating a lot of the time would use more profanity :). i love your writing, im only half way through the first monster hunter and i allready cant wait for the next one.

  65. Larry –
    I’m a little late to the MHI party (which is good I suppose, with all the demons there and the like). I blame Brandon Sanderson and John Brown for not informing me about you getting published by Baen (I’m a friend of theirs, and a test reader). Bums.

    I have a book review blog, Elitist Book Reviews, and I’ll be posting a positive review of MHI shortly.

    I’ll also be at LTUE, and would love to chat with you. Shoot me an email so we can set something up.

    Steve Diamond

  66. Hi, just had to say i just bought MHI on wednesday, read it by late thursday & liked it so much that i went & bought another copy & donated both of them to my local library.
    I hope others enjoy it as much as i did. Can’t wait for more books in the series. Best of luck in getting all of your stuff published.

  67. I haven’t even finished the book yet, (I am up to the excursion to see the Wendigo) and I love it and want to read more of the exploits of MHI. I just ordered a patch this morning. Now I just need to figure out what to put it on…

    Please tell me there are more books coming making MHI a series…

  68. Larry, this has been the best book I’ve read in quite some time! The action, the humor, fights, and monsters all just flow. Very great work! I’m working on a story of my own and had to do some rewrites cause I don’t want to be a copy of you, but damn man… I could only hope to have the same fan base. You Sir, Rock. I am anxiously waiting for the second book, and I know you won’t disappoint!!! Kudos!

  69. Hey, Larry, my dad wanted me to ask you about Huffman. Did you name him that after the big bad wolf, who huffed and puffed and blew the piggies houses down? Or is it just an odd coincidence?

  70. Hello Larry! I just wanted to say that I picked up your book Monster Hunter International a short while ago and I must say that it is great! It is one of the best books that I have read in a long time (and I usually read Dean Koontz and Stephen King)! I am almost finished with it and am eagerly waiting for the second Monster Hunters book. I have one question for you. Why the hell has SYFY (hate the new spelling) not turned MHI into a movie, mini series, or all out series on their channel? I think it would be a smart move on thier part! I am a new fan of yours and keep up the great writing!

  71. Hi Larry! I just wanted to say I LOVE THIS BOOK! I also like Dean Koontz and Michael Crichton (R.I.P) but this book has easily become one of my favorites ever.
    I agree with others…this series would be a FANTASTIC movie or series (in a perfect world SyFy would do a series based on this and air it back-to-back with Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files). Hell, reading this book has just been like reading through a movie to me anyways – I can definitely visualize it as a movie.

    Also, have you ever thought about running up a small batch of hardcover prints through Subterranean Press ( That would be amazing! I would love to purchase MHI in a special hardcover edition!

    Keep up the great work! I can’t wait until MHI: Vendetta comes out in September!

    1. Thanks, Will. Much appreciated.

      On the hard covers, Baen has a deal with someone (can’t remember the name off the top of my head, might be those guys) and they are working towards doing runs of different books. I don’t really have many details yet, but it is something on my publisher’s plate.

  72. Glad to hear my MHI fix will be available in Sept can’t wait to read the sequel! Best of luck getting Bean or another publisher to pick up the other stuff. I’ll be sure to pick them up as well.

  73. I love some of the details you put in your book. I noticed several Mormon references, including not obvious ones (I am a Mormon as well), and a couple nods to webcomics: Sluggy Freelance (mini-lop bunny armed with a switchblade), and Schlock Mercenary (Milo’s homemade flamethrower hummed ominously). Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the sequel and your other projects.

    By the way, my wife is working on some novels. A bit away from getting published, but do you have any tips for writing? On a slightly different topic, have you been on Writing Excuses yet? You totally should be.

    1. I’ve been on Writing Excuses twice. I’m friends with those guys. Great bunch.

      I’ve been posting some tips on writing recently under the heading Ask Correia.

  74. Larry,

    I just wanted to write and tell you I really enjoyed the book – awesome job!

    Are you from Alabama or have family from Alabama because you know an awful lot about the area. I’m from Birmingham and was just curious whether you were originally from here. Liked the “DeSoya” Caverns bit : )

    Looking forward to the second book!


    1. I’m a life long westerner, but I lived in Alabama and Mississippi for two years as an LDS missionary, believe it or not.

      I love the South, and I hate that in most fiction southerners are always portrayed badly. Being from B’ham, I know you know what I’m talking about. 🙂 I wanted to write something where southerners were portrayed as the clever, tough, badasses that they really are. Plus, Alabama is just a fun place to set a book about monsters. Monster Hunter Vendetta takes place mostly around Montgomery, then Monster Hunter Alpha takes place in the UP of Michigan. (another place that gets no respect) The next one, which doesn’t officially have a title yet (though in my head it is increasingly becoming Monster Hunter Legion) takes place between Las Vegas and the Dugway Proving Grounds.

  75. MHI is awesome! I was just strolling through books-a-million looking for anything and the title coupled with the cover art (seriously, the head in one hand and freak shotgun in the other would stop anyone in their tracks) really grabbed my attention. I Started reading and literally couldn’t put it down. (I read it in one sitting 6-7 hours) The Ambush in the Bottoms is easily one of the most intense sequences I’ve ever read and the book is full of them. I could go on and on but suffice it to say I’m a fan and can’t wait for Vendetta.

    P.S.- More Agent Franks! He’s badass

    1. LMAO I just read the description for Vendetta and it looks like my request was anticipated. Forgot to mention I’m from Alabama and it’s nice to get accurately represented in a novel. Lookin forward to your Collab with Ringo. Congrats on your success.

  76. Hi Larry!

    Let me start by saying that I LOVE the MHI book. It’s amazing! My dad read it and asked me to give it a chance. Boy, was I happy I did! I’m truly hooked and can’t wait for the next one.

