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Author of Utah Gun Laws to speak at FBMG on November 16th

Mitch Vilos, the premier expert on Utah gun laws, and author of the book, Utah Gun Law, will be speaking at FBMG on November 16th, at 6:00 PM.

 The latest edition of his book is in stock now.  I would recommend this to anyone interested in guns, concealed carry, or self defense.  Mitch is a great speaker, and will be available to answer questions. 

Movie Review, 30 Days Of Night

I just got back from a showing of 30 Days of Night. and all I can say is, damn, that was one hard core vampire movie. 


Now regular readers know I’m a monster movie geek, and I love to review low budget B-Movies.  This is certainly no B-Movie, but it totally brought out my inner monster movie nerd. 


30 days is brutal, absolutely brutal.  If you don’t know the basic plot, you’ve been living in a cave, but basically vampires take over an Alaska town that has doesn’t see the sun for a month during winter.  They take out the communications and transportation, and then proceed to kill the hell out of the townsfolk. 


The movie is based on the graphic novel by Steve Niles, and if you’re a fan of Steve Niles, then you know that he can do no wrong.  The man is a friggin’ genius.  Check out his other work.  I had already read the book, and the story diverged a bit, but the overall feel was captured. 


The cinematography is excellent.  You get these constant great views of the town, that makes you realize how small and vulnerable it is.  The characters are believable, realistic, and you feel like you know them, and that makes it hurt more when they suffer.  In my opinion, Josh Hartnett is actually a pretty good actor who catches a bunch of crap because he’s a pretty boy.  He does a great job in this, but the scene stealer is Danny Huston, the lead vampire who absolutely dominates the screen.  He’s just one bad mother. 


And on the vampires, thank goodness that these aren’t those damn Anne Rice homo-erotic sissy vampires that have been foisted on us.  Damn it, I want my vampires to be evil, not “misunderstood”, and these vampires are monsters, pure and simple.  No poofery, no puffy sleeves and silk cravats, no angst, and thank you, no whiny-ass goth kids in capes and their mom’s purple eye-liner. And when your monsters are monsters, that means you can really love it when they get ground to bits by pieces of heavy equipment, and that is half the fun.  Plus, major bonus points for what was probably the best beheading scene I’ve ever seen. 


If you like an honest, kick in the gut, horror flick, you should catch this one. 

Pleasantly surprised, OR, Holy Crap, I'm actually selling books!

I’ve just got to post and say thanks.  I’ve been surprised by how many people have already pre-ordered copies of Monster Hunter International.   Seriously, thank you.

My whole goal with the pre-order is to get as many copies out there as possible, that way, by the time the book is available on Amazon, there will already be a bunch of folks that have read it, and hopefully liked it.   After getting kicked in the throat for two years by the publishing industry, I’ve decided to go it alone, and when you do that, your only hope is be a self-promoting son of a gun. 

I’ll admit, it is a really weird feeling though, to have random strangers giving you money for something out of your imagination.  It sure beats working for a living.