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  1. Thanks Larry. I presume you received my order for the patches. Can’t wait to get them! Thanks.


    • Nerd Nachas says:

      Please start selling action figures. I will buy the crap out of them.

    • Timothy Patterson says:

      Larry, I bought some of the MHI stamped rounds from RMR. I would like to load them to 9mm Black Oxide Brass. Do you know anyone who sells the cases? Hornady doesn’t make TAP cases anymore.

    • wiredwizard says:

      Shoot, I went to MHISwag to buy some patches, but the site doesn’t accept my address up here in Canada. =(

  2. Lornkanaga says:

    So, where’s the lady’s nightshirt with the “There’s No Monsters Under My Bed!” statement along with the MHI logo and a sharp-pointy-thing underneath dripping in monster gore?

    Enquiring minds want to know.

  3. Five O says:

    Need one with velcro for my acu’s. πŸ˜‰

  4. CameronS says:

    Sweet. Out of curiousity, do the patches look like that or are they a lighter green? I’ve seen two versions.

  5. Jason says:

    Great book – I can hardly put it down at night!!

  6. Lee says:

    I purchased a cap from cafe press 3 weeks ago. The cap came with the logo as a dark green dot in the center, not the MHI smiley face as advertised. I contacted them by email. Their customer service contacted me the next day. They sent another cap. It is the same way, large dark green dot. I contacted them by email again today and described the same issue. Hopefully they can fix it.

  7. Thing says:

    I think the patches would come in handy for later advetures… If I decide to have ANY at all…
    I really need to get uot more *Sigh*

  8. Debra says:

    Just got done with Monster Hunter International
    Loved It!!!! Can’t wait to read the next one, wish you had it written already! Thanks Debra

  9. Molly says:

    please say your going to write another!!!!!! it was so great i read it twice i kidnapped in from my friends mom and i really dont wanna give it back!!!!!!!! love love love it made me want to go out and kill something jk sorta

  10. Rob says:

    Dear Mr. Correia,

    Thank you EVER

  11. Rob says:

    BAH! Damn tab key…

    Anyway, thank you EVER so much for Monster Hunter International! Definitely one of the best ‘paranormal’ books I’ve read (and I’ve read a LOT). I really do hope you have plans to write more of the MHI gang, or even related books. It’d be a true shame to leave this work alone.

    Once again, Thank You!

  12. Trevor says:

    Best book i have ever read! The only thing bad is that there isnt a book that i can read after this. I keep thinking to myslef “MHI is better than this….” Can’t wait for the next book! Got a patch! Keep on writing!

  13. Gareth says:

    Mr Correia,

    Love the book, and I’ve got a friend who wants a copy.

    Is international shipping any extra?

  14. cassandrad77 says:

    Picked this one up at the lib by chance last week and wow, wow, and WOW!! i must now make room on my bookshelf to include u. I started this last night and just finishing up. i could hardly stand to put this down at around 4am for sleep, lol kept right on reading while ppl rang in the new year around me. . .This is truly a book of awesomeness!!! Thank You!

  15. The Northwestern Diamondback of THR says:

    Y’know what that catalog needs? Polo shirts, with the Team Harbinger patch applied. Some of us gotta try to look cool while having to look “Professional” too, ya know?

  16. Jumblerant says:


    Loving the first 7 chapters of MHI. Thank you so much for writing and sharing.

    Can you tell me how much it would cost to send a signed paperback and a couple of patches to me here in Israel?



  17. Rich says:

    You know I hate to keep bothering you, but I Just re- re- read MHI again and, well, Owen single handed, took out the CO, Wiped out a master Vamp,was in on taking out a couple more, and saved the universe. I’m Hoping his puff money in the next book is like STUPID RICH.
    As In ” I just bought Rhode Island, because it was for Sale. (Great get away. Awsome lobster and a stupid congressman πŸ™‚ ”

    Oh and somewhere down the line, Z and Franks need to
    do a one on one…. via fight club. πŸ™‚

    Love your stuff man.

    Oh, and .50 cals Rock

  18. Erin says:

    I loved MHI… And my husband who NEVER reads read the whold thing in less than a week. He hasn’t found anything since that has been able to keep interest so I can’t wait for Vandetta to come out. Thank you for sharing these wonderful characters with us.

  19. Justin says:

    Just started my 5th read through of MHI. Love the book!
    Owen is such a decent guy you flinch every time he gets hurt, but you read on, knowing that sooner or later he’s gonna make something hurt in return. Keep up the great work!

  20. clara says:

    Is it weird that iΒ΄m a girl and i like your novel? Great writing, really tight!
    You are a master!

  21. Wm. Nemo says:

    Larry, I have to say that I haven’t enjoyed a novel so much in a very long time. It’s great to see a book about monsters that doesn’t have some stupid tweener romantic bend to it. Monsters are monsters, dammit!

    When a buddy told me about this book, I was skeptical, but I am damn happy I bought it. Guns and monsters and smashy-smashy. What’s not to love?

    I’m not going to write you an essay, but I am over halfway through the book and I care about and fear for these characters. I can’t get enough.

    I can’t wait for my Cafe Press hat to arrive. I’ll be hitting up your PayPal soon. Heh heh.

    Take care, man.

  22. Ian says:

    I was lost and frustrated in Tampa….. I pulled into a B&N to get a coffee and regain my mental stability before going home and I found your book on the 6th. I finished it on the 7th. This is going to sound crazy or maybe dumb but your writing reminds me of Matt Reilly. It is one non-stop roller coaster ride of doom. I loved it. I have a hard time waiting on sequels from people I like but I WILL wait for the next one from you! I’ll order a few patches next payday. I really like your work. Highly original and fun. Sorry if this sounds like a review but I am excited to see new authors who are GOOD!

  23. Ian says:

    P.S. : Can Milo bless his ammo? I always wondered……

  24. Casey says:

    I was introduced to your blog site by someone at work who met and got a signed copy of your book at the soemwhat recent writer’s conference at BYU. She said that with some of the details you put into your book I might enjoy it. I have read the sample chapter and thoroughly enjoyed that so I am ordering myself a copy and one for a friend (I hope I added things up correctly, my email is attached to the payment, if you need to contact me for anything).
    I thought your name was vaguely familiar but couldn’t put my finger on it till I came to your blog site and found the reference to FBMG, then it clicked. Makes me wonder about the name and your influence on it.

    The sample chapter was great, I will be waiting for the book to arrive to read more.


  25. Hey!

    Great stuff here! I’ll have to buy some patches off you!

    One thing you definitely nailed in _MHI_ was the nastiness of summer in Alabama!

    I was born and raised in Birmingham, and spent the summers of my callow youth in Coy, a little wide spot in the road not far from Camden in *Wilcox* County (giving the state a 68th county was an amusing touch…).

  26. Joseph & David Hogan says:


    Just finished MHI and can’t wait till September for the continuation of your wonderful work. Loved the book, your world and the hunter family, couldn’t put it down till I finished it. The twist at the end was perfect.

    Keep up the vision

  27. Heather Sanchez says:

    Hey Larry,
    I loved the book! My Dad gave it to me because he knows I love paranormal fiction and it was wonderful. Cannot wait for part 2. I really want my husband to read the book as well, but he is on the road a lot and prefers to listen on tape. Is the book available on tape? I haven’t had much luck finding it. Any help? Keep up the great writing! Thanks!

    • correia45 says:

      Hey, Heather. I’m glad you liked it.

      I don’t have any books on tape yet. Baen has a deal with and they were going to talk about it, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

    • Scott Deering says:

      Hi Larry,

      I think everyone of your fans should go to and search for your book(s) and for your name. If enough people do that, they will eventually add it, which would be amazing.


  28. Bubba Man says:

    Loved the book and I’m looking forward to the next one(s).
    I am a webscription subscriber so I read it eBook.
    However, I did have to send you a order for a signed hard copy (and a couple of patches). My wife is a CPA and a Sci-Fi fan and I she was interested when I gave her a thumb-nail so she’ll be reading it after the dead tree version arrives.

    It’s also another attempt to get her out to the range.

    Keep up the good work!


  29. Ted says:

    Do you offer the MHI patches with Velcro Backing? I’d love to have one on my flight helmet bag. If not, I’ll just add velcro myself, no biggie either way.

    Also went to Audible dot com, added another request for you.


  30. Jim Jones says:

    Larry, picked up MHI and have been waiting for a good time to read it. I was on flights and in airports all day today.
    Started this morning and just finished it.
    I have to tell you honestly… I have never connected with a character or a book the way I do with MHI and Z.
    My hat is off to you, I am in awe.
    Many thanks from a 6’4″ 300 lb linebacker looking gun nut.
    Your future works have space reserved on my shelves.


  31. Chris says:

    I am half way through MHI and I simply LOVE the story, characters and action!! Please continue writing such breat books about MHI! I hope, since I am not finished yet, that the MHI crew continues in MH(I)V and MH(I)A!! Great Work and now a devoted fan. Oh.. please put the patches on the store site so I can purchase one or two along with the other cool gear.


  32. Kentar says:

    Any thoughts to having some vinyl stickers that look just like the M.H.I. patch made up for sale? The patches I have don’t stick very well to windshields. The bumper sticker is cool and all, but not nearly as cool as the patch.

  33. Jeremy says:

    Mr. Correia,
    Just wanted to say thanks for an amazing book. I’ve got a wicked case of literary ADD and rarely read a book more than once, but I’ve just finished my first run through of MHI and plan on going through it a couple more times until ‘Vendetta’ comes out. As a gun nut myself, it really hit me right in center mass. Great story, great characters, tons of bullet riddled paranormal goodness. Loved It!!!
    Any plans on coming out with more team patches as time goes on? I’d love a Colorado team (or is it Team Rockies?) patch. Thanks again for a fantastic book.

    • correia45 says:

      Jeremy, the new one with the Walrus w/ Banjo is actually for Colorado. That’s where Sam Haven’s team is based out of.

  34. david bush says:

    Great book. I need some patches for my paint ball team. do you have a fan site so i dont have to wait till sept to read a good book? otherwise its back to re reading the clasics(and MHI is now one of them)

    • correia45 says:

      If you go over to and click on webscriptions, you can get the early e-book of Monster Hunter Vendetta now.

      • warpcordova says:

        It’s worth it. Trust me. Just so I can say “Don’t hate, playa” with an absolute straight face you must buy it.

      • Matt says:

        Wait… I’m confused. After reading the reply, i took it it was available to read now, yet i can’t download it yet?