  77. Larry, read a comment by you on another site where you said that they wanted to you to shorten MHI origninally because it was long for the genre. Please, dont ever do that. I love long books that you can just fall into and get lost in. Loved MHI, can’t wait for the next one. Keep up the good work.

  78. Larry,

    Are there any Vendetta patches, pins, etc available?

    Any new information about your newer publications? Amazon doesn’t seem to be much help. I am, supposedly, on their waiting list for your titles. I wouldn’t bet long odds though.



    1. Salty, if you click the Buy Stuff tab, I’ve got 3 patches now.

      On Amazon, they should be shipping Vendetta around the 28th of September and Hard Magic May 3rd.

  79. Hello! I am about 1/2 way through Vendetta and it is, incredibly, even better than MHI. Your gun play is still top-notch, and it is so refreshing to read somebody who understands firearms! And while I am not a fan of Saiga, Abomination is simply kick ass cool.
    Keep it up!
    p.s. My vote is for Grant to be the spy.

  80. Hi Larry, I just finished reading Vendetta. I thought it was great. Many times I have found that a second book is a disappointment – not in this case. Keep up the great work.

  81. Larry, I have to say, I feel pretty lucky actually. I went into the Barnes and Noble in Jordan Landing here in Utah, and I picked up a copy of Monster Hunter International. On the front cover it had a sticker that said “Autographed Copy.” So, thanks for the autograph!

  82. Monster Hunter Vendetta page 603

    “Gretchen had been impressed that I’d provided Julie the biggest wedding night offering ever, and she had warned my new bride that she was now obligated to provide me many strong warrior sons. Given how big an Old One was, Gretchen estimated three dozen sons would be sufficient.”

    Its doable.

    Pitt better get busy.

  83. MHI and MHV are great books. I enjoyed both of them very much.

    Please tell me, there is a third book in the woks ?

    1. Monster Hunter Alpha, coming August 2011. Monster Hunter Legion 2012, Monster Hunter Nemesis 2013?, and I’ve got more planned after that.

      1. please ignore most of my post below i just read this and realized my questions have been answered and my addiction to this book series will be well fed. though the time period saddens me i understand the work it takes to put into writing books such as these and that you have other projects you are working on.
        thank for your time,

  84. I cant help but assume from the ending of HHV that there will be a book 3 monster hunter series. i just would like you to confirm this if you could. also if there is to be a book 3 when could i expect it to be on the shelves? iv read many book so far to the point were people say i need to stop and limit my self to how much i read but non have caught my attention like the monster hunter books. i am addicted to them. they are by far the best books ever written in my opinion and can wait to read more.
    thank for your time,

    1. Gage, Larry has said there are at least two more: Alpha (centering on Earl) and Nemesis (on Franks).

      The only limitation I see on MHI is how far Larry’s willing to go with it or allow others to…

      1. thanks for the up-date but i also realized my mistake before you pointed out. i left this comment above.

        “please ignore most of my post below i just read this and realized my questions have been answered and my addiction to this book series will be well fed. though the time period saddens me i understand the work it takes to put into writing books such as these and that you have other projects you are working on.
        thank for your time,

      2. and also the Third in the “Owen” series. So next out will be Grimnoir I (Hard Magic), then MH Alpha, Grimnoir II (I think), then the third in the “Owen” series, then MH Nemesis (Franks). I know I’m leaving out the collaborative books with John Ringo and I think there might be another Grimnoir between MH Z (or whatever he calls the third Owen book) and MH Nemesis. So by my tally you have at LEAST three more MHI books AND the Grimnoir chronicles AND The Correia/Ringo books, AND Dead Six (publisher still unknown). Plus Larry is writing some short stories in both the MHI and the Grimnoir series for Baen. Larry’s going to be busy for a while yet, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes out with some other MHI side projects here and there. (And that’s all before Hollywood comes out with the movie!) Gage, have you read the free chapters on Grimnoir yet? Very different than MHI but just as awesome in its own way….
        Larry, did i miss anything?

        1. No, I think you got most of them. I’ve got a couple other side projects in different universes that I’d like to write. One I’ve been calling the Africa book and another that is a straight up epic-fantasy.

  85. I know this is my 3rd post within the last 20minutes but a thought just popped into my head. With it’s popularity that continues to rise the Monster Hunter series very well may be asked to be made into a movie or series of movies. Larry should you receive such an off i must ask, no beg you to not allow Hollywood to destroy your books story on the big screen. I’m not saying it shouldn’t become a movie it absolutely should. just don’t allow them to butcher the the story to what they think will work better make them butcher there damn scripts to match the book and not butcher the book to match a script.
    thank for your time,

    1. I’d love to have a movie,and I would love for it to be good. The thing is, the writer of the book really has about zero say in the matter. In order to retain creative control, you’ve got to be a whole lot more important than I currently am. 🙂

    1. I think this is needed as well!
      the only thing is in the fictional world the east coast is pretty well covered isnt it?

  86. Correia, I first got your book when i was 15. It was the first i’ve ever read and now i am part way done with Vendetta. I wish to thank for turning me on to books and such a good story; pains to know that i’m almost done with Vendetta lol. I’ve just wanted to know if you knew about any another books i could sink my teeth into? -With love from the streets.

    1. Sage, that’s a good question. There are hundreds of awesome books out there to choose from. Head over to and click on the webscriptions for their free library. You can sample hundreds of books over there (and hundreds of the whole book for free). That’s probably a good place to start. I was partial to my publisher way before I wrote for them. 🙂 Ringo, Williamson, Hoyt, Weber, Drake, Flint. All good authors there and more.

      Outside of Baen, recently I’ve been reading John Brown, Dan Wells, Dan Simmons, F. Paul Wilson, Brandon Sanderson, and I’m currently reading a zombie novel by Weston Ochse.

