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CZ Group Buy – Going on now

I’m putting in a large order this month to become a CZ stocking dealer. This is a great chance for you to get in on any CZ firearm at a killer price.

This is applicable to any CZ pistol, rifle, or shotgun, and that includes the new VZ58. (EDIT: This also includes anything from Dan Wesson) Take a look at their webpage, pick which model you are interested and either PM me on THR, or e-mail me at for a quote.

This group buy is going to go quick. I plan on leaving this open until Thursday the 21st of February. I will cut it off sooner if I get a sufficient number of orders before that. I will turn the order into CZ immediatly after that. Shipping times will be wholly dependant upon what CZ has in stock, and when they ship the guns to me.

I’ve done about a dozen group buys now. You can check our record. We always give great service and have really good prices.

Back from SHOT, working toward the grand opening.

The FBMG convoy got back from SHOT show last night, and we promptly set about working on the new store.  Our grand opening is in a few days, and there is a lot of work to be done.


Once I get everything squared away on this front, I’ll take some time to compose a big post about SHOT.  Overall it was fun, and we got a lot of work done.  Plus we got to be 20 feet from the first negligent discharge in 30 years of SHOT shows.  So it was like historic and stuff.


Our new store is three times bigger than the old place, and that is just the retail space alone.  You walk in, turn to the side, and it is just this big, open room.  Bright, airy, tall ceilings, light colored slat wall, it looks gorgeous, you have no idea how excited I am.


For those of you that are locals and have been shopping with us for the last two years, you know that our old parking situation sucked.  We shared a parking lot with the Ramada Inn, and you got to walk through the bushes to get to our front door.  Sure, there was parking closer, but those were all claimed by our landlord.   The new place has 30+ parking spaces, right in front.


The old building was cramped.  My paperwork area was right behind the cash register.  Which meant that I could never get any of the daily BS, that makes running a small business so fun, actually done.  Now I have an office. 


Our official grand opening date is on Monday the 11th.  (and we’re open Mondays from now on, we will only be closed on Sunday).  Between now and then, we’ve got tons of work to do.  Who would have thought that moving a business would be slightly complicated.  Go figure. 


To kick off our grand opening, we will be having some very special sales.  The biggest sale will be what we are calling the FBMG Economic Stimulus Package.  If you thought our Christmas sale was awesome, just wait for this.  Our goal is to get a good Evil Black Rifle in the hands of everyone before one of the various douche bags running for president gets in and starts randomly banning everything fun. 


The Economic Stimulus Package AR will have an added bonus too.  I forgot to mention earlier, but FBMG is now a Stag authorized service center, so for warranty work, (not that we’ve ever really had any warranty issues with Stag) your official lifetime warranty work can be done right here at our shop.


We will also be running two simultaneous group buys this month, CZ and Kahr.  I’ll post more details in the next couple of days.  Basically I won’t be advertising prices, you’ll need to e-mail me for a quote (at a really super good price), and then order.  You will be able to pick any of their products (that includes Dan Wesson, and long guns, even the Vz rifles). I’ll be ordering a large quantity of each to help stock the new store, and this will be a good chance to jump in on that order to help my initial numbers up.


All three of these sales will be for both locals, and we will ship to out of state dealers.  I’m thinking about getting a PM9 for my wife, and a vz58 for myself, but that is totally dependant upon how many guns you guys buy this month.  Ahh… the joys of being a small business man. 


Because we got to work directly with the High-Mack-Daddy of Laser-Simulator based training at SHOT, I’ve personally learned a lot of new things to maximize the value of our Prism simulator.  I thought I had a clue how to get the full value out of a Prism, but seeing this guy in action, teaching hard core professionals, really opened my eyes.  We built a special room right off the custom gun counter, and we’ll be renting it out constantly. 


If you’ve been calling the shop, you’ve been getting a full voice-mail box.  Sorry about that.  The phone company has not got our number transferred over yet, so our primary phone line is in limbo right now.  As has been my e-mail address for the last week.  I’ll try to respond to everyone as communication access is restored.  Right now my options are A. take a flame thrower down to the phone company and dispense indiscriminate justice.  Or B  Take up alcoholism.  Or C.  Just wait until the phone line is ported over on Monday.  So, looks like C is the winner… for now.  (flame thrower hums menacingly in background) 


The retail will be open the 11th.  We’ll break ground on the addition for the range in the next few months, and we’ll be shooting here in 2008.   24 lanes, 25 meters, all rifle rated.  I’m so pumped.