        • correia45 says:

          You can download Monster Hunter Vendetta directly from Baen, but not the regular $6 version. It is the $15 Early Advanced Reader Copy version.

      • Matt says:

        Argggg my mistake, i thought ordering the ‘Webscription’ would give me the ARC, didn’t realize they were 2 different beasts


  35. Jonathan LaForce says:

    I’m a Marine stationed in Hawaii currently on deployment and I’ve just reread MHI for the 8th time. It never gets old, and I laugh every time I read it. Thank you so much for getting the sequels together because I was starting to go crazy hoping they might eventually exist. Any chance of turning these into movies?

    • correia45 says:

      I had some interest and even flew out to Hollywood to speak tosome people. It is possible in the future, but for the immediate future, Will Smith’s movie called Monster Hunters (no relation) is kind of killing my project.

  36. Greg "sillyvillian" says:

    Just wanted to say GREAT books! I was given a dog eared copy of MHI while I was stuck at the PAX terminal at FOB Delta by an Army SFC. I am a civilian contractor and there was no space-a for 11 days. I read the book three times before I finally got out. I left it at an MWR at FOB Warhorse and actually saw a soldier reading it a few days later at the DFAC. Since then I have purchased the ebook(s) from Baen and look forward to seeing more of your work in the future

  37. Landon Gines says:

    Larry, we met at ITRC last year. you shooting again this year?

  38. Bubba Man says:

    I hate to be a pain, but I submitted my order on 30 APR and I have not yet gotten it. Was I in the last shipment?


    -Bubba Man Gnad (One of the Bubbas of the apocalypse)

  39. larry correia says:

    Bubba. April stuff went out a long time ago. Could you send me an email with your order details, addy and if you used paypal or not.

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  41. Chris (First Mate Wiggles) Heiner says:

    Hey there!
    I currently reside in northern Utah with my wife, pups, and the lil’ bastard, as my wife refers, devil kitty. I am very interested in taking a concealed firearms class from you, but have not seen anything recent stating that you are teaching atm. If you could either send me an email or respond any way possible, I would be very grateful. I would appreciate if you responded asap as I have to battle El Diablo (kitty) daily and could use some grappling training as well.
    Thanks…by the way, just finished MHI in a veritably short amount of time and must say it was very entertaining and informational.

    • correia45 says:

      I still teach, but not very often, and not regularly. My schedule just got too busy. Basically if you get together a group of 6 or (preferably) more people, I’ll do a class for you.

  42. Nick Sharps says:

    My patch arrived recently, thanks Larry. I can’t wait to sew it to my wonderful peacoat.

  43. banks says:

    just wondering do you have the miami unit patch desgined at all i’m a floridain also in in military would like patch to put on my bags i love your books i’m trying to get more poeple into them would love to see movie thank you for your time

  44. billc says:

    I’d like to get some patches. How do I do that ? Do I send you an e-mail and then pay for it through Pay-pal, or do you do the whole thing through Pay-pal? I would like to order 2 patches by the way.

  45. R.G. Engelman says:

    I was wondering if you are still taking orders for the autographed copies of MHI and the original patches. If so, and I wanted to order through paypal, do they have intructions on how to just order from someone if there is no order link? I am paypal stupid so I am not sure what to do.


  46. Ralph Knudsen says:

    FINALLY,someone who knows that a novel with poorly researches weapons blows it for the same folks who read it for the GUNS. Thank you sir for an amazing breath of fresh air,and I’m only on chapter 8 lol! Please keep them coming.Right up there with Ringo and Flint!

  47. Peter Ochoa says:

    Orale Holmes I just got finished reading Vendetta, and all I can say is WOW!!! If you know the name of the clique that did the pachanga on you, let me know ESE we can handle it . I already put in a pre-order with my book store for the next one. Keep up the good work

  48. Cody says:

    Mr. Correia
    I was just wondering if the Origional patch comes in the dark green or just that dark blue in the picture on this website! I really want one for my friend and I but i would like it in the green! We’re huge fans and have read both of your books. They are my current favorite series!!! You are an amazing wrighter and I hope to get the next one as soon as it comes out!!! Thank you again.

  49. Brenna says:

    I NEED a patch for the Cody team “Exite! Chemicus Sum!” I NEED several. Seriously. This is a moral imperative. I need one for my lab coat. I need spares for future lab coats. I need them to put everywhere. On a hat, on a tshirt, on my dog.
    Moral Imperative. I will design if you want.
    Need. I NEED this. PLEASE!!!!!!

  50. Scott Deering says:


    Could we have a MHN patch design contest on the site to see who can come up with new and interesting patch designs?


  51. correia45 says:

    Scott, we did that once before and got some really awesome ones. If you hit the search window you should be able to find the post.

    I will be doing it again.

  52. Sean says:


    You should see about getting MHI Zippos made. I for one would buy one.

  53. Vic303 says:

    Could there be some new hats? More like the soft caps you get from BCM or Noveske, but with a velcro’d on MHI original patch? Then if more patches became available with velcro on the back, one could swap patches to your area team…

  54. Cody says:

    I finally figured out how to use paypal so I ordered my patches! I’m so excited you have no idea!!! But that’s not why I’m wrighting today. I was wondering if the cover page on the main page is the final for the new book!? Cus it’s totally amazing!!!!! When is the book scheduled for release?!

  55. Jeremy says:

    Do the patches come with a velcro backing or do we have to put our own on? Thinking about getting some as Christmas gifts for friends.

  56. Jeff says:

    Larry, Your books are so amazing I own both and have read them several times! I was wondering if you knew: If I ordered a couple patches about how long does it take for them to arrive? I ordered them last week and am hoping to have them by christmas…
    – Your devoted fan Jeff

  57. Ray McCune says:

    Received the patches, thank you very much! Daughter and Son and Wife grabbed the first three. Glad I bought 5! Son still working on the Dakota patch design, almost 3/4 done. He’s a big fan. Will be ordering more merchandise soon. Keep up the good work, Mr. Correia. You are a hell of a story teller!

  58. Gunther Lardizabal says:

    Just finished reading the MHI and now reading the second, MHV. Loved the first and loving the second already. My question is a reference you made to some of the more dangerous areas in the worls. Was the one made to the barren pines correlate with the Repairman Jack series? Just being curious on that one.
    You have set a very good storyline, with some of the most interesting characters around. Awesome books.
    Gunther “lz” Lardizabal

  59. Mark S says:

    First off, MHI is great!
    I happended to misplace my copy of MHI and figured I would pick it and Vendetta up from you along with some patches. Be cool to have autographed copies anyway.
    Now, are the books 7.99+4.50 each when you buy both or are you combining shipping? Just need to figure a total.
    Keep up the great writing and I look forward to your other books!!

  60. Pres Lee Presley says:

    Larry, I appreciate your writing ability. Your effect on my son is great. I introduced him to F. Paul Wilson and Repairman Jack, and to Thomas Perry”s “Death Benefits” whose main character reminds me of my son. However, he found you and your work on his own and we both enjoy your abilities. We noticed Wilson’s influence on you and how you improved on his style and outlook. Keep up the good work, with luck my son will emulate you.

  61. Heather S. says:

    Just started Chapter 3 and I’m HOOKED!

    Would love it if there were some buttons/flat pins with the MHI logo so I could put on one my instrument case… πŸ™‚ (bumper stickers don’t stick that well on a gig bag…)

  62. Josh Meneely says:

    Hey I love the patches!
    But I wish you need to go to the post office more!

    • correia45 says:

      I’m a very busy one man show. So I go every couple of weeks. Right now I’m waiting for another bunch of the original patches.

  63. Larry

    I walked away from LTUE with no way to contact you, oops! I wanted to tell you I’m 100 pages into MHI and loving it.

    Thanks for the various conversations at LTUE. Drop me a line sometime.


  64. The Fogg says:

    MHI Stickers? White for darker windshields, black for…? Smaller ones to slap on the AR.

  65. Robert Hammer says:

    I ordered an autographed copy of MHI and each of the 3 patches on the 7th of February. Just wondering when you think they’ll be sent. I can give you the PayPal transaction ID if that would help. Many thanks!

    • correia45 says:

      Robert, I ran out of patches in February. (thought I had another box in the closet and I didn’t). I got more last week, and mailed everything on Thursday. So you should have it in a few days.

  66. MHI4Life says:

    Hey Larry, I wrote you a few months ago to see if you were also selling autographed copies of MH Vendetta through paypal. I’m itching to place my orders for the books and the patches.

    I wanted to pass copies of both MH books to my friend but can’t bear to live without a copy myself. Please let me know what you have in stock when you get a chance. Thanks!

    • correia45 says:

      I’ve got MHI and MHV on hand. They are the same price, so you just need to specify which one you want.

  67. David DeLorme says:

    Just finished MHI, WOW great read, I haven’t enjoyed a book that much since I discovered Ringo’s stuff or laughed that hard since Sarbanes–Oxley…THANK YOU!!!

  68. John says:

    I ordered 1 autographed MHI book 2 MHI patches and 1 Team Haven patch on the 10th of March. Just wondering when you think they’ll be sent. I can give you the PayPal transaction ID if that would help. Many thanks!

    • correia45 says:

      John, I’m running behind, but I thought that all the ones that old were done already. Could you e-mail that to me? (same as the Paypal) and I’ll check.

  69. Bill Sayre says:

    Hey Larry, two quick questions: Looking at the original patch for sale, is the background as dark as the one shown, or is it a lighter green like the one in your avatar and the one version of the book cover? And do you happen to sell those at the book signings you do, or is it order online only? You’re going to be here in San Diego next month, and it would be cool to just be able to get them direct. If not, that’s okay. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

    • correia45 says:

      It is olive drab like the picture, and I will be bringing patches with me on tour. πŸ™‚

      • Bill Sayre says:

        Nice! I’ll definitely be wanting one then, and I think my friend who’s coming will want one as well. Will have to remember to bring cash with me. Thanks again.

  70. dustin says:

    Larry, is Baen going to put out MHI in hardcovers sometime?

  71. MHI4Life says:

    Hey Larry, i received my autographed copies and the patches! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside from your note. Thanks! Only problem is that I can’t stop thinking about all the places i want to add the patches to. I will need to order more.

  72. John Wlas says:

    Ordered a book and patch to be sent to a good friend 2 weeks ago via PayPal. You accepted payment buy so far no book…no patch.
    Did the monsters eat them?

  73. John Wlas says:

    Oops! Book to be published in May?
    I’ll wait.

  74. Max Rawls says:

    So how long before you find someone to make MHI 1911 Grips?
    You know you want to.