  87. Just finished MHV – totally loved it. Larry is my new favorite writer! Someone really needs to pick these books up and see the potential in the movie theater! I’m also interested in patches for MHI 🙂

    Can’t wait for Alpha and Nemesis, and your other projects! Keep up the awesome work,


  88. larry
    i got a little story for you. i was in a book store looking for a good book. my friend said i should read a book called the outstretched shadow. so i grab the book take it to the cashier. i paid for the book and a huge fight breaks out in line. so i grab my book a break for the door. i get home and open the bag and its not the outstretched shadow. it was MHI in the bag. i was so mad i was on my way out the door to take the book back back. my girlfriend stoped me and said that it was some kind of fait crap and i should read it. so being the good boyfriend she trained me to be…….i did and i have got to say MHI is the best mistake i have ever read. i loved it!! im half way through MHV and i think its better than the first.

  89. Just read the first page of chap 9 MHV. AS a proud Canadian I thank you lol, that line was great. SO impressed was I that I goggled you, read your life story, and was pleased to hear your intentions for the MIH franchise [ KUDOS] . I hope your fine work comes to the atention of the folks at the Scifi network , the folks that do the stargate franchise specificaly , I think a parallel series in the MIH universe would be a perfict fit for them. MIH would of course make an awsome movie franchise. Thanks for the entertainment. The gnome scrap was a riot { excuse pun lol}


  91. Hey Larry, Just finished M.H.I. I loved it, can’t wait to read Vendetta! I am a full time L.E.O. and a Part time Swat/Sniper…. your patch is going on my Ghille Suit! I love to bitch about gun inaccuracies in book/movies/tv you give me nothing to complain about! I do carry a HundK P-7 off duty, don’t hate me ’cause I drank the cool-aid!
    Keep ’em coming!

  92. I just finished the first two books MHI and MHI: Vendetta and I loved them. Amazing blend of balls-to-the-wall action, horror, humor and yes heart.

    White trash trailer park elves, noble orcs, and thug/gangsta Gnomes. I can’t wait to see what you do to other fantasy creatures next.

    Keep it up, you rock.

  93. Well I’m eagerly awating Alpha, or the ARC! I was truely impressed and entertained by the first two books in the Series. Sadly they are gone now. I made the mistake of reading them during the breaks at last years All Army Service Rilfle Championships and they were snagged by my buddies. So do me a favor and make them avalible for the Kindle. So being a Professional Soldier and having around 50 months in combat zones around the globe as a Sniper (now SKT for the pollitically correct) I have yet to see any major faults or errors in your techno-speak and the charecter is much like myself (redblooded gun nut who digs hot chicks who can shoot) I could see skippy using flechete rockets in the hind with silver flechets. You could use slugs filled with silver nitrate soaked saw dust but hey I’m the guy who wiped the oil from poisen Ivy mixed with dmso all over insurgent cache sites in Iraq. They wipe their ass with there hands. it became easy to ID them. I have found some kindred spirits in your books. I thought only a grunt/ranger/sniper/etc could come up with some of your stuff. Write on dude and I’ll tip one back to you when the next eddition comes out

    1. Thanks, Al. 🙂

      You can get my books on the Kindle, just not on the Amazon page. (my publisher is having an argument with them). Go to Under the Webscriptions you can get my books and download them for only $6.

      And the poison ivy is a great idea. 😀

      1. Just when I was about to bust your chops for not having these available in a Kindle version…I’m glad I did a search on this page. And not only that, the Baen site has Ringo’s books in Kindle format too, for a double bonus. I bought MHI used, but rest assured you’ll be seeing some royalties from me headed your way. If you’re ever down in Orem, give me a shout.

  94. Hi Larry, Just wanted to say “thanks mate!” for creating the MHI Universe for us all to thoroughly enjoy. I’m now desperately waiting for Alpha, but I guess that just gives me time now to aquaint myself with your other stuff doesn’t it? And have just finished “Tania” over at Baen. What a class A hoot! Please… more Tania!! She gives me the “jester’s shoes” for sure! (yes.. yes… Google it if you must..)
    Best wishes from an aussie fan!

  95. I think that a Mosh short story would be interesting to explore. With him dealing what happened to him at the hands of the necromancer. The loss of his celebrity status and music career is in many ways worse than what happened to Z, because he had farther to fall.

  96. I forgot to mention my HK (no compromise) expierence! I have nothing but respect for the shooting community. Your opinion is yours and if I don’t agree with it. I WILL RESPECT IT! So I was at the final firing line in the 2010 ALL ARMY CHAMPIONSHIPS! The echo of the PA system in my ears as the Cadre said this event is rapid fire! There are no Alibi’s! I knew I had it nailed down. when the lifters came up I fired exactly one round and my weapon locked open on the ass end of the rounds that nose dived into the front of the HK steel magazine. Well as I mentioned, it was a no alibi event and the final firing line so I couldn’t change mags out as it was my last one. I now have a dented to hell, HK (you suck and we hate you) magazine framed on my wall next to the one gold medal I did win. I went from first place to honorable mention when I dropped those 25 points on the last firing line. It was not a total loss as everyone around especially the cadre laughed until they had tears in their eyes as an irrate 1SG in the throws of a Class A, PTSD assisted Melt Down! Butt Stoked the offending magazine to death on the firing line! So Fred I hope the little Squeeze Cocker on your P7 doesn’t fail you. It fortunatley was only in a match when mine failed. I have had it go the other way man! You don’t have a breeching tool to transition to I’m betting. Take Care. Remeber revolvers are small and don’t jam.

    P.S. Larry! For the love of god please realse your ARC of Alpha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey Al,

      Dude…. that sucks! I would’ve lost my mind too! What were you shooting a P-7? We used to carry USP’s in .45 on our team, but my Dept. transitioned from Berettas to G-19, so we ditched the USP for G-21SF’s… I liked them both but shoot the 21 a bit better as a rule. To be honest on swat jobs I usually carry my 19 ’cause it doesn’t get in the way going in the muck and mire…. and I have it set up for a Trident9 suppressor that can come in handy from time to time…. it is not Hollywood quiet, but with subsonic .147’s is pretty damn close to it!