So come and see us on Monday. 

And the award for the stupidest thing at the 2008 SHOT show goes to… SIMUNITIONS!


Not only for the stupidest thing revealed at this show, but possibly the stupidest product ever.  Because not just does it suck, it sucks to the point, that it WILL be killing people on accident.  I can pretty much guarantee that this product is going to fatally injure someone once it is in wide circulation, it’s just a matter of time.


Now there are lots of products at SHOT that will kill somebody eventually.  That’s kind of why we’re here.  However, these are usually people in dire need of killing.  But in this particular case, the people that are going to get popped are the users, not the bad guys.


Okay, allow me to explain.  A regular Simunitions round is a brass case, with a plastic cup, that holds a little paint ball bullet.  It is used for force on force training.  It is designed so that it can only (and pay attention, because this is the important part) be used in a gun that has been retrofitted with a special barrel that won’t allow it to fire REAL BULLETS.


Because shooting your buddy with a real bullet, on accident, while you’re trying to train, is usually considered a serious oopsie in the gun community, Simunition-Only guns are popular.  They are usually painted blue, and that way when you’re having a pretend gun fight, even if loose round of real live ammo sneaks into the mix somehow, it can’t be chambered into the gun.  It just won’t fit. 


This is a good thing because it eliminates one of the possible dangers in training.  Training in a dynamic environment always has the possibility of injury, but by utilizing the right types of tools, (i.e. guns that can’t shoot ammo that can kill you) you can minimize the types of injuries you can receive. 


Until now!  Simunitions is proud to present the all new CQT.  5.56 and 9mm Close Quarters Target Practice Cartridges.  It looks just like a regular paint round, only instead of being blue or orange, it is black, and it can kill you.  Hip-hip-frickin’-hoo-ray.


The idea is to have a low powered round that can be fired through guns fitted with the Sim barrel. Apparently this is for plywood shoot houses, or tormenting the neighbors’ pets, hell if I know. 


This is directly from the literature:

 ADVANTAGES: -Affordable-Convenience of target practice any time, any place, indoors or out-Will not damage training structures-Reduced lethality compared to ball or even frangible rounds 



-You may occasionally kill one of your training partners when one of these little bastards ends up with your paint rounds.


Okay, I’ll admit, I added that Disadvantages section.


I learned about these from a friend of mine who works on a SWAT team.  They were doing force on force, and were loading magazines.  He happened to see some one of his guys loading what looked like a black round into one of the magazines.  He was curious and stopped his guy, so he could check to see what the round was.  Even the box looked exactly the same, only the writing on it was different from the paint rounds.  He had never heard of a lethal round that could be fired through a Sim barrel, and was shocked.


I heard that story last night at dinner, and I thought, “No way, Simunitions can’t be that retarded.”  So I went by their booth this morning, and asked about it.  Sure enough, they are making this stuff, and they’re real proud of it. 


I asked the guy if they had given any thought to the idea that this might cause just a teensy little problem, because all these police departments out there that are conditioned to think their blue guns are non-lethal, now are lethal weapons.  He told me that if you obey all of the Simunitions safety protocols then that can’t happen.


Well guess what douche-bag.  If every driver out on the road obeyed every traffic protocol, then we wouldn’t have any more accidents either.  But last time I looked, stupid accidents happen.  So we still drive, but we try to minimize the potential problems.  This lethal Sim round is like drift racing through school zones. 


So he tells me, “Well, seriously it isn’t a big deal.  The 9mm only penetrates 2 inches of ballistic gelatin.” 


Yeah, that’s a comfort when I shoot a role-player in the trachea…  So he responds.  “Well, if you’re wearing the proper Simunitions brand face mask, then you can’t hit them in the neck.”  Okay, so we’ll disregard hits to the femoral or brachial arteries too.   