    • Gareth A says:

      Nice idea. Wouldn’t look as nice on the replicas but I’d buy a pair anyways.

      TBH, I really want a Zippo lighter like Earl’s.

  75. Kris says:


    Paid for patches through paypal 3 weeks ago…no response. Are you able to ship these?


  76. John Wlas says:

    Hard Magic was released in early May. You still have not shipped it or the patch.
    This was paid by PayPal. What’s up?????

  77. NinjaRawr! says:

    I’m getting my Dad some Monster Hunter Gear for Father’s Day, so I know that no matter what my brother gets him I will have the best gift(:
    Btw, is there a patch shortage right now? Just wanna know so I can get a bumper sticker instead if there is.

    • correia45 says:

      I’m getting more Utah and Haven ones done. I ended up giving out most of the ones I had left on book tour last month.

  78. John Wlas says:

    Still no book and patch delivered, Larry. Three of my closest friends are Golems a neighbor of mine is Baba Yaga. I don’t relish the idea of sending them to your place but sometimes a man gotta do what a man gotta do……

  79. John Wlas says:

    I sent payment via PayPal on April 16 for a copy of the Chronicles and a patch with a request they be sent to a friend and fellow gun enthusiast ( that info is in the PayPal details.)
    Baba Yaga will not be making the trip ( if necessary ) since she’s in a number of baking competitions this month. Her son Tobey will accompany the Golems.

  80. Shane says:

    What about “MHI Alumni” license plate frames like the one on the Lexus?

  81. Colin says:

    Awesome books, can’t wait to see more. πŸ™‚ Any chance of a tabletop RPG in the future?

  82. John Wlas says:

    My buddy Rich got the book and patch and was delighted to see
    it signed. Apparently the mix up was caused by my own ability to think logically. I suffer from Jerome Horwitz Syndrum ( I’m tinkin’, I’m tinkin’…
    nuttin’s hapnin’! ).
    Will pre-order Alpha.

  83. james treekiller says:

    received my patches and love them! they will be making trips to exciting places soon.

  84. caerrig says:

    How much would it be for postage of patches to Australia?

    • correia45 says:

      Good question. If it is only a few and they’ll fit into an envelope, it’ll be like a buck or so if I recall correctly.

  85. jackarroo says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’d love a team haven logo tshirt.

  86. JonnyV says:

    Couple of questions:
    any chance you can sell one of the oval patches (like on the caps)?
    do you plan on doing any patches in tan or coyote?
    will you ship to APOs?


  87. Will you be selling signed copies of Vendetta or Alpha here on your blog?

  88. Dean Peers says:

    Gday Larry, love ur work , do the team at MHI go of planet and battle space monsters ?

  89. jake garcia says:

    Hey Larry, got my stuff today, the patches are awesome, and thanks for the autograph. Just so you know, you are the first person that I have ever got an autograph from so again thanks for that.

  90. Do you plan any attending any sci-fi conventions or gunshows to sign/sell books?

  91. Wray Johnson says:

    Any chance of you selling decals? Love the patch, but would rather have a decal for the car window.


  92. Bruce says:

    I ordered a patch on Aug 16th and paid using paypal. Please let me know when I can expect to receive it.



  93. George says:


  94. Retired SOF says:

    Is there a reason you’re not answering comments about decals?

    • correia45 says:

      I had someone make some up for me to check out who sells them professionally, but I’ve not had a chance to play with them yet.

  95. Jack says:

    You are a master story teller.
    During a long deployment in the Middle East, your books are blessed mind candy.
    After meeting you in Sandy I knew you were one of the “good guys”.
    Thanks a ton, Keep up the good work.

  96. J says:

    Sent in my order for patches towards the end of September, can’t wait for ’em. Also, can’t wait to see the results of the patch contest 2.

  97. Remjin says:

    Got the patches and the book. Thanks a lot! The patches are awesome… my daughter wants to put one on her coat and she hasn’t even read the books. =)

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  100. Jamie Edwards says:

    When is Hard Magic 2 going to be on audiobook. I’ve been listening to both series on audiobooks and love them! Also, is MHL going to be available on audiobook when it cones out in Sept and can I order them like that for my kindle? I’ve got the other 4 on kindle audiobook. Please put Deep Six available that way to. Your worlds are my company on my daily commute. You’re the best!!!

  101. Mobius says:

    I just ordered a couple of patches from you; I understand that you ship them out when you receive enough orders?

  102. J says:

    I never received my patches that I ordered in October. Hope everything is going okay.

  103. Matt says:

    I love the MHI series! It’s well-written, incredibly detailed, and definitely calls out to my inherent nature as a gun nut!

    Quick question- I’ve never actually used my paypal before, but I figure it’ll make ordering your patches easier. Will I have to send you my mailing address, or will paypal include it automatically?

    Thanks and keep up the outstanding work!

  104. D says:

    Everyday I go to the mailbox in eager anticipation expecting my Little Orphan Annie secret decoder pin… er, I mean my MHI patches. πŸ™‚

  105. WK says:

    Ordered 6 original patches. Love your work!

  106. says:

    Hey Larry,
    I am a MHI Addict and I have a tee shirt request
    it would consist of a MHI logo on the front on the back “Real vampires only sparkle when there on fire”
    This statement went up on my cube wall after I finished reading the first 3 in the series.
    I am handling my MHI withdraws on a day-by-day basis, it’s hard and I think it is best to re-re-re-listen (audible) to the series starting in Aug of 2012. I think it’s the best way for me to cope until you finish the next book. (no pressure)
    I wont beg for you to release the 4th book on audible the same time you release the hardcover. But I would consider it a personal favor.

    Have a good one and get back to work, I am in need of my fix.


  107. Matt says:

    Got my patches in the mail last week and immediately distributed them to some friends. The needs of the many, right? That’s alright though, the Air Force needs more Hunters πŸ™‚ Will be ordering more after the holidays!

    Merry Christmas and thanks for the speedy delivery! Looking forward to Legion!

  108. Scott Kellar says:

    I paypal’d the correia email address for patches, but it bounced back- paypal not accepted. Then I emailed the ‘cafe’. No reply. Are you still supplying patches?


  109. Scott Kellar says:

    so i paypal to is that correct?

  110. kenneth says:

    What’s the turn around time for patches. I ordered 3 “Original” patches on the Jan 1st. Any idea when I should receive them?
    Thanks, Kenneth

    • correia45 says:

      Kenneth, I ran out of original patches during the Christmas rush, and am waiting for more to arrive. They should be here shortly and then I’ll fill all the outstanding orders at one time. I’m a one man operation, so I’m always running behind on filling orders.

  111. Phil H. says:

    Larry, I ordered 5 patches and paid with paypal – and then sent you a followup email. Of course, now i see your status update above – so I am cool and will wait until you get more and send them out. Thanks for the great books – i really enjoy them πŸ™‚ – Phil H.

  112. Scott Larson says:


    I sent you an email and also sent a payment on pay pal for two patches and an autographed book. I know you are busy, but I haven’t heard anything back from you. Look forward to hearing from you.


    • correia45 says:

      Scott, out of patches. More on the way. Running behind. Several of the orders that shipped in mid December didn’t arrive. Yes, I know. No, I don’t know why. Will send replacements. But waiting for baby to arrive first.

  113. KW says:


    What a GREAT series; guns, monsters, explosives what not to love!
    As a combat engineer and long range shooter appreciate the realism. Ran across your works by chance and very glad I did. Can’t wait for the next volume. Will be ordering some patches and stickers real shortly.


  114. Scott Larson says:


    I know you are still working on getting the patches, but I was wondering if I could get the Alpha book that I ordered signed with Happy Birthday Jason. His birthday is coming very soon, and it would be a great gift as he is the one who turned me on to the series. I hate to be a bother and I know you are busy, but it would mean a lot.


  115. Christian Herzog says:

    Larry could you email me a total to send you for a signed copy of each of the books signed to Christian and 5 smiley face patches.

    Thanks Christian

  116. Phil H says:

    I am guessing you are now a father – Congratulations.
    Not sure if you have a ‘system’ to track orders but since
    the patches seems rare I want to make sure my order doesn’t
    get missed.
    When you have the new shipment of patches, please
    check back in your emails to my paypal payment for
    5 smiley patches ($15) from on Jan.2,2012.
    Thanks for writing the books, very enjoyable. -Phil H.

    • correia45 says:

      Phil, all of the backordered patches went out this week. So you should have them in a couple of days. If not, let me know.

  117. Steve Fennel says:

    Being a 13 year invested law enforcement officer, I love how all your tshirts are “tactical.” I’ve ordered one and two patches. Love the MHI books.

  118. Jon says:

    Hey man great writes and write more faster. Don’t get all lazy and shit or I’ll add you to my list. Anyway, shouldn’t the MHI patch be laying on a bunch of 45s?

  119. Emerson says:

    As a one man operation on products, it seems you are doing rather well. I think your books are great and have read them since the first batch you dropped off at Uncle Hugo’s Uncle Edgars a couple years back now. Yep, worn through your original and also the “new” International book I picked up already, and all your others as well. Keep up the great work as I’ll be continuing to look forward to your next book.

  120. David Pennell says:

    Just making sure you got my order through paypal for the 3 MHI Patches, smily face with horns.


  121. Ken Fowler says:

    Hi Larry, just following up on an order for an MHI patch on April 14th. I sent an inquiry to your yahoo account on May 2 but haven’t heard back.

  122. Sarah says:

    Hi Larry,
    I emailed you with some questions about ordering…I sent it to your email, wanted to see if you got it?

    • correia45 says:

      Probably, but I get hundreds of emails a week so I’m usually really slow in answering them.

      • Sarah says:

        ok then I will patiently wait for your reply…i know the headline was inquiry about buying something…thanks

  123. Terry says:

    Hi Larry,
    Absolutely love your books, I’vre been reading them back to back.
    Will you ship patches to Canada?

  124. Sarah says:

    I sent you money via paypal for a patch and a book over a week ago. On average how long does it take for you to ship it out?

  125. Shaun the revelator says:

    Larry can you please make a salt lake county patch πŸ™‚ Monster hunter series are hands down the best books ever!! Can’t wait to read some more.