      My latest toy is a CZ-SP-01…. I got it for a song from an estate sale in unfired shape…. I did an action job, and added a Sig light and shooting 300’s is embarrassingly easy… It is getting to be my favorite
      hog leg in a hurry…. now if I could only find good kydex to carry it in I will be set!

      As far as the P-7…. well….. I just like it….. I will carry it off duty, till I find something I like better, (Been through Glocks, Kahr’s, dozens of 1911’s) and it is still my favorite piece…. or if it fails me…. it hasn’t so far! I know it’s not for everyone…. but it makes me smile…. even if I do have to get my nomexs gloves out after 40-50 rounds!

      Larry, just started “Vendetta” I love it, The only issues is…. It is over too soon…. so keep cranking ’em out! (They make me smile too!)


  97. Hey! Just wanted to say that just bought the first two monster hunters and absolutely loved them. Everything a cowboy could hope for, great guns, great action, great humor, and great women. If I could have one request that you put in your books it would be a unicorn from hell lol. You know; fangs, attitude, halfway intelligent. I had a horse that was amazing growing up, except for the biting of anything he didnt like, and sometimes bucking for no reason but that sucker was smart! Keep up the great work!

  98. Seriously, Mr. Correia, your MHI novels have to be turned into movies. Hollywood has been churning out crap recently, and this would make up for it.

    Really looking forward to Monster Hunter Alpha.

  99. Larry, just wanted to say you rock! A friend turned me on to M.H.I. and now we’re both hooked on your writing. Keep up the amazing work. In my humble opinion you may be the best writer to put pen to paper in the last decade!!

  100. thoroughly enjoy reading the MH series. Look forward to anything else you put out. Agree with the people that want to see your work on the big screen 🙂

  101. Still want a t-shirt with the quote from Vendetta (the vampires only sparkle when on fire) on the front and a smoldering vamp skull on the back with “Smoke em if you got em on the back” .

  102. Just wanted to say that MHI and MHV are the best books I have read. I can’t read them fast enough. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait for more!

  103. Recently got MHI on audiobook, I have to say well done. I get back state side I will be ordering the books and a patch.

    I will be writing a review for the audio book and I highly recommend it.

  104. I’m only about 4 hrs. into MHI, audiobook version from Audible, but had to comment. What a romp, and I haven’t even gotten to the middle of the story! Such glorious, uninhibited guts-n-eyeballs monster splatter–my mind’s eye is much more happy with this than playing Resident Evil 4 on our Wii. And the GUNS, oh, the GUNS! I LOVE GUNS, and you made a story with gun-loving GIRLS, not your helpless typical Adventure Story Barbies. The Sisterhood of the 2nd Amendment blesses you, Bro, for including triggerwomen on Team Save the World. Can’t wait to get farther along with Owen and the rest of MHI.

  105. We’re really looking forward to your upcoming signing at Uncle Hugo’s. Any chance that you might be bringing some MHI patches with you, she asks, oh so innocently?

  106. Larry, quite by accident I came across MHI on the Audible website. After listening to it in 2 days, I quickly downloaded MHI2. Having just completed that, I am patiently waiting for MHI3. I have just downloaded Hard Magic and hope the ride, although different, keeps me right up there as one of your biggest fans. I turn 50 in a few months and have read this genre most of my life, your books shows me that despite the rehashing of old plots and making pretty the world of vampires and werewolves by others, there is someone who still looks at the fantasy world with dark eyes and an immense amount of talent to tell a story. Bravo, bravo, bravo!

  107. Loving reading Hard Magic: Book 1 of the Grimnoir Chronicles. Again an amazing job and a very entertaining story! I look forward to MHI-A, Book 2 of Grimnoir and most of all Dead 6!

  108. Have read both of the current MHI books. Absolutely love the series. I look forward to reading your other novels, and just gotta say keep ’em coming.

  109. Larry, What a kick! I finally got opportunity to start the series of MHI. I just finished Vendetta and I am now a raving fan! I must admit I do miss the FBMG store but these books are pure gold. The things in your head… “far out man”. I look forward to the next book arriving from Amazon. Friggin gun-nut sci-fi soldier turned author. Love it!

  110. Just picked up the ARC of Alpha off of Webscriptions yesterday… Loved it. Any chance you could ARC Nemesis in 2011?!?! Fingers crossed you say it’s out next month.

  111. I think a fun companion book to the MHI series would be a MHI handbook that gives a layout of the MHI compound and surrounding area with a history of the company. Plus a Monster guide of the beasties that have been featured in the books.

  112. Partway through MHV, and have loved both books. As a gamer nerd, I also loved your L.H. Franzibald reference at the beginning of MHV. Awesome!

    Can’t wait for Alpha.

  113. Larry, if I send you my copy of Alpha with return postage will you autograph it? I contacted Uncle Hugo, they said the publisher wanted to do Alpha different than the previous books and send you book plates to sign and send on to them rather than have to deal with the expense and logistics of shipping books to you and then to UH.

    1. Oren, yeah, we can do that after the release. Probably not the first week though if that’s okay, because it gets kind of crazy.

      I am doing signed bookplates for Hugo. They’re stickers that go in the front. Shipping them to me, and then shipping them to Hugos was just too expensive.

  114. Hey Larry I just had to tell you I just finished reading Hard Magic the other day and once again you have blown me away. I hadn’t realized you’d released your new book and stumbled across it at B&N, my friend watched me snatch it up so fast and asked what it was about. I told him I wasn’t sure yet but it was written by Larry Correia so it’ll be awesome. And it was!