I didn’t think of it at the time, but this is the 9mm.  He didn’t say how many inches of gelatin the 5.56 would punch.  Ironically enough, right on their product literature it says -Reduced lethality compared to ball or even frangible rounds, because “reduced” lethality is like being “kinda pregnant”.   I don’t give a shit if it is reduced lethality, dead is dead.  If I really wanted to save money, we could all go out and shoot each other with high powered pellet rifles, which if I’m reading the 5.56 numbers right, is about what you’re going to get hit with.


Next he told me that it wasn’t a big deal, because they’ve only shipped like 100,000 rounds of it, and it has all been to the military.   And we all know that military equipment never makes it out into the LE world.  (and I’m sure that my friend, the SWAT instructor, that pointed this out to me, must have imagined the whole thing).  Silly firearms instructors…

 Basically I brought this up to Simunitions, and I was dismissed out of hand, because I’m just being silly.  I was also told that nobody else had brought up any concerns about this new product, which I happen to know is bullshit, because several other people I spoke with had also gone and talked to them about these rounds.  I personally hate when you bring up a safety concern, and somebody gets all smug and condescending. 

So if you do force on force with Simunitions, be extra careful.  You should be checking all of your ammo anyway, so watch out for these evil little things.


Or hell, just switch to Airsoft for training purposes.  It’s cheaper too.


So congratulations Simunitions.  You win the 2008 Stupidest Product award. 

Shot Show Day 1

Okay, turning in for the night.

I worked a lot of today, so didn’t see as much as I wanted to.

There was an ND about fifty feet from my booth.  Some cop had a loaded gun in his bag.  Ooops.  I didn’t see it go off, but I saw the guy who did it right after, shaking from the adrenalin.  Cops showed up a few minutes later.  It is funny how a room gets quiet when somebody touches one off.

There’s a company out of Utah that has a bullpup sniper rifle in .338 Lapua, qualitywise set up to compete with the Accuracy International and Sakos.  Trigger pull was AWESOME.  Overall size and weight for a 26″ barrel was excellent.  I have their name around here somewhere, but am too tired to find it.  Deseret Tactical, or something.

I checked out the Kriss.  I’m going to get a demo letter and get a full auto one to rent on the range so we can kick the crap out of it and see if it is good.  It feels weird, but I kind of like it, but I’ve got some weird thing for .45.

As for checking on the 416, I’m afraid that if I walk into the HK area, I’ll get my butt kicked by some big Teutons named Fritz, Hans, and Helmut or something.  “Hey, are you selling the 416?”  “NEIN!  It is the Correia from the internets.  Get him! Schnell!  Schnell!”

I saw the S&W night watchmen.  Pretty cool.  I was with Nightcrawler, and you know what a revolver geek he is.  He was all over it.

I found out that my favorite suppressor is going away.  I love the Tac-16, mostly because the bang for the buck is off the charts, but it is being discontinued. 

Vltor is making a Bren 10.  I like the guys at Vltor, so I figure they’ll do a good job.

I played with the model for the Magpul little tiny personal defense thingy.  It is truely compact.  I want one.  I’m a little leery of the Bushmaster buying of the Masada.  I’ve had some bad QC issues with Bushy in the past, but I’m willing to give them a shot.

Stay away from the buffet at the Sahara.  Trust me on this one.

More before I pass out tomorrow.

Live from SHOT show

Okay, limited Wi-Fi time. The show hasn’t started yet, but I’m an exhibitor, so I get in early to set up.

So far, neatest new thing I’ve seen is a 12 gauge, semi-auto shotgun, with FOUR magazine tubes. The four mag tubes rotate, so when you use one up, you switch to the next. Then you can pull the four tubes off like a magazine, and shove a new one on. Will get more details later.

There will be a civillian SCAR. Most of my crew went to the FN shoot today. I had to work. Somebody around here has to be responsible. The new sniper rifle based on the BAR? PvtPyle gave it two thumbs up. He was impressed with it from initial shooting.

Holy crap the STI Texican is slick. And I like the Rogue. They’ve got something new that they’re going to unveil tomorrow, but top secret until show starts. So I’ll go see them in the morning.

Lots of other stuff, but haven’t gotten to look at it yet. I’ll keep posting through out the week.