  126. Luc says:

    Hey Larry first I have to say ive read … well listened to all your books (exept deep six because there is no audio and im too lazy to read lol ) and they are all great and grats on the audi. i also had my wife read them and she loved them too but since then she will not stop bugging me about finding her a G-gnome and it turns out there are alotta different gnomes out there but no G-gnomes closest i can find was a biker gnome πŸ™ i was wondering if you might be able to help . im sure we are not the only G-gnome fans out there it should be another hot iteam if you could figure something out . again thanks for the great stories and charactor looking forward to the next MHI and Grimnior chronicles

  127. Mike says:

    Larry, do you do autographed copies of Monster Hunter Vendetta or Spellbound? I was gonna get those books and would love to have it autographed. Hard Magic is my favorite book I’ve ever read by the way!

  128. Danny says:

    I just finished MHI and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My Flight Chief in Iraq suggested it and I picked it up when I got back to the U.S. After I read the first chapter I called my brother and told him to drop whatever he was doing and go pick it up. I look forward to picking up the next books soon. I loved every detail about your story and hope you never stop writing. Cheers to you sir.
    With Respect,
    -Danny “Mojo”

    P.S. Im from Georgia so I was naturally drawn to Boone’s team. Any chance you can start making his team’s patch?

    • correia45 says:

      I can’t. The image on there was a hat tip to Sluggy Freelance, a webcomic that I read, and so it is somebody else’s image.

      • Danny says:

        That’s unfortunate but understandable. I have not yet picked up the other books so I do not know the fate of Boone and the team from Georgia but I’m hoping I’ll see more of them. Once again I tip my hat to your writing. I’m sending a few copies of MHI to some buddies downrange who are currently embracing the suck while staking “vampires” in a certain undisclosed location. God Bless.
        With Respect
        -Danny “Mojo”

  129. glennzo says:

    Hey Larry, I love your MHI books and am waiting for Legion to come out. I also ordered 2 MHI patches thru Pay Pal about 2 weeks ago and am eagerly awaiting them as well. Continued good luck to you sir.

  130. James ham says:

    Love the MH books. Was intro’d by a friend. As a former SWAT Guy, I love that you get the gun stuff right. Not my usual genre but can’t wait for the next one.

  131. Sarah says:

    Larry, I sent money via paypal to your account for a book and a patch. I sent it to you at the end of may. When can I expect to recieve my stuff?

  132. Michael says:

    I ordered three MHI green smiley face patches two weeks ago..did my order get shipped?

  133. FrankH says:

    Hi Larry, loved all the books and purchased two of your patches as well.
    However they have not yet arrived and I will be moving at the end of next week. Is there a way I can email you my new address for them to ship to?

  134. JaimeD says:

    Hi Larry – I ordered two patches about 3 months ago and have not received – do you know when I can expect? Thanks!

  135. Danny says:

    I was wondering: is it better to buy your books from you directly or from other sites such as Amazon. I usually get my books from amazon or the book stores at airports. Finished Alpha last week and that ending left me wanting Legion ASAP. Gonna pre-order it on Monday. Just wanted to know your preference.
    Danny Mojo

    P.S. More Copenhagen blooded redneck service members like Sam are humbly requested.

  136. PatN says:

    Hi Larry,
    I second the idea of 1911 grips with the MHI logo. I was looking at grips this weekend and the logo came to mind. Time for expanding the product line? I’d buy a set.

  137. Justin says:

    I’m planning on dressing up as a Hunter this Halloween- I’m gonna get one of the MHI logo patches for the vest.

    The hardest part is trying to find someone to make an individual “MHI” black/white name tape patch- Y’know, like “FBI”, “FEMA”, etc.

    Just putting that out there. (n_n)

  138. Patches received with great appreciation:)

    Now get more books on pre-order so I might be able to throw extra money at you πŸ™‚

  139. glennzo says:

    Larry, I love your stuff and can’t wait to read Legion. I’ve even got my wife hooked on MHI. I am however, still waiting on my patches that I ordered back in June. patience is a virtue so I’ll keep the lamp burning in the window for the postman. I do hope you get a bestseller out of this one. Later!

  140. tblacker says:

    What, no switchblade toting bunny patches? No emergency pants?? πŸ˜‰

    Fantastic series, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the MHI books! I’m also devouring your posts on writing, thank you for sharing!

  141. Terry says:

    Hi Larry,
    Just wondering if my patches had been sent yet.

  142. Bob says:

    Lapel pins. I need MHI lapel pins.

  143. James Truncellito says:

    Larry, I paypal’ed some money for a couple patches on 9/12/12. Didn’t get a confirmation. Just wanted to make sure you got the order. It was for 1 MHI happy face patch and 1 Team Haven patch.

  144. Martin says:

    I need the address so I can send funds to order a few patches. I tried the email above (twice) but no joy. Take my money.

  145. Ian B Hunt says:

    will you make MHI patches for SEATTLE and SAN DIEGO

  146. JTD says:

    Larry, will you be at NY Comic Con??? Also…Mr. Management is one of the best characters ever.

  147. Nathan says:

    Question about using your MHI images. I’d like to get some address labels to label a bunch of my stuff but instead of a fish or a flower or a bird I’d like to get some with the MHI smiley patch. You don’t sell anything like that in your store and obviously I can’t order labels using your trademarked images without your permission.

    Is there a way I can do this? I’d love to give you my money but I’m not sure what I can do.

  148. Hagen Radcliffe says:

    Well, it’s too late now. In one way, that’s a good thing…a very good thing. The STOP shipping date for my deployed soldier son is today. That means that he’ll be gettin’ ready to come home within the next few months. The sad thing is that he never received his much-anticipated MHI patches. The wished for and promised MHI patches to proudly wear on his infantry chest . Maybe they got lost ; maybe some low-life stole them during shipping. In any case, Sgt. Radcliffe was probably very disappointed to wrap up yet another year in Afghanistan without any MHI patches. It’s sad when soldiers are disappointed, isn’t it?

  149. glennzo says:

    Hey Larry, I’m still waiting for the patches I ordered in June. I ain’t gonna throw a guilt trip on you like the previous guy but I would like to get them soon. I bought a couple of the bumper stickers and cut off the Smiley Face to put on the back glass of my zombie tactical vehicle ( a Hundai Santa Fe) and it looks pretty cool and unless you’re “hip” to MHI you wouldn’t know what it was for. Stay loose and I am eagerly anticipating “Legion”. PS: My sidearm is a CZ75 Phantom in 9mm, what’s yours? Later.

    • correia45 says:

      I was caught up and every single order had been mailed out before I left for book tour, so it got sent. I process a ton of these so I don’t know who anybody is unless they give me their information. Shoot me an email with your details and I can send a replacment.

      As for that last one, I emailed him already. I found it strangely passive aggressive. πŸ™‚

  150. Michele Noel says:

    I have tried to pre-order your signed copy of MHI Legion from Amazon…they have cancelled my order twice saying they can’t get stock to send me. I ordered it on Aug 6,2012. My son is a huge fan and I am not happy that I can’t get a copy. I have contacted Amazon, your publisher and now you to no avail.

    • correia45 says:

      Michele, I have absolutely zero control over anything Amazon does. The publisher sent me, and I signed 6,000 pages to be bound into books for the signed eidtion, after that there is literally not a thing I can do about the signed editions. I’m sorry. I really am, I feel your pain, but I am stuck. There are plenty of unsigned normal editions in bookstores everywhere.

      Once the initial rush at booksellers is over, then I will always grab a bunch to sell myself here on the blog. I can’t do that during the initial release months though because A. If you buy them from me instead of a bookseller, it lowers my sales stats. B. The booksellers doesn’t get a cut. C. If the bookseller sells fewer books because I’m selling them personally, then when my next book comes out, they order fewer copies, which is the exact opposite of what a writer wants to have happen.

      So I will sell autographed MHLs on the blog here, but not until after the sales rush in stores is over. Doing otherwise would be me sabotaging my own career.

    • LepusKhan says:

      Have you tried Uncle Hugo’s bookstore? I know they had a bunch of them and they’re great people to do business with… (just a suggestion)

  151. Bryn says:

    Hey Larry,
    Loved MHI 1 & 2…. REALLY loved Hard Magic; can’t wait for the next instalment.



  152. Jessica says:

    I ordered some patches about a.month ago, how can I go about checking their status?

    • correia45 says:

      Jessica, all of the stuff that was ordered while I was on tour and since got mailed a couple of days ago. So you should have it shortly.

      • Joe says:

        Same question here. Ordered a few patches about 3 weeks ago. What is the usual delivery time? The PO sucks in New Orleans, otherwise I wouldn’t worry.

        • correia45 says:

          Everything that was ordered up until about two weeks ago was shipped out last Wednesday. Everything from then on will be going out either again probably Saturday or Monay.

      • Joe says:

        Right on. Thanks, man. Like I said, our Post Office blows. I have to stay on top of them. Figuratively speaking, that is.

      • Joe says:

        Still have not seen the patches. Checked with the Post Office, but they were unable to tell me anything.

  153. Thom S says:

    Hey Larry, next time you re-visit the Cafe Press apparrel, I would love to see an OD T-Shirt with the plain logo – not the stylized neone green one.

    I had in mind something with a big logo on the back with the words “Evil Looms. Cowboy Up. Kill it. Get Paid” and on the breast pocket a small logo with “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi”


  154. Luke Law says:

    I want to buy 2 or 3 of the original patch. But I live in Australia and I’m guessing that US$3.00 isn’t gonna cover international post.
    Could you please give me a price for 2 of the Original patch sent to Australia? Or I’ll just send you US$10.00 by paypal and you send me however many MHI patch’s that will buy me?
    Luke Law
    Mad Australian MHI Fan.

  155. Jens says:

    Still waiting here in Germany, but international surface mail usually takes a few weeks.

    If you need help with some more current german (the wording in MHL was a bit dated, circa 1970), send me an email.

  156. Jonathan Connaughty says:

    I am still waiting for a book and patch. I know that you are a busy man and that you operate by yourself. I was just wondering how often you get around to sending out orders and if you lost an order what i would need to do to contact you to get the situation taken care of.

    A really happy fan of your work and wish you great success. If my order needs to be delayed so you can keep working i understand…just a big fan.


    • correia45 says:

      Jonathan, I sent a bunch a few weeks ago. Then found about twenty orders my kids had bagged but not thrown in the box. I shipped those two days ago. Ran out of patches, and will have more by the end of this week, and then will be sending the rest of the orders next week.

      I’m a one man and a 12 year old operation. πŸ™‚ I make it to the Post Office about once every three weeks.

  157. Sher says:

    Yay! Just got the patches I ordered from you, and they are great. Birthday surprise and stocking stuffers are now in hand. Many thanks to you and yours!