    You are one of the best writers I’ve read in years and I love all your stuff, it’s just awesome. I’m just getting into guns and shooting myself so it was very refreshing to read from someone with so much knowledge on the subject. It’s so much fun to see what cool toys MHI or the Grimnoirs are going to unload into some baddies next.

    Extra cool points for shotgun-toting farmgirl vs. ninjas. And also for the character of Milo, that LDS membership shines through for someone who knows what to look for 😉

    Anyway Larry just need to say thanks for sharing your awesome talents with the rest of us and creating some truly memorable stories. Look forward to all your future projects.

  115. My name is keith,
    I have recently picked up the Hard Magic book I of the grimnoir chronicles. Honestly i have never read anything like it and is now my favorite book. I caan not wait for Book II. When will the release date be on?

  116. Just taking a break from this incredibly awesome read to say: My brother read about Monster Hunter International on one of the forums he belongs to and decided to check it out. He loved it as well as the sequels. He’s been telling me I need to read these for months and I finally started MHI a few days ago. If I didn’t have to work, I would have been done within a day or two. As it is, I am not getting my required beauty sleep and I blame my brother – and you, of course. 😉 So worth it, though! I am loving this so much! Cannot wait to finish and read the next few books and I’ve gotta read more of your writing.

  117. love mhi and mhi2 was disappointed that i could not read it on my kindle i hope mhi3 will have a kindle version

  118. I have been an MHI fan since pretty much the beginning for many reasons, not the least of which is that Julie is both a bad ass and an Auburn alum. I told two of my Auburn brethren – both former Marines, one a sniper – about MHI and finally they downloaded the eBooks. The sniper took MHI to Vegas and wound up reading by the pool instead of playing blackjack. He downloaded MHV and MHA before his trip was over, and finished both within two days of returning home. The other guy travels constantly and burned through all three in two weeks. They both thought I was cool before for being a woman who is passionate about football, but now, after introducing them to MHI? I am a freaking ROCK STAR. So yeah, thanks for giving me major street cred with my Auburn Jarheads!!

    May I suggest a book signing at Murder By The Book in Houston? This state (excluding Austin) is as red as Utah. People here love books like MHI. Hell, this is Texas – guns are a practical fashion accessory. Plus, I am convinced there is at least one Undead on our County Commission…

    Thanks again and War Eagle!!!

  119. Larry,
    Great books, I bought the 2 Monster hunter and hard magic book on audio book, And i could not stop listening to them.

    I was reading the preview for the 3rd MHI book, and i was wondering will it have more Agent Franks in it? as well as the internet troll? and what about the letter from Owen’s dad, will it be read?

    1. MHA is mostly about Earl, so for those questions, no. We revisit all of those things in the next Owen book, which is Monster Hunter Legion.

  120. Thanks for writing, Larry, your books rock. I picked up MHI on a whim when I was on a road trip and have made it a point to get all your books since. My son enjoys them too, now that I’ve introduced him to them. Very nice work.

    As much as I like the Monster Hunter series, though, I think you really hit a home run w/ the Grimnoire in Hard Magic. I hope you plan to write more of those, as I find the setting just incredibly fun to read.

  121. I love the Monster Hunter Series and can’t wait for the new installment. I’m really glad to hear that there is even another book being released next year.But I was wondering what the chances are of the series being made into movies?

    1. Eric, I’ve got to manually approve comments the first time anybody posts.

      And there is a TV deal. If you put that into the search window for the blog you should find it. The official annocement was around March if I remember right.

  122. Just to add to the last post I wanted to let you know that these two books are the only ones that I have really enjoyed to read cover to cover. I couldn’t put them down. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t like to read, I cant sit still long enough to read a book, except for your books. thank you!

  123. my previous posts got erased so my last one doesn’t make any since. I wrote about how much I loved the other two books in the monster hunter series. I couldn’t even put them down, i just kept reading and reading.I would love to see these books made into movies. I would love to know if there are any talks in the works?

  124. I absolutly love the entire MHI series! Its the kind of gun, action, killing adventure from hell that ive always enjoyed. I read MHA in a day, i was wondering if there are any plans for another novel soon?

    Also- MHI TV!? **** YEAH!

  125. Hey Larry,
    I just finished your reading MHA and it left me with a question. I dont want to ask it here for fear of spoilers, so do you have an email address I can send my question to?

  126. just finished reading MHA, oh man. this book was a great read, stuck to the rest of the series. i cant wait till next year when you release another in the series. the only thing i don’t like about this series is that i have wait so long to read another one. Mr. Correia you’ve done again. I know I’ve asked you this before but are there any talks about a movie deal for the series?

  127. Larry,
    pleaase make a fourth Monster Hunter Book!!!!!:) Me and millons of others loved the books. I guarentte (did i spell that right, wait who cares?!) it will get you a best seller. Please continue with owen.

  128. I read MHA last night and was blown away. I especially dug the ominous tease at the end not to mention the new characters that promise to make things decidedly more interesting and life more complicated for Earl, Z and the rest of the gang at MHI.

  129. Thank you for these exceptional books. My husband and I argue over who gets to read them first, usually me as I have a bit more free time. I have enjoyed all three MH books and am looking forward to the second Grimnoir book as that series has so much potential and could go so many directions. Again thank you.

    1. Happy for me my wife hasn’t gotten into the Monster Hunter books yet.

      My wife’s birthday is mid-August. I’d always buy a Tom Clancy book for her birthday. This would force me to let her read it first. Unless she dawdled and hadn’t read it by Labor Day whereupon, I’d devour it over that weekend. At one time both Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler were both putting out decent books every year and timing their release for mid-August. Pity their quality declined.

  130. Man, it has been about 4 years since I pre-ordered MHI. Book and patch both arrived fine, by the way. I have MHV, MHA, Hard Magic in either epub or Kindle format. I am looking forward to your other books as soon as they are available. Thanks for churning out the feel good blow-em to bits and take no guff stories. They are needed in today’s wimpy wimpy wimpy times.

  131. i was wondering when pitt was talking about how when he was pit fighting he almost killed a man i jason from mha the guy pitt almost killed

  132. I didnt even know about this series till 4 months ago when my buddy told me about it, i read MHI and MHV in about 2 weeks and i just started MHA and its just as great as the other two books, i also read hard magic which is the start of an awesome series, looking forward to dead six as well, keep writing great books and ill keep reading them.

  133. I read about you in the Dillon Blue Press and I picked up your first novel and before I knew it I had all of your books. Great reads with good guns. Thanks and keep them coming.

  134. Will you publish your books electronically eventually, Listening to Hard Magic on 6 hour drives to work, but would love to have a copy on my kindle eventually

  135. Just finished reading both of the hard magic books, all I can say is where is the 3rd?? The problem with ARC books is by the time the book hits book stores I’m looking for the next in the series. Larry you really out did yourself with this series, it was great. I’m also waiting for the 4th in the MHI series.

  136. Please make your books available on the Kindle!!! It is the only way I read because of the convience for me. I really want to read your books all the reviews look great

    1. It is on the Kindle. Go to, click on Read Baen and download it from Webscriptions. $6 and no DRM. It just isn’t on the Kindle store because my publisher is having a disagreement with Amazon.

  137. I have read MHI, Vendetta, Alpha, and now Hard Magic. They are all awesome! Hard Magic was like riding a roller coaster of fun. I loved so many of the characters, especially the Okie! She had the best lines.

  138. so any rough ETA on when the next monster hunter book is coming out cause my fiance and i are addicted weve read them AlOT like 10 times
    i know i have horrible grammer and spelling…. im sorry world

  139. Loving Dead Six but I bought it through webscription (.mobi for kindle) and it would have been really nice if it had been properly proof read.

    Several cases where a word using an apostrophe is cut off and run into the next word in the sentence.
    Two examples;
    -Final sentence of chapter 18 “I couldnunderstand …………”
    -The medic during the scene with Lorenzo using the captain’s uniform scene says “Ibe be back”

    If these rather irritating and jarring mistakes that in at least one case shouldn’t have made it past a spell checker are in the paper back I apologise for singling out the digital format.

    Having said that I own everything you have written to date and you are one of my current top authors – keep them coming and I’ll keep pimping you to everyone I know

  140. MHI rocks and as an honor to you I have named my new rifle Ruger Mini-14 Heather, As a retired Cop I love that she is with Earl. I love the conflict and the sacrifice he made (don’t wont to ruin anyone’s experience and tell to much).

    I also would love to get my hands on patches, pins, t-shirts.

    Great work, glad to have a great author, that doesn’t glamorize monsters.

  141. Larry your books are fantastic! I’ve been listening to them as audiobooks from audible. Any idea when Spellbound is going to come out in audiobook form?

  142. You sir, are a genius. Trailer park elves? Ghetto gnomes? BRILLIANT!! While I don’t know much about guns and gun types, I absolutely LOVE the Monster Hunter novels. My dad (who is a gun fanatic) got the first book from a co-worker and thought I might like it. Like it? Hell..I LOVED IT! I just finished Vendetta and Alpha, and it’s going to be a difficult wait for the next one to come out. I DON’T wanna wait that long! (Neither does my Dad, really.) But in the mean time, I’ll work on the Grimnoir Chronicles. The sense of humor that you’ve got and written into the books is something both my Dad and I can really appreciate. Keep ’em coming sir, your books are AWESOME!

    P.S. Dad says he really loves your writing style.

    P.P.S. This is going to be a long year until Legion comes out..

    <3 <3

  143. Great books. Reading the Monster Hunter Alpha one right now and having a hard time putting it down! The two before that were the same way. You really know how to write a “page turner”, Larry and I love it. There have been only a few series like this that have sucked me in this fast and I read alot.

  144. I have Loved all your books and can’t wait for the next one. I travel a lot and have purchased all your books available on Audible. Do you plan to release all your books in audio format. I sure hope so. My wife is totally hooked to them too.

    1. Excellent article, Larry. While I’ve always been a conservative (I voted for Reagan in 1980, when I was 18), I had no idea what presidents like FDR and Woodrow Wilson were really like until I started listening to Glenn Beck a few years ago. And you’re correct about Newt… he’s a progressive Republican. So is Romney. Huntsman is a progressive Democrat running in the Republican primary. Ron Paul is… Ron Paul. With Bachman out of the race, the only conservative left is Santorum.

      I get your books from Baen eBooks, and now I know why you’re with Baen… you fit right in politically with many of their other authors 🙂

      Oh, in case you haven’t updated your links, it’s now instead of

  145. I absolutely LOVE your MHI books, and just saw today that LEGION is coming out next year. Can’t wait!!!!!! Bought all three novels a month ago at the same time and finished them in one week. Keep up the great work!

  146. Larry I just wated to let u know how much fun I have reading ur books. They are a blast to read which kind of sux cause I go thru them so fast and I’m left wanting more. I’m actually reading spellbound right now… work. Got to have something to do on a 12hr shift. Lol $22 an hr to read ur work….good money. Can’t wait for the next MHI book and I’m hoping for a follow up to dead six. Keep writing this shit dude.

  147. Will there be Grimnoir number 3? I loved it. Better then the first even. Somehow I can’t get interested in the MH books, but I am glad they are popular for yo. I keep thinking you must be an amazing writer to adopt two such different styles, even though they are in a similar genre. Write more!

  148. BTW…Is it just me, or is it a bit odd how we are told that owen is sooo great, and everyone just looks up to him all the time( except for those irritating men who are good looking and charming. But no one likes them anyhow). The women throw themselves at him. But I keep thinking, it doesn’t make sense. People wouldn’t like someone that is so petty. So judgemental. So mean and such a bully. Nor would they respect him, really. I hate bullies.