  158. Onbu says:

    Hi Larry,

    I live in the middle east and would like to place an online order for some MHI merchandise. Can you please confirm that the best place to do this is still through the cafepress web page?

    It would also be appreciated if you could let me know the estimated shipping time required for a delivery to the middle east.

    Thank you in advance for your time and prompt response.

    Also – it would be great to hear from other fans in my region who have placed an order via this method and it did successfully reach you.


    • correia45 says:

      I don’t really have any control over how the Cafepress site works. They’re an outside provider that I use, so I’m not really sure how long it would take for them to ship to you.

  159. John Davies says:

    Hi Larry, just a quick question that might have already been answered in here, but I didn’t read through the whole thing. Can I put an MHI patch on my Facebook profile pic using PicBadges?

  160. Angi says:

    Can’t wait for the patches! We are moving to Belize and you know all those Mayan monsters aren’t going to like to see that MHI has invaded their country. I plan on using them like an ADT sign stuck in a yard! The best defense is the logo!

  161. CDR says:

    Finished Legion. Awesome. Placed an order for patches a while ago via Paypal and just wanted to see if you thought they would ship before X-mas!

    • correia45 says:

      Could you be a little more specific as to a while ago? Because I’m caught up with everything as of last week.

      • CDR says:

        Back in Sept – via Paypay – specifics below:

        You sent a payment
        Transaction ID: 7KN13855VS285343B
        Dear ,
        You sent a payment for $15.00 USD to Larry Correia.
        Please note that it may take a little while for this payment to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview.
        View the details of this transaction online
        $15.00 USD
        Sent on:
        September 5, 2012
        Subject line of your payment email:

  162. Angi says:

    Hi Larry, I just placed an order a few days ago and noticed that you said you had run out of patches again. Do you think they will be back in soon? We are moving to Belize in early January. I seriously hope to get them before we leave. Actually, I was going to use them as a stocking stuffer but I understand if you can’t get them out that soon. But I really hope they come in before they leave. Having mail forwarded down there could be a nightmare!

  163. Kevin Trudeau says:

    Tshirts need Tshirts i cant say this enough i want Tshirts:-P Honestly i would love some clothing options besides hats and patches.

  164. hi Larry, I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your books I tore through all of them in around a month. I am extremely excited about the MHI employee handbook and RPG. I’m writing you to ask a question on November 27, 2012, 12:17 AM I purchased one of Earl harbingers patches as well as one from team Haven the transaction number of the PayPal was 31138353XE62283K and I was hoping it might be here before Christmas. I understand that your a busy guy and probably do not receive the e-mail I sent you at your slg2qcorreia address and did not receive a response. Any response via either this forum or e-mail would be greatly appreciated. Love what you do and can’t wait for more

    Your fan

    • correia45 says:

      Travis, I don’t have any orders on November 27th and that number isn’t showing up. However, if your last name starts with Sl… then I’ve got a Travis S on the 26th, and that one will be going in the mail tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday.

  165. Jens says:

    Still nothing here in Germany – order was placed on September 3rd (Paypal ID 27Y233475A119851Y).

  166. Jess says:

    Hi, I’m really interested in buying some of the patches, but I haven’t received a reply from the email. Does anyone know where else I could find them?

  167. Spc. Stevie Fowler says:

    Aweaone books! But I was wondering if you do anything besides the patches? I just purchased a new Beretta 92fs (M9) this week and was hoping you might know a guy who could put your patch design in a custom grip on my side arm. I’ve seen the resident evil “samurai’s Edge” version of my Beretta but I really like your writing style and your characters are comfortable to me. So please if you know where or would even be cool with me having custom grips made lemme know.


    • correia45 says:

      I always tell people the same thing about use of the logo. As long as it is for fun and not a for profit money making sort of thing, go for it. All I ask is that you send me a picture of it for the blog.

      There are lots of guys who have gotten my logo engraved on guns. I’ve not seen a 92 yet though.

  168. Brett says:

    Hi Mr. Correia, I just discovered your books a few months ago (okay my girlfriend found them and liked the cover and bought it for me) and now i just finished Legion (signed copy, that’s right i am a collector) this morning at 3am. I can’t get enough of this series (even my XCOM team members, its an xbox 360 game, are named after the characters in the books – super geek i know, how cool am i?). This is easily the coolest series I have ever read and the characters are incredibly relateable and human and that’s what sets the books apart from nearly everything else i have ever read, not to mention the humor. I can’t wait for book 5!

    Please do me a huge favor and get the MHI Tactical Cap with the MHI logo est. 1895 in Khaki not just black. Thanks in advance.

    oh and WHEN they make the movie please get Patrick Warburton as Franks, i started picturing him as Franks from novel one and i can’t see anyone else playing the part. Huge guy, face never changes, deadpan humor, perfect for the role. Even his IMDB profile trademarks him as β€œMonotone, deep voice, massively-built frame, and nonchalant attitude often displayed in various characters he plays.” if that isn’t Franks i don’t know what is.

    • correia45 says:

      I may or may not be getting Xcom for Christmas. πŸ™‚

      On Franks, if/when a movie gets made, sadly I’ve got no say at all on who Hollywood picks as the actors. Man, I sure wish I did.

      • GT says:

        Warburton is the right size, but a little too nice and cheerful. I wonder about Dwayne Johnson. And though he’s a little too old, and tagged with “Terminator”, Arnie would’ve been awesome in his younger, Conan years. Just my two cents!

  169. Beckie says:

    I ordered 5 patches (used paypal) and sent you two emails to the address listed above, but have not heard back or received the patches.They were going to be for Christmas presents so we are a bit dissappointed here.Transaction ID: 28K68798FS0323237 Dec 11

    • correia45 says:

      They were mailed on the December postal run, so I’m going to have to send replacements. Sorry for the lack of email response, but in case you didn’t notice what this week has been like for me, I’ve got literally over a thousand unread emails. Yours are somewhere in that pile. Sorry.

  170. Terry says:

    Hi Larry
    Still no joy on my patch order

  171. Danny says:

    Hey Larry

    I was wondering if you were ever gonna put the Luska Patch on here. I know it was one of the rewards for the Funding pledge but I was deployed when that was going on so I completely missed out on it. Thanks. I am patiently awaiting news on Nemesis.


  172. Houston says:

    What size are the patches? Considering for a sew over of the Ruger Patches on our Ruger 10/22 take down cases.


  173. Terry says:

    Hi Larry,
    Its been about 5 months since I put in an order for the patches.
    Can you check for me
    Terry Dolson

    • correia45 says:

      Terry, that is way old. Those should’ve been shipped months ago. I’ve got one Dolson in my email from May, and those were shipped. So I’ll assume those are lost and go ahead and send some replacements.

  174. Terry says:

    Thanks Larry
    Do you need my address?

  175. Jeff Hoops says:

    The MHI series ( Alpha included ) has been a blast to read. I am currently about 120 pages into Legion and it is every bit as entertaining as the first. More…more…more! Please never stop writing this books, I’m hooked!. Thank you very much, and I am placing a patch order now πŸ˜‰

  176. Julie H. says:

    Hi, my husband and I have enjoyed listening to all of your books in the car on various road trips. My husband has only read one fiction book in his life, a Tom Clancy novel that he was required to read for Army OCS training, so the fact that he has listened to all your novels is really something! Thank you for your wonderful work!

    I would dearly love an iphone 5 slider case but none are available on the cafepress site. Will you be making them available?

  177. Shayne says:

    Hi Mr. Correia,
    Sent you a paypal/email, wanted to make sure you got it. (my paypal has been acting weird.)

  178. Will H says:

    My current zippo is awesome but twelve years old, and hard to read. It may be time to retire it. Today I was reading MHVendetta and got to the part when Harbenger lights a smoke with a MHI/Green Smiley Zippo, and decided that would be the perfect replacement, but you don’t sell them…

  179. Chillywill says:

    i just gotta say i absolutely love all your MHI novels. I just started on your other series Hard Magic. I didnt think it would be all that interesting to me. Boy was i wrong. I was very impressed with the whole story. So much so that im going to start the sequel at the end of the week. I can honestly say that you have just risen to the top of my favorite authors list. I actually have started writing a book of my own
    after reading all of the ones you have written. Ijusthope that i can put out as good of a story as you have for all of us. You rock.

  180. Bill Powe says:

    Hi Larry, I heard a rumor that you might come to LoneStarCon3 this year (Yes, my wife and I will be nominating Legion for a Hugo). If you’ll be there I’ll bring books to be signed! πŸ™‚


    • correia45 says:

      I’m gunning for a Hugo nom. πŸ™‚ (see the many recent blog posts featuring sad puppies and thinking of the children) If so, I love San Antonio and am looking for an excuse to go.

  181. Psychotyme says:

    Hey Larry. Huge fan of the books, and I was wondering if you’d do autographed copies of The Monster Hunters. I have the paperbacks and would like to pick up the hardback for my collection.

    • correia45 says:

      I can. $25 is the cost of the book. $5 for shipping. I’ve got some here. In fact, I really need to update this page. πŸ™‚

  182. Keith says:

    Larry quick question what is a rough estimate for a complete signed set of the MHI books?

    • correia45 says:

      $8 for each of the 3 paperbacks so $24. + $25 for the hardcover of MHL. So $49. Figure probably… Uhhh… $8 to ship. (total guess on that).

      • Keith says:

        heck thats cheap where do i sign up. I love your books mine are all in pretty bad condition several deployments did not agree with them

  183. Dennis G. says:

    I’ve sent two emails about getting a half dozen patches via mail and have not received a reply. You still selling them?

  184. Dee says:

    Dear Larry,

    Thank You!
    I have an autistic (Aspeger’s) child that was loaned your book last night and has now read through 367 pages already.

    Normal reading is Manga books and about one a week time frame.

    THANK YOU!! Keep the Monster series coming!

  185. tiffinyfelix says:

    Any plans to make vinyl stickers of the patch design for cars and stuff? I’d love one for my van (for next to my Zombie Apocalypse Response Team sticker)…I’d love to see who knew what it was ;D

  186. Michelle T says:

    So I think I now own all your books that you have published (and yes I am waiting for more)…A friend got me hooked and in return I have hooked my brother as well! Love the monster hunter books got to admit they are my favorite keep them coming! Thanks for a great read!

  187. GT says:

    For the Monster Nation at large-
    I was re-reading MH Alpha last night streaming some symphonic metal when a song called “The Howling” came on. It’s by a group called Within Temptation, and it’s like they were reading over my shoulder and composing the song. Definitely needs to be on the movie soundtrack.
    Just passing it on to my friends.

    I hear they’re getting closer/
    Their howls are sending chills down my spine/
    And time is running out now/
    They’re coming down the hills from behind…

    When we start killing/
    It’s all coming down right now/
    From the nightmare we’ve created/
    I want to be awakened somehow

    When we start killing/
    It all will be falling down/
    From the hell that we’re in/
    All we are is fading away…

  188. Adam Bennett says:

    Can’t get enough of your books! I was wondering, any chance of getting a sticker much like the MHI patch, same colors, etc? I see a bumper sticker, but I’d love an MHI patch sticker.

  189. Jeff Hoops says:


    I know you have been busy, but I sent payment for an autographed book and patch on Jan. 8th, 2013 through Paypal and still haven’t received anything. My paypal account that would have credited you is HISSMAN@GMAIL.COM. When you get time and can look into it for me that would be great! Also, I am starting Hard Magic: book 1 this weekend after finishing all of the MHI books. Of note, I just read 14 by Peter Cline’s and found that this books main nemesis also reflects on Lovecraft’s Cthulhu “god”. I wasn’t aware of this when I started the book, and was exasperated when I found the primary antagonist to be the same as the Old Ones told of in the book that I just finished the week before written by you. I guess it is a small world. Sorry for my poor grammar…I’m an engineer. Ha ha!

    • cgallup2 says:

      Many writers of the supernatural subject since Lovecraft has used Lovecrafts’ writings as a basis or reference point for their own writings. Lovecraft work is one of the best written and comprehensive works of all time. For any writer to use the world that another writer has created is a sure sign of the first artists’ ability to make that world a legacy for future generations.

      Fan of H.P. & Correia

  190. WASPINNM says:

    We need a sticker with just the green happy face surrounded in chrome and I phone 5 cases!!!!!!

  191. Heather says:

    didn’t see it posted anywhere, audible is having a series sale, all MHI books are on sale for 6.95. I think the Grimnoire are also but I already bought them πŸ™‚

  192. I love the MHI novels and have bought several patches that are now on my daily hat, coat and backpack, however I would love to purchase some stickers and or vinyl stickers to trick out the things that are not conducive to a cloth patch like my new truck (heavily inspired by Earl’s truck from Alpha). Is this a possibility?

  193. robert twyman says:


    I sent you $10 through paypal on August 22, 2012 for one Team Haven and one Team Utah patch. I received an email that you had sent them but they couldn’t be delivered. I responded to the email but have never heard anything back or received the patches. I am sure you are a very busy person and would like to thank you for taking the time to handle this. My paypal account name is

    • correia45 says:

      Robert, it looks like I’ve sent you patches twice now. Do you have a problem with your mail where you live? Could you email me an alternate address maybe?

  194. rob says:

    I emailed you my new address. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  195. Michael Kinsella says:

    Larry, I tried to order 3 of the MHI patches back in March. I still haven’t received them. Did I miss an email? I came for the Gun Control essay, and stayed for your terrific stories. The trouble with finding a new author is catching up and then having to wait like everyone else for new books. πŸ™ Keep up the good work

  196. katl says:

    how can I order the new challenge coins??

  197. Greg Yee says:

    You should velcro back the MHI patch so it can be used as a morale patch

  198. matthew campbell says:

    So I have read all MHI books out so fare, and being a Utah resident I have been looking for the Utah patch forever. Was just wondering if there is a website of how to go about getting one and maybe the coin I have seen around the net. Also want to say thanks for the books they have made this deployment to Afghanistan go by much faster.

  199. cgallup says:

    Just got the MHI patches I ordered.
    Hope to read more from the series soon.

    Thank you
    Chris Gallup
    Avid reader

  200. Any chance of getting these shipped to Afghanistan?

  201. lindseyseale says:

    any possibility of another run of CPKM shirts? the link seems to have gone out of date. my husband and i recently discovered your books and love them. we’d both be thrilled to sport a couple Hold the Pig Steady shirts. Keep doing what you’re doing! thank you

  202. Chris Ransom says:


    I ordered 3 patches on 5/17 nothing in the mail yet. How long does it take?

  203. randell petty says:

    Are the MHI patches still up for sale? Haven’t seen many updates on the page.

  204. Chris Ransom says:

    I paid for mine over a month ago and still don’t have them. He commented that he was shipping them once a month. Well that was all of June and I haven’t received it yet so far.

  205. Chris Ransom says:

    Still haven’t received the MHI patches. They were ordered well over a month ago. When can I expect them to be shipped?

    • correia45 says:

      Probably Saturday or Monday depending on when I can get to the post office.

      I normally do a shipping day about once a month. I haven’t been home much in the last 2 months. I’m a one man operation, and I break even on the patches to keep my fans happy. So I can’t afford to devote very much time to it. I’m fairly clear about that repeatedly on this page.

  206. Talon says:

    I would like to order 2 patches, are any available ??

  207. Jonathan McElhaney says:

    Mr. Correia,

    I’m ordering a patch here shortly. I’d be very interested in your challenge coin, when it becomes available.
    I picked up MHA in RC-East, Afghanistan, and bought the rest when I got home. Really enjoy the stories, and you’ve inspired me to go out and pick up some truly decent pistols.
    Thanks for a new source of entertainment to go along with my David Drake and S.M. Stirling stuff.

  208. Jack says:

    You were mentioned, favorabily, at Vox site; I am interested in your writing; can you mention the published order of the Monster Hunters? I want to read them in order. Thanks.


    • correia45 says:

      Monster Hunter International
      Monster Hunter Vendetta
      Monster Hunter Alpha
      Monster Hunter Legion
      Monster Hunter Nemesis (coming 2014)

      And the Grimnoir Chronicles

      Hard Magic
      Warbound (coming next month)

      And my military thrillers

      Dead Six
      Swords of Exodus (coming in September)
      Project Blue (?)

  209. Robert Brown says:

    Hi Larry,
    Thanks for sending the Team Haven badges. Just got them. They are exactly what I expected. Again, thank you.


  210. Luke Law says:

    Thank you very much for the quick turn around time of my order (very quick!) I buy a lot of stuff through eBay, Amazon and my favourite knife dealer (TSAKnives dot com)
    and most stuff from the US is timely, but anything sourced in Any part of China fuggediboutit!! Count it in the months.
    All I’m saying is cut the Big Guy and his Little Missus a little Slack! I doubt they are getting Rich from “Stinking Badges!” (Badges, Badges, we don’t need no Stinking Badges”!! – Blazing Saddles reference extra 50 points!)
    Seriously cut Larry Some slack on the badges guys, he’s providing You a service for pennies!
    Brisbane QLD.
    Australia 4124

  211. Michele Cross says:

    Just sent you an email from my business, Ivy Leaf Garden, hope you get it, know your busy, would like some books and patches Please!

  212. Mike Gaddis says:


    Are you going to have the team patches made as stickers for car/truck windows? They would go great with my “shove gun control up your ass” and other 2nd amendment stickers.

    As a graphic designer/marketing director/photographer/firearm enthusiast/USAF Retiree…I’m thinking you could sell a hell of a lot of these to MHI fans!

  213. Mace Whitaker says:

    Waiting to get the cash from the guys but about 5 of us in my platoon are wanting to get patches. We love the books and pass them around everytime we our in the field or out on the OP’s.

  214. Micah Shapiro says:

    I want to order the MHI Luska patch. How can I order one? when will they be available on the store

  215. Greg says:


    I saw that you are coming to comic com in slc. Will you have all of the patches available for me to purchase there? I just finished reading monster hunter legion and I loved it. Two days later and I’m still laughing at “chicken theft? That’s totally going on his next evaluation. ” keep up the great work and keep the books coming!

  216. RONNIE Coleman says:

    I love your books! Got the MHI patch and put on my BCM hat.

  217. Dan says:

    Where are the I Phone 5 cases? and we need the MHI Tactical sticker with just the green smiley surrounded by chrome

  218. Kit says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE MHI! Husband tried to get me a signed copy when you posted about it on twitter, but no luck. πŸ™ He’s promised to try again, though. In the meantime, must get him a patch (and he hasn’t even read the books yet because he won’t start reading a series in progress…) Thank you for writing! I read Hard Magic too, and loved it, need to get my hands on Spellbound next!

  219. I stand corrected! My husband has read them ‘because they are standalone novels about the same characters’. Can’t wait to read Legion!

  220. Matt says:

    Need me an MHI “smoking Elvis” patch, since I live in Vegas. >:)

  221. ry motuelle says:

    What is the email to buy patches? I don’t have PayPal. I got ahold of you awhile back asking to use the patches for the Niles haunted house. I just now need to get the patches lol! I would like a original and a team haven patch.

  222. Jonathan McElhaney says:

    Hi, Larry. Just received my patch, although I got the Utah patch rather than the original patch. Can I place an order for the original patch? Thanks, Jon

    • correia45 says:

      Sorry about that. Could you send me a reminder email to the email you originally ordered from with your shipping address?

      • Jonathan McElhaney says:

        I just sent a new order for the original. Since I’m holding the Utah one, I figure they’re both money out of your pocket. Any word on the coins?


  223. ry motuelle says:

    Hey Larry, what website do I use to order patches? I don’t have PayPal.

  224. Jeremy says:

    Is there another MHI novel in the line up? Please say yes!

  225. Luke says:

    Larry and team, Thanks for the patch’s I bought from you. They are great value, look awesome and I got them quite swiftly.
    I have sewn them onto an Auscam (Australian Army Camo) and my Grab bag (not my Bug out bag) my everyday use bag. It looks SWEET!! I should have taken a pic and attached it.
    I love your work and as I live in Australia it would be really nice to see the “International” part of Team in action, maybe Team Harbinger working WITH an Aussie Team!! (Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!!)
    No matter, as I love the books and I read the books many many times over the years so a talented author like yourself gives me many hours of pleasure and escapism (or Training for the upcoming “Zombie Apocalypse”)
    My 15 year old daughter LOVES zombie stuff and swears we are going to have an Zombie Apocalypse. She has been studying Krav Maga for 4 years, Shooting – Combat Pistol and Skeet. She loves collecting sharp nasty things Tomahawks, Bolo’s, Parangs and would love a Katana (she loves “The Walking Dead”). She wants me to leave her all my large Cutlery when I kick the bucket. Sweet Girl. Did I mention she is nearly 6 feet tall and plays Baseball? She has a Club collection too, lol
    Larry if you keep writing ’em I’ll keep buying ’em.
    Cheers Lary,
    Luke Law
    Brisbane Australia.