    1. It’s just you, man. Owen is the fat kid in class who’s grown up. He’s taken crap from pretty boys all his life and feels justified in giving some back. Women throw themselves at him AFTER he saves their pretty little behinds. Owen’s the guy who doesn’t give in and doesn’t give up. Girls like loyalty in a fella. Men like someone who’ll have their back even if it looks hopeless.

    2. My thoughts exactly. He is very petty, extremely arrogant, and unkind for the sake of being unkind. Actually, the majority of MHI characters are arrogant to a fault. The only character I found likeable so far is Tanya.

  149. I just finished the audiobook version of Hard Magic. It was Awesome!! I really hope that there will be an audio version of spellbound and any future Grimnoir books available at audible. I love how you combined so many different genres and motifs like magic, super heroes, japanese mythology and culture, and the 30’s. I love stories from that time period.

  150. spellbound was horse , its rare that a follow up equals its former, let alone beats the crap out of it ,and hard magic rocked,double thumbs up, both books are big caliber.

  151. So it’s official I just finished dead six and that means I have red every book you have published so far. I’m not gonna lie larry your turing out to be one of my favorite authors. But I got to know is there going to be a sequel to dead six? I’m Dying to know what happens to Val. Also I can’t wait to get legion. I already ordered a signed copy, thanks for the great reads while I’ve been laid up in bed. – g34r

  152. First of all I love your books. I was leaving a message because after reading all of the mhi series that is out now I decided to pick up dead six. I’ve really been getting into it the only problem I’ve had is that the copy I have seems to be missing a few pages… I was just wondering if anyone else had had the same problem. Page 315 to page 329 are simply gone. Is this something that has happened frequently to others or did I just get a funky copy? Thanks for any help.

  153. You are freaking awesome easily the at the top of my must read list just can’t wait till spellbound come out in audio book. I drive a ton and your books makes my trips ten thousand times better I hope you never stop. If you by some chance answer this one question is dead six coming out in audiobook and how did you become so freaking awesome.

  154. MHI, MHV & MHA were fantastic from Oliver Wyman did a GREAT job of capturing your characters!! These novels were the perfect combo of action, gun info (i love guns), humor and critters. Thanks for the entertainment… Big JAY.

  155. I recently found out that “The Monster Hunters” (omnibus of books 1-3) is coming out in June this year, and as someone who buys the Baen eBook Monthly Bundles, I’m really looking forward to it 🙂 I currently only have book #3, “Monster Hunter International,” (that’s the book that made me aware of you as an author) so this omnibus will be very nice 🙂

  156. In MHV, the light consuming Old One tree is called abmunep. Did anyone else notice this is penumbra spelled backeards, which is a part of an eclipse?

  157. I became an MHI fan through, I listened to all 3 books and cannot wait for Legion! I am near the end of Hard Magic (I love Faye) and I have recommended all of your books to all of my friends and family. Dead Six does not look like it is my style, but it is next on my list, and I’ll be buying ebook and paperback copies of all of your books for my Kindle library and my home library. Any chance you’ll be in Deleware doing a book signing ever?

  158. Spellbound on Audio

    Just a quick note for all who have been anxiously waiting… Audible today listed the release date as February 21st!!

  159. You know what would be cool as hell? Get Red Jacket from the Sons of Guns TV show to build a bullpup BAR. I too am on the Audible wagon. I’m a blade smith and I have listened to all 5 titles enough in the shop that I just about have them memorized. Is Dead Six going to be available anytime soon?

  160. I’m currently reading Grimnoir book 1. How can I get an autographed version of the book? The historic intertwined with the fantasy is really good and I can’t wait to get to the next book in the series. I’m hoping the rest of Larry’s stuff is just as good.

  161. Larry, I’m a BIG fan. I started with “Hard Magic” and I’m working through “Spellbound”, with an eye on your other works. Just wanted to say, keep doing what your doing, and im going to be looking forward to “Warbound” soon.

  162. I love all your books, love every single one of them to death!!!

    Not many writers can make every book count. Yours do. I was riveted, every single one. Even Deep Six, I couldn’t stop reading (and here I thought I only like my fighting action with monsters/magic).

    Thank you!

    1. Nope. When a book first comes out I want you guys to buy them from retailers so I get the stat boost for bestsellers. Once a book has been out for awhile, then I’ll sell it myself.

  163. I love your MHI series!! I am anxiously looking forward to the release of your next in the series. Actually me and my son both are.

    I am truck driver and those books make the miles fly by.

    I am also the mother of 3 boys, 2 who are in the military and 1 that was. So I wish to say “Thank You” to you and your friend Mike for your service to our country!!!

  164. Larry,
    I just finished Alpha. Damn, death by snow cutter. Awesome! You’re too much fun to put down. I burned through Alpha in 2 days. Bring some more!

    btw, Kudos to you for making the much maligned Mosin Nagant the hero. I love that rifle.

    Adam Jeppson, the Gunsmith.

    1. Adam, where are you and what sort of gunsmithing do you do? I’m a gunsmith, too. I agree, the Nosin Nagant is a very good rifle, extremely accurate. I have a very good 91/30 would love to have an original 1891.