  226. Mik Burns says:

    I had ordered an MHI Original patch back on September 9th for my IDPA vest but haven’t received it yet. I follow up now because I would love to have it sewn on and represent before my next match which is October 5th. Thanks!

  227. Tay says:

    Hi Larry

    I just discovered the MHI series over the summer and have quickly blown through the entire series – they were SO unbelievably epic and awesome!! although now i’m dying to know what happens next – i don’t suppose you could say when the next novel is coming out??


  228. Noel Nield says:

    Hi Larry love your work, I’m wanting an Mug patch. Do you send to the UK?

  229. Noel Nield says:

    Sorry, auto correct gremlins got me there, Mhi patch πŸ™‚

  230. MrJackal says:

    hi there i purchased a few patches a couple weeks back i was wondering the turn around time on receiving them

  231. Larry, I sent you a order for patches a couple of weeks ago but for the life of me I can’t remeber if I sent you a shipping address. I just ordered another patch from you today and all of them need to ship to same address.

  232. Brandon Silvi says:

    Hey Larry, I payed for two MHI smiley and one team Utah Patch on october 1st, any Idea when they will be able to be sent out?

  233. Gary Ring says:

    Hi, Larry, First things first love your books, especially the monster hunter and dead six series. After 28 years in the canadian army I have finally found a series of books that I can take on deployment and read over and over. I have gotten several of the youngs guys who work for me hooked on the monster hunter series including my 16 yr old son. I was way to excited to hear about your upcoming series with john Ringo. Today at work I just found out about your kickstarter challenge coin program, I only had 10 minutes and due to IT security blokes was unable to access the page. My question is there any way to get coins now that it is done. I picked up one of your patchs during a deployment down south off a marine but it has since become destroyed during a late night recovery call on a LAV. Trying to talk wife into buying me some more but would rather have a coin if it is possible. Thanks for your talent, nothing better in the field than a good book and a laugh. It is amazing how funny something is when you been out all night fixing something and then you have to do a radio watch. Keep up the good work.
    Sgt Gary Ring
    EO Tech

  234. Virginia says:

    If I order 3 patches today, will they be here by Christmas? I just need the Original Patch. Thanks!

  235. Shaun Wilson says:

    love the books my dad is a gunafianado, his word, love the books, I even got my wife hooked she likes the interpersonal relationships, she cried when Sam died, and was worried about Milo when the elephant landed on him, I have several friends and relatives I keep hooking with the first book, most are former military, table top gamers, or monster movie and horror fans. keep up the good work, I do have a small request, could you see if you could get some other writers together and maybe do some kind of anthology where they get to write some origins or short stories for some other characters, cause you have so many it would be Legendary

  236. Nels says:

    Howdy, I ordered 2 patches (1 MHI, 1 Team Haven) via PayPal on 4 October but have not heard anything back about those yet. PayPal recognized the email address so I think I got it correct. Did my order come through? They are intended to be stocking stuffers for my girlfriend for Christmas, so I am hoping to get them by then. Thanks.

    • correia45 says:

      You will have them before Christmas. I ran out of smiley faces last month and had to get new ones. Everything up until 11/15 is now bagged and ready to ship. They should go out Monday.

  237. Spike says:

    Alright so I am extremely paypal dysfunctional. If I were to send a check I imagine I need to include my order as well as an address to send it to, am I correct in assuming this?

    • correia45 says:

      Well yeah. I get a hundred messages a day. Matching those up with a check is impossible. Include your order written with the check.

  238. anne jackson says:

    I would like to purchase Alpha, Vendetta, Legion and a patch for my nephew can you combine the shipping on that for me? Thanks

  239. chris larivee says:

    Mr. Correia,
    I just received my team patches and they are awesome i put smiley on my range bag utah and haven are going on my rifle bag keep up the great work i am eagerly awaiting the next M.H.I adventure

  240. Joseph Collins says:

    Just a thought here but… a T-shirt, simply reading: Evil Exists. Cowboy up. Kill it. Get paid.

  241. dennisbirtch says:

    Your books were suggested to me and I happen to come across MHI on sale at Loved it. Picked up MHI Vendetta right away. The narrator did a great job giving your characters a voice. Ex Military and now I work at a military academy and I can’t wait to get a patch to slide onto my uniform. Will see how many cadets notice. (We have your books in the campus library. Already told the boys to read them)

  242. Kevin Graham says:

    Haven’t gotten an update lately on the challenge coins I ordered on the Kickstarter deal. Seems like was getting a new email about every other day back before Christmas. . . . then nothing. Any idea on when they will be shipped?

  243. Troy says:

    Larry, I really enjoy your books, and my 15 year old is your biggest fan he has read all the books several times. like he never stops just reads one then the next then the next and then starts over. Are you going to get to the SHOT show this year? I would love to buy you a beer and get a picture with you if you are going.

  244. Kip Picard says:

    Hey Larry,

    I love the M.H. Books. I drive a truck so I listen to them on audible. I have since turned my wife onto them and she listened to all 4 in just 3 days. I’ve listened to them at least 5 times each myself and have started them again. I always hear something new every time I listen. I came up with a couple of ideas for t-shirts. I would like to see the M.H.I. Mission statement around the M.H.I. Patch logo. “Evil Looms, Cowboy Up! (over the top) Kill it. Get Paid.” (underneath) I also thought it would be cool to have C.P.K.M. Concert Shirt with tour dates on the back for “Hold the Pig Steady” having concert dates after Birmingham marked as cancelled. Just some weird thoughts I had as I was driving this morning. Looking forward for next MHI book.

    • Kip Picard says:

      Well now I feel like an idiot I should have checked the cafepress site first. you have the shirt I saw in my head. Damn. Still think it would be cool to have tour city/dates for cpkm.

  245. Brad Blackburn says:

    When will the buy stuff page be back up? Itching for a patch or twelve!

  246. Michele Noel says:

    Would love to see a mhi belt buckle!
    Books are great. All my boys and their friends have read your books.

  247. Gary Ring says:

    Is there any date for a up dating of the MHI swag site.

  248. D mont says:

    Larry get on your CafePress site and update it already. Nobody still has an I phone 3 or 4 anymore. Need Pad mini case, I phone 5 case and window stickers of chrome/green smiley face

  249. Clint Solberg says:

    Hi I was wobdering when the buy stuff will be up and running? Will the challenge coins and the MHI lighter be available?

    • correia45 says:

      Working on it. We need to take care of the last 10% of the Kickstarter orders first, but the mint shorted us on coins.

  250. alfric says:

    Hi Larry. Sent money for 3 patches over a year ago and never have received anything. Just wondered if there might be a shipment in sight sometime soon?

    • correia45 says:

      Uh… If you ordered a year ago you should have gotten them 11 months ago. I’m assuming they’re shipped a long time ago. I’ve got no idea who you are though so I can’t match up the order. Send me an email with your info and I can have a replacement shipped.

  251. Mike says:

    Hey, im looking into an old school hunter costume for a con and was hoping that Bubba Shackleford’s Professional Monster Killers latch will be available, and hkw i could buy it.
    Also, love the books. Mhi legion was spectacular

  252. Eric Elnicki says:

    So Larry, you’ve got a big noggin right? Me too! Anyways, I’m wondering if the tactical ball-cap is going to fit my gargantuan noggin or make me look like Tactical Sling Blade. Opinion?

    Also, is the new shop going to have new merch? Like your cool patches, and cool stuff with the cool patches on it?

  253. Ric Hoyt says:

    Just got my MHI Challenge coin. I’m a 20 year vet, I have 40 or so challenge coins from my career, this one is awesome and is one I actually will carry all the time.

    • correia45 says:

      Only 70 more to go! Darn those broken molds. The wait is killing me. I want you all to have them now. πŸ˜€

  254. Kevin says:

    so, i missed out on the kickstarter, is there a way to get on the list or when will the online store be open?

    • correia45 says:

      We’re still waiting on replacements to fill the last 70 orders and then we’ll be putting up the Shopify page. I don’t have the ETA on that yet, but it should be very soon.

  255. Doc173rd says:

    HMI only uses .45 cal, how come the patch is sittin on a pile of .38spc?
    kind of anal I know but it struck me as kinda funny

  256. Big Mike says:

    If you ever happen to be in the DC area, especially the northern Virginia suburbs, please stop by the NRA Firearms Museum just off Interstate 66. You’ll love it. Shoot me an Email and I’ll try to arrange for a guided tour.

  257. More Challenge Coins, please?

  258. Will there be more copies of the MHI RPG? That would be definitely on my list of Must Get.

  259. Jeff says:

    Any idea when we’ll be able to purchase patches?

    • correia45 says:

      The last coins are in and Jack has been sending out the final international orders. Once that is done the shopify page will go back up. So soon.

  260. ken says:

    no more MHI patches? I’d really like to get that smiley face.

  261. Robert Fogg says:

    Hi Larry! Patches to go with brown desert gear?

  262. david says:

    Hi Larry, I was wondering if you received the email on Kick Start from me about not receiving my M.H.I. Zippo and one of my patches ? I hadn’t heard anything back about it.

    • correia45 says:

      David, when did you send it? Forwarding to Jack now.

      • David says:

        It was sent on the 5th and then on the 8th of May when I noticed I didn’t get one of the two M.H.I. smiley face patches. I sent it to the Kickstarter contact one. What is Jack’s contact info. because they may have been who it was sent to I don’t know ?

      • JackWylder says:

        David, do me a favor and resend- the inbox on the KS is a mess and there’s no way to organize it πŸ™

  263. David says:

    Here is a copy of the one of our previous emails were you listed my order.

    Ok so overall you’re looking for:
    MHI coin (covered)
    PUFF exemption (covered)
    D6 coin (covered)
    Sword of Exodus coin (covered)
    Zippo ($45)
    2x MHI patches ($6)
    1x Utah patch ($5)
    1x Team Haven patch ($5)
    So $61 more, correct?
    I believe I can set it up so you can pay to our PayPal account with credit card. Let me check… Yes we can. I have to add $2 for the processing, though- is that acceptable?
    If so, I can send you an invoice to your email address for $63. You don’t have to have a PayPal account- you just click the link and they’ll guide you through the process using their secure payment site. When that’s done I can just add it to your existing order and ship it all together.
    Does this work for you?

    I copied the above email and then listed the items I received and didn’t get.

    MHI coin (covered) – I got this.
    PUFF exemption (covered) – I got this.
    D6 coin (covered) – I got this.
    Sword of Exodus coin (covered) – I got this.
    Zippo ($45) – I never received one of these.
    2x MHI patches ($6) – I received one of these.
    1x Utah patch ($5) – I got this.
    1x Team Haven patch ($5) – I got this.

    I hope this can make it easier to figure out that way.

    • David Emunson says:

      I was just kind of wondering about my lighter and other patch. I haven’t seen a reply from Jack or heard anything. Can you please let me know what is going on with this.

  264. Heather says:

    Hello , I was wondering if it’s possible to order a standard mhi monster head patch. You said the other two are five dollars each. Does that mean the first patch pictured here isn’t for sale anymore or is it a different price. Thanks so much!

  265. Chandra Dell says:

    Is the site up to order patches? I could only find challenge coins? I’d like a patch to put on my vest as well as my husbands vest.

  266. ksmith says:

    I see how to PayPal for an mail patch, but what’s the deal if I’m shipping to norway?

  267. David Emunson says:

    Yes, It should be. Let me know if you need my address if it would help too.

  268. Jason Allen says:

    I’d like to purchase a few MHI patches. I’m looking represent MHI at DragonCon next month.

    • Michelle Jacobs says:

      Me too! I was really hoping the new site for buy stuff would be ready to go. I keep checking, and nothing yet…;(

  269. Larry, the MHI books rock….but someone needs to send Julie over to CafePress to kick their butts. Bought the “Evil Looms Organic Men’s T-Shirt” in olive green and the quality of the print is just terrible. After one wash (followed the directions on the label) the logo had faded spots on the back. The logo on the front is impossible to read….the words are a smear of black blobs. I’ve sent them an email about it, but I won’t be able to return it as I’m heading off on vacation and don’t have time to fuss with it. I really wanted to rock my new MHI t-shirt on the streets of London, but I wont sully the reputation of MHI with an inferior quality t-shirt.

    When the patches are back up for sale, I’ll definitely be buying a few.

  270. Kathy says:

    When will the shopify page be up? Really want to order a few patches.

  271. Kathy says:

    I posted a comment a few minutes ago asking when the shopify site would be up… but now I’ve found that it is.

    So other people who are looking for patches, shop here:

  272. Kendra says:

    Any news on when the shopify page will be working? Been trying to get an MHI patch for a year. I’d really like to have one for my husband for Christmas.

  273. Al says:

    Just wanted to stop by and drop a line.

    Started Monster Hunter International about a month ago, via audible due to my 45 min drive two and from work in Pittsburgh every day….well here we are on 11/4/14, and I’ve listened to them all.

    I have to say, I friggin love them. I’m glad to see vamps that aren’t douchenozzles, and werewolves that are actually monsterous beasts. The modern “horror” world has been severly lacking in this and many other spaces in recent years…

    I ‘m pretty pumped for the next MHI installment.

  274. Is there any location to get the MHI patch?? every where i look it is sold out πŸ™

  275. Dominick maranzano says:

    How do I order a patch?

  276. kengray says:

    Aka “camping”.

  277. nadia smith says:

    Hey. Do you deliver to the UK? And how do I order one of those patches. Cafe press doesn’t have any on there.


    • correia45 says:

      We do ship to the UK. More patches are being made. They are either done or will be done soon. I’ve got a guy in Texas taking care of them for me now. When they are back on the Shopify page I’ll post.

  278. I don’t want to sound like a fan boy (even though I am one) and I don’t want to talk about the other people I’ve gotten hooked on your series so far (even though there are a few), but when, oh when, are we getting another MHI book? And a GrimNoir…. I’d ask for more Dead Six… but I’ve just discovered them, so I have to wait…(but while I’m asking, I might as well go all the way… can I have another one of those as well??)

  279. Brenda Richards says:

    When will I be able to use my tabs for stuff?

  280. Trevor says:

    How big are the patches?

  281. Tiago Becerra Paolini says:

    I got the Wendell’s mug! I’ve got the black one:

    But it turns to white when you put hot liquid, and Wendell is revealed:

    Is it powered by the magic of hate or something? πŸ˜€

  282. Michael Kerr says:

    Any chance of Getting some Smiley logo Glock plates? I saw a pic of one the other day and thought that would be a fine addition to my G20…Oh, and some magazine wraps πŸ™‚ While I’m wishing….

  283. gary says:

    Hi, could you kindly fixed your overseas shipping for the patch.
    I can get your novel on amazon but $25 shipping for a patch here is too extreme.

    • correia45 says:

      Working on it. The problem is we’re only allowed to put in one flat shipping rate with the software, and it is high because we are about to launch our second challenge coin series. Those are metal and cost a ton to ship, hence the rate.

  284. gary says:

    Hope you get it fixed asap, you do have overseas fans who follow your works.

  285. Megan says:

    Larry, love the MHI books! Please keep them coming. My husband introduced me to your writing, and it was love at first read.

    Thanks for having the patches made, it’s exactly what I am looking for for my husband’s birthday.

  286. Samantha says:

    Hi Mr. Correia,

    I’m trying to place an order on your MHISwag site for a tshirt and sticker for my husband for Christmas. I’ve logged in, creating an account, but it keeps giving me an error when I try to complete the order. I tried using the email address at the top, but it’s not working either. Below is the message I get when trying to check out. Can you help me?

    Oops, something went wrong.
    What happened?

    Checkout System disabled: Checkout is disabled because the active subscription is dormant.

    • JackWylder says:

      Check out any of the Series II Challenge Coin updates- TLDR: store is temporarily closed until the coins are all shipped.

  287. Scott says:

    Love your books Mr. Correia. Would love to get a Team Haven Patch for my range bag so if you could let us know when checkout is back up on MHIswag my wife and I would appreciate it. Take care and Merry Christmas.

  288. Chuck Wingo says:

    Larry or Jack,
    I recently got my MHI zippo, and I love the way it looked when I first got it, but after carrying it around in my pocket for a few days (with my keys, a challenge coin, and other pocket stuff) I noticed that the MHI logo was wearing off.
    If I misunderstood and it’s meant to be just a display piece I can live with that, but if the idea was a daily use Zippo with the MHI logo on it there may be a problem in either design or execution.
    Have you gotten reports of this from anyone else?
    BTW – keep doing what you’re doing. I’m looking for more ways to throw money at you.

  289. Ryan says:

    Hey! I am having the exact same issue as Samantha when I try to check out on the shop. I am able to add the items to my cart, but when I click checkout it send me to an error page. Im a trying to purchase 3 MHI Smiley patches for my brothers for Christmas. We are all huge fans of the series. Let me know if these are still available and how I can place my order!
    Thank you!

  290. Karl Maier says:

    Hey, where’s the Plushy, soft, and huggable “Superfluous Marketing Dogβ„’” swag? Is this Phalse Advertising? Have I been “Punked” by the International Lord of Hateful Hatey Hate? Does “Puppy Power” mean nothing to you?

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  292. Everett says:

    Mr. Correia,

    First, I love ALL of your books. Yes, ALL. Every new adventure you send me on, never disappoints. In one of the MHI Books, there were lots of teams with lots of patches representing the teams. Was there one for a Texas Team? Why I ask? I was over at the neighbors house the other night, this old rancher gentlemen showed me his walk-in closet vault of firearms. Then he explained that you never know when a zombie attack will occur. If there is a Texas MHI “Coat of Arms,” would love to buy a patch or at least, know the design.

    • correia45 says:

      There have been a few mentioned, but I don’t know if there’s every been any official artwork for those. Jack does most of my patch design. I know there is one for Team TALON (Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma) but they’re not MHI, but rather an affiliated company.

  293. Eric says:

    I LOVED the Tom Stranger audio production. Are there going to be Tom Stranger products for purchase like the MHI products?

    • correia45 says:

      We did a challenge coin for Tom, but I don’t know if Jack my merchandising guy has any other Tom stuff planned.

  294. Jim says:

    Mr. Corriea,

    I know you have a lot of cool stuff for your MHI series and some for the dead six series, but where can I get some stranger and stranger gear. I would love to have a Stranger and stranger business card, or a shirt with a stranger and stranger customer service survey or something like that. Maybe an intern application form. Also, I want to be a client of stranger and stranger, but I don’t know how to apply, can you help me with that Mr. Correia of Earth 169-J-00561, I am afraid that Jimmy the intern may loose my application, he doesn’t seem to be too bright, even with a gender studies degree. Thank you for any help you can provide.

  295. Michael Willis says:

    Wondering when the patch site will be back open for orders. Been a while. Really want some!

  296. Jacki S says:

    I was wondering if the MHI logo is copyrighted. I was hoping to be able to get the logo engraved on a Glock slide cover plate. I have a gift card at an internet shop and that seemed like a different symbol to get vs the normal US flag or Gadsen snake. Figured I’d check first so I don’t upset anyone (Larry) by appropriating the logo.

    Is it OK to use the MHI smiley face on my Block?

    Thanks for the wonderful books.

    • correia45 says:

      I always allow use of the logo for personal use, so if you want to engrave it on a gun or something, have fun. However, if you are doing it for business and selling it, then we need to talk.

  297. Mary Kay says:

    It would be nice to have the MHI logo in the form of a magnet for the car. I recently switched cars and was so pleased to be able to take my bumper magnets along with me. I really needed that ribbon that says I support Zombies after all….

  298. Keith says:

    Gonna need a Team New York Patch for my range bag! Can we submit our own to somewhere for approval?

  299. jim mac says:

    PA PAL is not working

    • JackWylder says:

      We have chosen to not accept PayPal.

      • correia45 says:

        PayPal royally screwed us on the last run of challenge coins. Like the only reason the project happened at all was because I was in position to fund the whole damned production run out of my pocket, because those assholes wouldn’t release any of the preorder money for months.

  300. Tristan Meade says:

    I tried to buy a couple of the sage variant patches with velcro for my plate carrier vest and it will not mail to canada. Is there any way you can help me out. I will cover extra cost for shipping. Im a big fan, bought and read all the books and even have the audio versions for all of them on audible so i can listen to them on the go.

  301. Tereza says:

    Looks like the Shopify site it down. Is there a way I can purchase 2 MHI smiley face patches on cafepress or via PayPal? Thanks!

  302. Chris Comtois says:

    Is there another link to purchase patches? The one at the top of the page does not appear to be working.


  303. Dave says:

    Any chance the shop will be open soon? Really want a MHI patch for my tactical dipper bag

  304. Harold Best says:

    We need some snivel kits, issued by Gretchen! First aid kits.i would wear one on my armor , proudly!

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