  165. Hey Larry!! So I ordered a copy of leigon signed by you, when do you think those will be comeing???….
    Ps. Just as kind Of a cool thing, I where my MHI hat everywhere, and I was attending a gun show in cleaveland ( I’m local around there) and three guys with MHI patches were just browsing around, we ended up talking and now I have a few new shooting partners on the weekends

  166. Seems that I am coming into the series a bit late but I have enjoyed them very much so far. Witty, funny and so fukin imaginative, I’m fully addicted. It’s a refreshing break from the trueblood crap I get stuck ingesting thanks to my beloved wife. We won’t even get started on vamps that sparkle.
    Just wanted to say thank you Larry. I listen to the books through audible and the guy narrating them is awesome. Your characters are great. I would really like to hear a story like the monster hunter series written and acted out like an old time radio show. I personally don’t have time for reading or tv for that matter, and music these days blows goats. Audio books are my main entertainment. Keeps me sane for a work day at a time.
    Thanks again for listening and please keep up the great work!

      1. Thanks for such a quick reply. Looking forward to it. May have to get some more of those MHI patches from you. Thanks again.

    1. Ah. You got a response. Perhaps because you typed in big letter. So its called “Warbound” and it is in progress.

  167. Also thanks for putting MHI headquarters in southern Alabama. I live in Northern Florida near Pensacola( little town called Jay). And it is awesome that I can relate too and know places in the book. I know you probably have tons of ideas for the books but just north easy of Montgomery is a large lake(Lake Martin) would be awesome spot for some adventures. Keep up the excellent work on all your books. DAVE

  168. Hey!
    So I’m new to wordpress and don’t want to be out of line. I love your books and was wondering if I could write a “why MHI, and GrimNoir is awesome” type review/blog. I only ask because my wordpress is going to be used not just for my future novels, but to review books that I like. I really love your work and writing style and don’t want to step on your toes since I’m new to wordpress and haven’t been published yet.

      1. Thanks! Like I said I’m new to this whole wordpress thing and didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot.
        I love your books, and your post on F&F was very insightful.

  169. I have read all the books you have out so far. started with Dead Six, then all the monster hunters, and then grimnoir. Is there a tentative release date for Swords of Exodus? thanks for any info.

    1. Not yet. Mike is writing his half now. That whole go to war thing really screws up your deadlines. 🙂

      1. completely understandable =p. I really cannot wait to see what happens. i will probably end up re-reading the monster hunter books.

  170. Thanks for letting Baen publish the 3-book omnibus of Monster Hunters 🙂 I got it with the June 2012 Ebook Monthly Bundle, which I had been waiting for just for your omnibus. I’ve been reading the first book, and it’s so good it’s been very hard to put down! 🙂 I had learned about the MHI series when Monster Hunter Alpha appeared in the Aug 2011 monthly bundle (I’ve been buying the monthly bundles since December 2010 when I got my Kindle 3), but I wanted to start at the beginning of the series, so have been patiently waiting. I’ll get around to your other books, eventually, but not before I read all the MHI books 🙂

  171. hey i barely started reading your books was looking around in the libary and your grimoir tales book dark magic caught my eye i read it and it wassss AMMAAZZIINNNGG!!!!!!!! its now one of my favorite books and cant wait to read more from you, hope you keep writting

  172. Love the books Larry, so much so I talked my brother into getting kindle and buying the digital versions of your books. I kindly took his MHI book off his hands for him 😉 Then I only had to buy Vendetta & Alpha. Looking forwards to Legion!
    One question, in the French Cover of Grimnoir, why is Jake Sullivan carrying freaking chaingun? What happened to the Bullpup BAR?
    Love your work

  173. Mr. Correia,

    I must say I just finished legion and I am quite furious. But most definitely ready for the next one. I read international when it first came out and have read all of the serious. (I’m a pretty big fan) I actually heard of you through friends of mine that said they shot with you in competitions, small world huh. You are by far my favorite author, and I have read many a book. Please please please keep up the good work, I will be looking for any news regarding the next book. Also what you did with Ed, very nice, but I don’t think orcs can cash in on puff bounties. And please don’t let kerkonen die, earl really deserves someone who’s a worthy opponent. That is all for now, I will be checking on you soon enough.
    Finest Regards,
    Mr. Connerton

    1. Hi – I deeply enjoyed to read the french traduction of “hard Magic”.
      I read it straight and I did hardly could stop for some break such as sleeping or eating.
      As I expect some long waiting for the next traduction. I do think about read it in english it’s something I’ve just done for few writers :
      – W. Shekespeare
      – R. L. Stevenson
      – T. Pratchett

      I also tried to getout with “Moby dick” but never manage to go further than the 3 or 4 first pages (lack of willing I guess).

      As I’m quite lazy please insist for some more traduction

  174. sorry casper I did want to make a new post, not a comment on yours.
    but I’m quie asllep at 2 am and Im’ not sue to have a good aswer to your question (just because I’m earing my bed calling me).

  175. I love your new book Monster Hunters Legion. I can’t wait for the next installment of the Monster Hunter series even though I could see that the next book may be a little bit darker and more serious. I want to see Management the Dragon back in the next book. Imagine this in the next book, A year later, MHI will be the only monster hunting company that have two werewolves, ( two uber Alpha werewolves, in fact) in their organization, their boss Earl and his red headed girlfriend Heather, a troll, Melvin, as their IT support, an Elf princess, Tanya, a whole Orc tribe and since Owen is great with dragon diplomacy ( which will surprise Julie and force Earl to radically revise his conclusion on Owen’s diplomatic skills), a very pissed off and extremely rich dragon, namely Management, who will be helping out MHI and Lee with information and valuable intelligence about their new enemy as well as advising them about Stricken while rebuilding and running the Last Dragon hotel and casino back to prominence. Let us not forget that they have a mystical accountant and punching bag in Owen and his super hot wife, Julie, an extremely reluctant Guardian whose powers are beginning to manifest.

    I can’t imagine the surprise of Klaus Lindermann of Grimm Berlin, Pierre Darne and the rest of MHI’s allies in the monster hunting community when they find out the truth on how unique and how deadly, the Alabama based monster hunting company really is when they go to war together.

  176. We NEED all your books available in french!!! Please contact your editor “l’Atalante”! Some of my friends can’t read in english, please help them!